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News on scam sports betting operations, events and business deals within the offshore sports gambling industry.

SCAM ALERT: 88Sports

12.09.2007 is yet another website from the scam operation that hosted Playing24Hours (SBR rating F). Playing24Hours players report being told to use 88Sports to access their accounts when P24H first went off-line in November. Both and similar site, state they are a play-for-fun sportsbook but will offer real money play once the player has joined. Once 88Sports has account details it will solicit the player more aggressively with large bonuses through other sister sites like Playing24Hours.

BetRoyal website off-line


BetRoyal (SBR rating D-) website has been off-line for some users since December 2nd. Players can access their Royal accounts at former SBG Global sportsbook website, directs visitors to the BetRoyal homepage.

Sports Betting Scam

444Sports enters SBR Rating Guide with F rating under 4SportsPicks Group
This 444Sports warning comes one week after sister site Playing24Hours (SBR rating F) informed users it would be keeping all account balances. 444Sports players who question the book's management will be told that the operation is "only a call center that provides service to sportsbooks."

WagerWeb (SBR rating B-) confiscates $37,451; cites wagering fraud


WagerWeb (SBR rating B-) confiscates $37,451; cites wagering fraud
A player won $37,451 making over 60 football wagers through the month of October. At the end of October,  the player requested his funds and was given $5,000, which equaled the total amount he deposited. He was told his winnings would not be paid due to wagering fraud. WagerWeb states the player stalled wagering phone clerks, giving him the ability to make bets after kick-off. The book has thus far provided evidence that the player bet six minutes after the start of one game. SBR has reviewed multiple examples of his NFL wagers which were found to have been placed prior to kick off. This dispute highlights WagerWeb's on-going problems with risk management and their inability to deal with issues in real time. If the book identifies a bet placed after the start of a game it is expected to cancel the wager immediately,

Premiumbettor (SBR rating F) closes; stiffs player $17,500

Premiumbettor (SBR rating F) closes; stiffs player $17,500
The player joined Premium after receiving a free winning pick by someone posing as a professional handicapper over the phone. The tout told the bettor that he had more plays and asked him to deposit $5,000 with PremiumBettor where the player would put in the bets given to him by the pro capper. The bettor was initially told that a $5,000 deposit would allow the duo to access a line of credit of $30,000. After depositing the first $5,000 the player was conned into depositing an additional $5,000 in $2,500 increments for "fees." The account grew to $17,500 before the website went off-line. The tout pretended to be surprised by what happened and a victim himself, even advising the player to read about this scam gaming group at PremiumBettor was a BetBones scam operation. Also off-line is sister site UbetAndWin (SBR rating F) and GamblingDogLine (SBR rating F).

Dimeline Sportsbook player confirms payout

A DLS player confirmed receiving $1500 via check today. The sportsbook has been unable to pay players since September and blamed stiff operation, Futurebet. The Canadian company is not processing withdrawals on behalf of its sportsbooks with the exception of BetOnUSA (SBR rating D-) and sister book, Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-). Dimeline tells SBR that it had to pay players through private processing after being denied reserves and earned revenue from Futurebet wagering services.

Scam sportsbooks to go off-line

12.03.2007 tells SBR it will take scam sportsbook websites Palacebet (SBR rating F-) and SportsPlayingClub (SBR rating F-) off-line and that the operations have already been closed. SCC states it is only a service center and tries to avoid working with dishonest books. SportsCallCenter, which has hosted these post-up scams as well as 4SportsPicks (SBR rating F) and e-winner (SBR rating F-) states it will no longer service post-up (deposit-required) sportsbooks. 

Scam Alert on WagerNascar

SCAM ALERT: WagerNascar is a new sportsbook from operators of SportsPlayingClub (SBR rating F-). WagerNascar also shares the same hosting server as scam book, Palacebet (SBR rating F-). SBR continues to actively search for sportsbooks affiliated with these deposit-only gaming companies.

