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Sportsbook wagering dispute


Bet365 (SBR rating A) gives player losing wager he did not place. The bettor wagered on an erroneous line where the spread was reversed, making the -4.5 favorite a +4.5 point underdog. Instead of canceling the wager and addressing the client who attempted to gain an unfair advantage, Bet365 gave the player a bet with the "corrected" line, making the would-be winning bet a loser. SBR expects upper management to address the policy flaw, void the obviously bad-line bet and refund the 1800 Euros in losses.

BetCSL player waiting four months for $2,000


BetCSL (SBR rating D) player waiting over four months for $2,000 and claims the sportsbook will not respond to emails. The sportsbook’s hosting company, Capilleira, confirms the payout request took place in August. Capilleira will be expected to help facilitate payment from the webmaster or stand for these funds. SBR to update on CSL as situation unfolds.

BetUS not processing payments until Jan 3


BetUs (SBR rating D)  not processing withdrawals until January 3, 2007 After numerous player complaints to SBR, the sportsbook has confirmed they have told clients that they can not receive payment until 1/3/07. The book blamed the challenges of banking during the holidays and the majoirty of it’s management being away on vacation. BetUS is not alerting new sign-ups of this no-withdrawal 13 day period that began on December 22nd.

EZ Sports Group scams new victim


EZ Sports is relatively successful at bringing in new depositors by mass producing sportsbook websites that utilize key search engine terms. The latest website responsible for a no-pay complaint is BettingSportsLinesFootball (SBR rating F).
Player: Unfortunately, I found your website after I had already deposited money with  I have requested a payout and they supposedly have processed it but I still have not seen any money.  Is there anything I can do at all or am I just out?  I’ve tried contacting them by phone, e-mail and live chat with no success.  What should I do?
SuperbowlSportsGamblingOnline has been added to the SBR BlackList today.

Sportsbook Slow-pay Updates:


Some Pointbet (SBR rating D) slow-paid clients report recieving five figure payouts. This week’s BetUs (SBR rating D) and BetOnUSA (SBR rating D) withdrawals issues resolved. FutureBet’s (SBR rating D-) pays owed players.

Internet 1x2 slow-paying bettors

Internet1x2 (SBR rating D-) in slow-pay mode. During the majority of the last 7 months the book’s finance director has worked with SBR, clearing its debt with players and addressing new complaints promptly. In the last two weeks, players have gone unpaid and inquiries regarding these payouts have not been answered.

SIA confiscates over $5,000 from winning bettor


SportsInteraction (SBR rating C-) confiscates over $5,000 in player winnings. The sportsbook states that the account was the 2nd from the same household and the first account had already been removed from the book due to sharp play. SBR Justin investigated the player’s dispute and found that the sportsbook did not list any rules prohibiting multiple users from the same household. SportsInteraction has taken steps to avoid similar disputes in the future by adding the following rule:
Only one Sports Interaction account per household or computer environment is permitted. A ’computer environment’ is one where multiple computers are located in one building. If fraudulent accounts are found in one household or computer environment, the other accounts in that household or computer environment will be held liable for any returned funds and the account balances will reflect this.

Due to the fact that this rule did not exist prior to winnings confiscation and that family members have played at SIA in the past, SBR has argued that winnings should be honored. Current SIA players should take note of the book’s newly defined stance on more than one user per residence.
Read more on this player’s dispute here and a 2nd SIA "alias account" dispute here.

BetOnUSA players file slow-pay complaints

BetOnUSA (SBR rating D-) users file slow-pay complaints. Players reported slow-pays through various payment methods requested as far back as December 11th. The book told players only that their bank was unable to execute withdrawals and that payouts have since been processed.
Player: i just found your site for the first time today because i am having trouble getting money out of i requested a withdrawl to my neteller account on tuesday of last week for $1500, their e-mail says 24 to 48 hours, but it’s still not there. i requested another $800 today, but i doubt i will ever see that either. i’ve called and been on live help, but noone seems to be able to tell me anything. is there anything i can do to help get my money or am i just pretty much out of luck? thanks for your time.............**** slow-pay complaints

SBR receives four no-pay complaints from (SBR rating D-). Turnkey service provider, Futurebet, states that the site owner has abandoned his business, leaving them to deal with player complaints. Futurebet has paid the first player and states that remaining balance holders will also be paid.

BetBet, Oasis, WWTS, Cyber Sportsbook claims resolved


Lingering complaints from players with sportsbooks recently acquired by Bodog (SBR rating A+) have been resolved. BetBet, Oasis, WWTS, and Cyber Sportsbook have each been upgraded from C- to C+. The sportsbooks, which serve players residing in countries other than the US and Canada, are undergoing overhauls as new additions of the Bodog Entertainment Group. Players are invited to add their feedback on these sportsbooks here.

