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Hurricane Dean on collision course with top online sportsbooks


BetJamaica (SBR rating A+) and The Greek Sportsbook (SBR rating A+) bracing for category 5 Hurricane Dean. The hurricane is expected to hit the island on Sunday. BetJamaica will switch to backup numbers once winds surpass 50 MPH. Players will be able to use 877-906-5666 for wagering and 877-906-3730 for banking and customer services. Bettors who have difficulty reaching TheGreek should use 1-800-310-8755. Although the betting sites will remain staffed and in operation during the storm players should be prepared for website downtime.

Premierbet (SBR rating D-) source of new slow-pay complaint; company stock suspended.


Premierbet (SBR rating D-) source of new slow-pay complaint; company stock suspended.
Premierbet's parent company, Interactive Gaming Holdings plc has announced today that it has not received the interim funding needed and its "financial position has become uncertain."

Player: I see from your site that other people are suffering with Premierbet.  I am delighted that you are highlighting this.  Other sites seem too cowardly or inefficient to let people know. I have withdrawals to the total of £4100 outstanding since 16 July .  I can't understand how they are allowed to go on trading. My account is still open, and I have £1500 credit still showing. Can you advise me on anything I can do?    They are ignoring my emails,and phone calls are directed to a London number which is constantly on answer machine.

Jazz and ABCislands downgraded from B+ to B


Jazz and ABCislands downgraded from B+ to B yesterday due to listing unavailable transfer options. Two non-US players have complained that they would not have deposited if they had known that book-to-book transfers with Pinnacle Sports (SBR rating A+) and Bookmaker (SBR rating A+), as well as Neteller transfers were not available as advertised. Some players have taken a check paying the additional fees while having to accept the smaller transfer limits. Jazz plans to make both of these options available by the end of next week and will be reevaluated at that time. states Neteller withdrawals are back

08.16.2007 (SBR rating D+) management confirms with SBR that the Jazette Ltd. Group is now processing payouts to non-US players by Neteller. Players who have had to wait over three months have reported receiving five-figure sums in $2500 increments as recently as this morning. The Neteller option is not listed as an available transfer method on the group's websites, but owed players have been contacted by email to confirm their Neteller account number and arrange transfer. Players outside of the US and Canada who are waiting for a payout from the family may contact SBR for assistance in arranging payment. Neteller is again seen as a viable option for many sportsbooks, such as BetOnline (SBR rating A-), who relisted the method on their cashier page yesterday. management also stated that of the over 2000 players that experienced a one month or longer delay due to processing issues, 93 users remain. Those users, many of whom are from the March 21st batch of botched transfers, are also welcome to contact SBR for assistance.

Oddsmaker slow-paying clients

Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) slow-paying clients including its non-US players. The sportsbook has been relisted in the SBR rating guide as a member of the Futurebet Group of sportsbooks and should be avoided. Oddsmaker is now relying on Futurebet's cashier and PlayerSupport services as well as its software. The group's payout complaints are on the rise as they are each year before the start of the betting season. Player: i am ******* from morocco i send you this email to do a complaint i am a player in Account # ***** ) it is now 3 mounth i did the request for my third withdrawal request for an amount of 4000 euros and my request has not yet released please contact the bookmaker and ask it to send me my winnings , i am very tired to contact it without answer. players confirm Neteller payments

Two non-U.S. players using (SBR rating D+) report receiving payouts through their Neteller account. Many non-U.S. players having been waiting for withdrawals from the family of books for over five months. SBR will inquire with management regarding the payout schedule for the remainder of these slow-paid users.

Two Premierbet players receive payment

Two Premierbet (SBR rating D) players receive four-figure withdrawals after waiting over seven weeks. One slow-pay complaint currently remains. The bettor has been pursuing payment for 32 days.

Scam Sportsbook BlackDog offering credit accounts

SCAM ALERT: BlackDog Sportsbook falsely claiming to be part of 5Dimes (SBR rating A) and offering credit accounts. Players report being solicited by the book which uses the website and the slogan "Got Credit?" Blackdog is attempting to gain business by misrepresenting itself and offering players the ability to bet without deposits. This scam usually ends with bettors being unable to collect winnings, often after already having paid the book for previous losing weeks.