SportsPlayingWorld (SBR rating F) officially informs players it is stealing their money

Dear Customer: The following is to inform you that due to some legal problems with the lawyers in this company added to the financial problem created by some of our merchant companies that couldn’t bring the money safe to the company because US Government regulations. The financial backup of the operation decided to get out from the operation. Playing24hours management tried to keep the company on track, but even after some unsuccessful attempts of getting some new monetary partners into the operation, there is no other reasonable way for the management but to close this operation not been able to maintain even the basic expenses.We apologize for all the damage this can cause to our staff, customers and partners.

Playing24Hours and PlayersBigWorld stole over $80,000 from at least two sports bettors before taking their websites off-line. The scam continues through SportsPlayingClub (SBR rating F-), where players can log in and see the figure representing their stolen Playing24Hours and PlayersBigWorld balance. branches off from Jazette

11.30.2007 (SBR rating C-) leaves Jazette Ltd. ( Family) customer service. has removed the service provider's phone number from its website as the first Jazette-affiliated sportsbook not to utilize any of the operation's client support system and staff management. The book will provide its own customer service and accounting department. Sportsbetting has not offered a phone support line of its own but states it is "upgrading its phones service" and is asking players to use its LiveChat feature. Sportsbetting continues to use's World Gaming software and line management system. The move is expected to be followed by other partner books that want to avoid providing poor customer service and the unethical actions taken by Jazette management. SBR will closely monitor new payout request and player support services.

New sportsbook, Big Juicy Odds (SBR rating D+) processes payouts to SBGglobal (SBR rating D-) victims.

New sportsbook, BigJuicyOdds (SBR rating D+) processes payouts to SBGglobal (SBR rating D-) victims. BJO has sent the first player to meet a 20 time rollover requirement on bailout funds $9,000 and states he will have withdrawn $25,000 over the course of four days. A second player was paid $2,000 via Western Union. BJO credited over $95,000 to former SBGglobal and BetRoyal (SBR rating D-) bettors one month ago.

USDBet player reports no-pay complaint

USDBet (SBR rating F) player reports new no-pay complaint. "USDbet has owed me $1300 since august, i have heard nothing from them." "I have just read your info on futurebet. is there anything that i can do." USDbet is still offering "100% sign up bonuses." The sportsbook's owner has replied to SBR inquiries only to say that his hosting and service provider will not release the book's funds. SBR has received eight new payout complaints in the last two months. Five months ago USDbet ownership complained that they deserved a higher rating, claimed it had no instances of slow payouts, and that gambling forums had labeled USD the Most Underrated Sportsbook.

Playing24Hours (SBR rating F) snags $62,518 from victim; closes website, phones
The sportsbook has multiple phone lines and servers running scam sportsbook websites. The book solicits players from customer lists with huge bonuses and generous promotions but has no intention of paying. This player deposited $20,000 and has never withdrawn. He is asking the book to send him back the money he invested. Related scam books are PlayersBigWorld (SBR rating F), SportsPlayingClub (SBR rating F), and Palacebet (SBR rating F).

HansaBet (SBR rating C) closing sportsbook; plans to void bets
HansaGaming posted a notice on its website this morning saying that it will no longer be taking sports wagers. Hansa states that if pending wagers cannot be graded by November 30th, 2007 the wagers will be voided. Players that stand to lose desirable bets are asked to contact SBR so we may contact the sportsbook on the player's behalf. Hansagaming claims it is refocusing its business plan on the poker and casino product. Players expect higher operating standards from Bowmans International LTD, the former owner of one of the original sportsbooks, Hansagaming only services non-US gamblers. Bowmans' Line Manager, Scott K. parted with the company before HansaGaming was launched.

Note: Hansagaming-owned BlondeSports (SBR rating C) is taking the same actions. 

NYCsportsbook, EZbets downgraded to D-

NYCsportsbook & EZbets identifed as part of Group. Both NYCsportsbook and EZbets have been downgraded from D+ to D-. Two new reports of theft were filed this week by players at books affiliated with (SBR rating D-) steals $10,000 from player claiming he was abusing bonuses

11.23.2007 (SBR rating D-) steals $10,000 from player claiming he abused bonuses. The player took offered deposit bonuses over a three year period from three different books that are hosted and serviced under classified accepting these bonuses as "bonus abuse" despite the fact that rules against accepting offers from the multiple books do not exist and that the player followed the listed terms of service when joining. confiscated the funds shortly after the player's profit grew beyond what he had received in bonuses over the life of these accounts. All bonus requirements were met and previously withdrawn. terms of service do not refer to a rule allowing the book to audit account and bonus history to see if promotions were used "in the spirit of the bonus." This has been a reoccurring complaint from users over the past few months. has used other illogical reasoning to take money back from winning users. SBR is currently collecting data on a player case where over $150,000 was confiscated. The timeline of player and book activity will be published early next week.