BetUS players complain of payout times


BetUs (SBR rating D) players complain of one week wait for withdrawal. The sportsbook tells SBR that they are "experiencing delays" on eCheck payouts and are now offering to refund betting accounts at the player’s request. BetUs also states that they expect overdue EFT withdrawals to reach bank accounts by Tuesday. Players may wish to request payment by Neteller.
Player: They told me it was processed on monday and as of friday morning nothing is pending to my checking account. I was frightenened to see their rating on your site. I’m new to online gaming and need your assistance. I repeated the information to the Betus customer service rep so I know theirs no problem with my banking information.

BetMania cancels bet citing "steam play"

BetMania (SBR rating C+) cancels player’s pending wager on the Suns/Kings Under 219, stating that the bet was on a "steam play." Below is the message left in the user’s account.

"Please read this important message: Your Suns Total bet was deleted...obvious steam play. If you continue to bet Steam here your account will be closed" shows the average betting line is currently set between 217 and 218. Line history quotes the market average at 219 only 15 minutes ago. BetMania is expected to honor this bet and not use subjective terms to get out of honoring betting odds that hold value for the bettor. Players should expect a confirmed bet to stand unless it is due to an "obvious", or "gross," error.

BTP Week 15 Lines posted


"Beat The Prick" Week 15 Handicapping Contest Lines Posted!
"The Prick" went a mediocre 2-1-1 with his picks in week 14 which resulted in 50 SBRforum posters winning prize money from BetCRIS.
The Prick: "Buzzards....circling....must....have.... whiskey...i’m in a tight spot, boys. i guess CRIS got tired of paying me to give away their loot, and are removing the middle-man (yers truly). this week it’s really "Beat the Mick."
Review contest rules and get your picks in for week 15 HERE. Selections must be submitted by 11:00 EST Saturday.

More Pointbet users file claims with SBR


SBR Bill Dozer reports: Yesterday’s Pointbet (SBR rating D) report prompts new similar complaints. The sportsbook has been downgraded from D+  to D. SBR will continue to monitor this situation, and note further slow-pay complaints and any reports of players receiving a substantial payment. Latest player complaint:

Hi Guys, I have requested a withdrawal of GBP15000  from Pointbet on 1st December, my 1st withdrawal request in 4 years. I have just received the following email:
Dear ******, Thank you for your email
Last month, there were so many withdrawal requests made by members,
therefore we are processing it all with 1st in 1st out, we are sorry for the
delayed which it might have caused, hopefully your turn will come near these
days Best Regards, Vincent Wong [Pointbet CS]

I am concerned for my remaining balance of around GBP12000 and for other
players. It is a site you have mentioned before but I took no notice, on the
basis I have been with them for a long time without trouble. I would appreciate any advice you have. Thank you in Advance

Pointbet payout problems


Pointbet (SBR rating D+) payout problems continue. The sportsbook is offering large sportsbook bonuses to new players via email while telling current users that they are unable to pay.

Player: I have been waiting 9 days now for a bank withdrawal. I have made 3 moneybookers withdrawals recently, and for each one I was initially told 24-48 hours. Each moneybookers took 7 days to come (and numerous complaints from me) - the excuse being that the moneybookers account was underfunded. Hence I decided on a bank withdrawal for GBP 8000, as there could be no such excuses for delays - and after 9 days I have now been told that members withdrawal requests are backed up "from last month" and i just basically have to wait indefinitely. This is despite the fact that last week when I queried the slow payment I was told "it will be done tomorrow" and "it will be done later today, please check back later". This is now in the area of serious slowplaying, and I have a very large balance at this book, so you can understand my concern and also my concern that other players and potential players at pointbet might be on the way to being scammed.

BetBBB to be phased out


BetBBB (SBR rating C+) to be phased out. Some players have already received a message in their account stating:
BetBBB is closing business. Call Customer Service at 1 877 888 BETS (2387) to collect any monies owed you.
The sportsbook is hosted and managed by Heritage Sports (SBR rating B+). Heritage assures that players will be paid promptly as they have been in the past.



sportsbook DragonWager (SBR rating F) taken off-line this morning. Although the homepage remains visible, players can no longer join Dragon Wager or log in to their account. Read more on problems with DragonWager.

Mansion slow-pay complaints


Three Mansion (SBR rating B-) players file slow-pay complaints. Mansion has blamed technical issues and a bank change for the delay.

Player (12/11/2006): I’m waiting on a $5800+ payout on my account from  The request was made last Tuesday.  On Friday I called to check on the status, they told me I needed to forward my Swift number for the transaction to be processed.  Then on Friday they told me it was going to be processed today (monday).  Today, I contact them and they tell me the delay is due to them changing banks - and that I should receive the money by the end of the week.  The site says it normally takes 2 business days.  I am very nervous.

Mansion switched from Natwest Bank, an RBS Group company that owns other banks based in the United States, to German-based Wirecard Bank AG. Players’ best option may be Neteller as Mansion begins working with its new financial service.