5Dimes users will receive a warning message from customer service by email with the following statement:
It has come to our attention that another sportsbook has been soliciting customers claiming to be associated with 5Dimes. 5Dimes is NOT associated or partnered with any other offshore sportsbook.  Any company stating they are working with 5Dimes in any manner is a fraudulent scam trying to steal player's money using the 5Dimes good name.  There is only ONE 5Dimes.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please contact 5Dimes customer service.

Enterbet downgraded from D+ to D

Enterbet downgraded from D+ to D after refusing to pay players based in Asia. The sportsbook continues to hold funds of these winning bettors citing a "bonus abuse" investigation. Enterbet is part of the GoTo Entertainment Group which includes GoToCasino and AZcasino. It is not uncommon for sportsbooks to stall payment to winning players using the excuse of an "account audit" or "investigation."

LionsLounge enters SBR rating guide at F

New sportsbook from the Futurebet Group LionsLounge enters the SBR rating guide at F. The majority of the Futurebet brands are currently unable to pay players, including the group's flagship book, SportsbookUSA (SBR rating D-) yet the company is creating more sportsbooks hoping to bring in new players for football season.

Sportsbook Email response test Results Released:

Email Response Test Results Posted:
Football bettor Jeff Slater had six sign-up questions for 13 sportsbooks. Response time ranged from 41 minutes from Jazz Sports (SBR rating B+) to almost six days from (SBR rating D+). Justbet (SBR rating B+) was in second place with a near perfect reply and a large improvement from SBR's April email test. See complete e-mail test results here.
Note: Sportsbooks are welcome to contact SBR for more email details and are given the opportunity to add their own comments to the results page.

Enterbet locks three players' accounts

Enterbet (SBR rating D+) locks accounts of at least three Asian players for over three months. Enterbet says it suspects the players of "bonus abuse" but has failed to provide any evidence of wrongdoing. Customer support tells SBR that the only manager who can make a decision on this matter is traveling and has been out of office for weeks.

Player: I request 5000usd payout before on 4/9 and they process on 4/9. Accounting managers are telling me that all international payouts for people from Taiwan, China, Taipei, Australia have been put on hold for an outgoing internacional investigation. corrects grading error six weeks after

The (SBR rating D+) Group corrects wager grading errors six weeks after being notified of the mistake by SBR and players. Affected players should see a balance credit adjustment for the win amount. The book voided winning baseball bets when they received incorrect information regarding a change in starting pitchers. Players who had a listed baseball bet cancelled without a change in pitching are asked to contact SBR. Neteller payouts are scheduled

08.06.2007 Family of sportsbooks (SBR rating D+) begins scheduling payouts via Neteller. Non-US players who have been waiting as long as five months are relieved to hear that the group finally has a plan to send their funds. SBR will be speaking to management this week about the potential for new payout options and will verify when the first non-US user is paid.

SBR’s Sports Betting rules Monitor:

SBR’s Sports Betting Rules Monitor: YouWager (SBR rating B) and PayOffsPlus (SBR rating B-) add Rule 17 which prohibits users residing in Costa Rica. Wager7 (SBR rating B-) adds stipulation for referral bonuses. Both accounts must be active at the same time for referrer to receive bonus. InstantActionSports (SBR rating C-) adds exceptions to the rule which states that sporting events which are canceled and rescheduled will be "no-actioned." BetPlatinum (SBR rating C) reiterates that "Any 1ST half 5 INNING WAGERS MUST GO FULL 5 INNING and listed pitchers must start".

Kingpin players moved to BetOnUSA

KingpinSportsbook (SBR rating D+) website registration expires; players moved to BetOnUSA (SBR rating D+). KingPin was originally moved under the Group after the acquisition of BetOnUSA's parent company, Empire Entertainment Ltd. Players who have a question about their account should call 1-800-632-6088.