Newly rated sportsbook SportsPlayingClub (SBR rating F) already scamming players.


SPC states it is "powered by Playing24Hours" (SBR rating F). Playing24Hours is another mirror site of PlayersBigWorld (SBR rating F) which has already stiffed users. Although SportsPlayingClub uses and the others are hosted on a different server and operated by former management of stiff books eWinner (SBR rating F-) and 4SportsPicks (SBR rating F), it would appear the two hosting facilities are working together or are one in the same. 4Sportspicks has previously used Sports Call Center SA servers and phones. | Related: Palacebet

SafariCasino, MayanSports, BetTheGlobe upgraded

SafariCasino, MayanSports and BetTheGlobe upgraded from F to D. The books' owner reports paying all players with privately held funds due to Futurebet's unwillingness to pay. Futurebet is withholding its licensee's funds while refusing to pay its users. Some Futurebet sportsbooks have closed down while others are attempting to work out deals to move player balances to other sportsbook operations, like (SBR rating D+) has done. SBR expects only Futurebet-owned SportsbookUSA (SBR rating F) and new Futurebet partners BetOnUSA (SBR rating D-) & Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) players to receive payments from the Futurebet cashier. Players should avoid these scam books which have proven they are not opposed to stealing funds.


SportsPlayingClub enters the SBR rating guide at F
SportsPlayingWorld is a new book launched by SportsCallCenter F.A, the same company that operates Palacebet (SBR rating F-). Palacebet is a scam sprtsbook that preys on new players. The report below was published six months ago.

PalaceBet: Scam sportsbook ran by Scamdicappers and SportsCallCenter F.A.
The Con: Fake professional handicappers refer players to PalaceBet. The player signs up at the site and sends his deposit to PalaceBet. His balance is instantly controlled by the pro handicappers, who are referred to by the book's customer service as "the player's Sports Advisors." The bettor is then promised a line of credit so he can bet larger sums on the "advisors' syndicate picks." He is told he must cover a $4,000 transaction cost for a bank wire from the touts to his account (which never occurs since the book simply adjusts the available balance in the software) and is promised it will be reimbursed to him upon cashing out. If the player is lucky enough to survive the "syndicate picks" that are designed to eat away his bankroll, he is asked to deposit another $4,000 in transaction fees before he can have access to his funds including the money he deposited. A player who complained to SBR is told he must pay $4,000 to keep his account active after winning $20,000. PalaceBet is hosted and serviced by SportsCallCenter F.A. in Costa Rica and also services DreamWager (SBR rating D-).

SBR’s Betting Rules Monitor: changes

Sports-Gambling (SBR rating D-): adds rule #7 stating that "syndicate play" is prohibited. The generic rule was added to support recent theft of player funds at sister sportsbook SBG Global (SBR rating D-). SBG stole winnings from players who purchased picks from the same commercial sports handicapper.

Bet1128 (SBR rating C-) changes max payout: "The maximum amount paid out by the company for any one bet will be £97,500. €500,000.00."

Canbet (SBR rating A-) increases max payout: The maximum payout on any individual, multiple or combination bet, or, to any individual on any one day, is limited to US$200,000 US$400,000.

Legendz (SBR rating A+) adds rule #19 stating that free contest winnings are capped

PlayersBigWorld (SBR rating F) players unpaid

When calling the customer service number on the website owed players are told that the book is no longer residing there and the call center no longer handles withdrawal requests. Office management claims they were only a service provider to the sportsbook and are now passing messages to the owner of PlayersBigWorld via cell phone. The book was built on the 4SportsPicks (SBR rating F) website and server. SBR will investigate where the book is currently hosted and confirm any reports of payment. PlayersBigWorld entered the rating guide as an F rated scam operation in September.


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