Internet1x2 withdrawal issues

Internet1x2 (SBR rating D+) players still experience some withdrawal issues. Once considered to be a deposit-only sportsbook, Internet1x2 has been raised to D+ after clearing outstanding debts to players and resolving subsequent payout complaints in 2007. The book's users still report issues with withdrawals requested through e-wallet services. SBR readers have reported partial or no payment and a lack of communication. Once SBR has contacted management Internet1x2 is known to promptly send owed funds via bankwire.  

8/03/07 complaint: I requested a withdraw of 5375$ with internet1x2 12 days ago. I only received 1000$ by moneybooker. Internet1x2 have my bank details (I sent it 3 times). Internet1x2 doesn't respond to my email. I know that internet1x2 is rated D+. When my withdrawal will be complete, I will leave this bookmaker. Can you help please.
8/08/07 update: Payment processed by bank wire

Premierbet enters the SBR rating guide at D

Premierbet enters the SBR rating guide at D. The sportsbook, which is the source of four SBR reader withdrawal complaints, is considered to be in slow-pay mode. Posters on multiple betting forums have also shared their frustraions with the book's lack of withdrawals and communication. (SBR rating D+) pushes back payment date for non-US players.

08.01.2007 (SBR rating D+) pushes payment date back for non-US players
The family previously told non-US players in June that they would begin processing their withdrawals in the middle of July. tells SBR they are now targeting the middle of August and are considering using an e-wallet such as Neteller or Moneybookers. Some players have waited for payment for over five months and are rightfully upset that the sportsbook will not take the necessary steps to give them their money. claims that the new payment processors they have acquired will only deliver payment to users in the United States.

Bets4All no-pay complaints are received

Yesterday's Bets4All (SBR rating F) report prompts two players to submit new no-pay complaints.

Player: I have been trying to get my money from Bets4all since late April. I have 1325 EUR on my account. They do not answer any of my emails. I have talked to several persons at their office. Last time I got an email saying they should pay – however that was three weeks ago. I have a friend that also has tried to get his money, he had 1640 EUR on the account.

Bets4All stalls payment due to syndicate suspicions

Bets4All (SBR rating F) withholding payment due to suspicion of syndicate wagering
The player's original withdrawal was requested in May. The sportsbook revoked his bonus and is withholding funds, demanding that the player reveal how he made his picks. Bets4All users consistantly complain of the book's failure to fill payout requests and respond to email.
Bets4All to player: Dear Mrs. ******, To further continue with your payout, we need the written information from you where you have your betting tipps from. Please write us a list with all betting sources you are using to get to bet on a certain game. You may well discribe it with an example for one of your bets. Best wishes,  The - Team!

Initial Neteller EFT withdrawals completed

SBR readers and SBRforum posters located in the U.S. report receiving EFT payment from Neteller today. These transfers were completed in less than 24 hours. Players who requested their funds yesterday are expected to see transfers reach their checking accounts throughout the week.

WagerWagon note

Capilleira sportsbook WagerWagon (SBR rating D-) website registration expires. Customer service has advised players to log in using sister sportsbook WagerDaily (SBR rating D-).

Scam sportsbook WorldWager (SBR rating F-) off-line for good? 
The sportsbook's website was parked last week. SBR has received many complaints of fraudulent activity from World Wager players over the past four years including deleted winning bets, creating new rules to void winnings, and simply refusing to pay part or all of player withdrawals. WorldWager solidified its scam status in 2004 when SBR questioned the book about deleting months of betting history and lowering account balances. WorldWager's owner responded:


"If the lines posted by are off by more than 1.5 points on any point spread sport or posted incorrectly (reversed), management is entitled to delete any wagers placed on the wrong lines. In any money line sport, if the lines are off by more than 20 cents, management is entitled to delete any wagers placed on the wrong lines." 




WorldWager spawned the creation of stiff sportsbook BetEmpire which was originally financed by BetUS (SBR rating D). BetEmpire (SBR rating F), management said it left WorldWager due to dishonest business practices.


US Neteller clients now have ability to submit withdrawal requests.

US Neteller clients now have ability to submit withdrawal requests
Neteller warns that due to processing "$94 million to hundreds of thousands of US customers, it will take some time for all payments to be processed."  For more information and updates on the "Distribution Plan": Neteller updates