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USDBet claims Futurebet has frozen its funds

USDBet (SBR rating D+) ownership claims Futurebet has frozen its funds and will not process player withdrawals. SBR is seeking a response from Futurebet management. G2Gbet (SBR rating F), also a Futurebet licensee, stiffed users and closed down in August. USDbets was downgraded in December of last year after leaving World Gaming software and JEL hosting service for Futurebet.

BetUSA agrees to pay correlated parlay winnings

BetUSA (SBR rating D+), a serviced book, agrees to pay on all voided same-game (correlated parlay) winning parlays. BetUSA ownership has often reversed unfair decisions by its service provider on issues ranging from incorrect bet grading to bonus and wagering disputes. Players whose BetUSA balances were debited should contact SBR or BetUSA ownership by email. SBR is still communicating with regarding the decision to confiscate these winnings across all of the sites under its management.

GoHorseBetting enters the SBR rating guide at D

GoHorseBetting enters the SBR rating guide at D. GHB is a sportsbook serviced by the group which is the source of over thirty new complaints this week. SBR to report in detail on each matter.

Email from BetOnUSA (SBR rating D) manager shows how neither (SBR rating D+) or BetOnUSA are claiming responsibilty for a player's near five-figure balance. This player's account was moved from BetOnUSA's operation with the brand PyramidCasino to's operation. Once BetOnUSA's group of sites moved to Futurebet and ended its relationship with, some larger balance holders saw their funds disappear.

Sportsbook scam alert on Bets4All

SCAM: Latest Bets4All (SBR rating F) victims told they will not be paid because they are either "professional players," have "inside information" or are "bookmakers" themselves. Bets4All has previously told SBR that slow-paid players must disclose how they obtained their picks before they would be paid.  In the past month six players have reported a no-pay complaint and are owed an average of $2,000. Bet4All will not answer emails or allow players to speak to a decision maker. (SBR rating D+) confiscates funds made from winning correlated parlay bets

10.11.2007 (SBR rating D+) confiscates winnings made from correlated parlay bets dating back over one month. SBR is currently investigating complaints submitted by four players who were informed via email that thousands would be deducted from their balances because winnings derived from parlays where the legs of the parlay are "linked." Wagering on Under the total score and the Underdog spread would be an example of a correlated 2-team parlay. Some sportsbooks use their software to prohibit these types of wagers. SBR is also investigating a separate claim made by a player who states that over $80,000 was confiscated because he utilized different sportsbook websites within the family (Jazette ltd Group) of sportsbooks. This has been allowed and often encouraged by the different brands in the past. SBR will list updates for all complaints ranging from instances of incorrectly graded wagers to missing balances from sportsbook brands that defected from the operation to other white label services.

SBR collecting account information from BetCascade (SBR rating F) victims

Cascade balance holders are invited to provide their account information to SportsbookReview which will sponsor and organize action in an attempt to assist in collecting delinquent balances. Options include establishing a trust account in Costa Rica where Cascade would agree to fund the account weekly. Accumulated funds would be dispersed to players quarterly on a percentage basis. The second and more likely option is a class-action suit. An appointed representative for the group of owed players would pursue funds through the Costa Rica legal system. SBR has verified one payment to a BetCascade post-up player since March 26th. is currently taking wagers and aggressively pursuing new customers.

BetBones adds two sportsbooks for 2007 NFL season

Failed sportsbook operation BetBones (SBR rating F) pumps out two more new sportsbooks for the 2007 NFL season. PremiumBettor & UBetAndWin both enter the SBR rating guide with an F rating. The company has proven to be insolvent and has stiffed its staff members at the end of 2006. At that time the sportsbook blamed a lack of investor funding. The sportsbook is now serving as a turnkey host which partners with small webmasters to build fly-by-night sportsbooks. Five of seven BetBones-related sportsbooks are now off-line.


The sportsbook was part of the BetOnUSA Group (Empire Entertainment Ltd) before BetOnUSA moved its network of sportsbook websites under the Group (Jazette Enterprises Ltd) in December of 2006. When BetOnUSA chose to cut ties with Jazette and move its websites to the SportsbookUSA Group (Futurebet) last month they redirected to land at

Sportsbook bonus dispute hits SBR mailbox

Bet365 (SBR rating A-) player complains that his limits were cut to $5 after meeting more than half of his wagering requirement for his deposit bonus. Bet365 customer service has refused to prorate the bonus, as has been the book's policy when declining  service to customers. SBR to inquire with management.

131sport (SBR rating F) offline with player funds

The sportsbook, which previously operated under the name Honeybet and and Londonbet, stiffs player $41,000 and a second player for $5,320 before parking its website url. Read about one player's unfortunate experience here. This sportsbook is known for changing its name often in an effort to skim off winning balances. SBR is searching for this book under a new brand. Players who used any of the books above and were given a new website are urged to contact SBR.

Beware of BetCasinoSport (SBR rating D-)

The sportsbook is stepping up its email campaign with 40% cash bonus offers up to $5,000. Spreading the word of high bonuses instead of investing in advertising is usually a sign that the sportsbook does not have the funds to make an initial investment and is unlikely to have the financial backing to survive a long winning streak by players, who are already ahead with bonus cash. It is common for these sportsbooks to fail, disappear and attempt to take another shot with a new name and similar bonus offers. SBR has also learned that BetCasinoSport shares the same server IP address as the website which is operated by the owner of Bet33 (SBR rating F) and stiff sportsbook, Apex Sports (SBR rating F).

BetPlatinum slow-paying two players

BetPlatinum (SBR rating C-) slow-paying two players; advertising payout methods they do not offer. The sportsbook has owed one bettor $10,000 for over six months claiming they can only offer Money Gram which is not available in Poland where the player resides. The sportsbook advertises Western Union, Neteller, bank drafts and cashiers checks. BetPlatinum has recently outsourced its wagering operation to BetEagle (SBR rating C) but remains in charge of its own banking.

Does your sportsbook advertise a withdrawal method it will not use? Players are encouraged to share this information with SBR.

SBRforum Posters to choose top 5 sportsbooks

SBRforum poster’s give opinion on Top Online Sportsbooks. Through the month of October SBRforum posters are invited to cast their vote for the best bookmakers. Posters are asked to give their Top 3 sportsbooks with their highest rated book first. 5 points will be awarded for the first choice, 4 points for second place and three points for third. After tallying up the final scores, the top 5 point earners will be displayed at the head of the forum. Vote Here

LazerWager enters SBR rating guide at D+

LazerWager enters SBR rating guide at D+. The sportsbook is a turnkey operation serviced by GPS Global SA, which markets its services as Evolution Sports. The latest post-up sportsbook to utilize this operation and market its sportsbook was SexyWagers (SBR rating D), which closed in good standing last November. Although Lazerwager has employed former management of (SBR rating B+), the book is owned by unknown "investors" and should initially be viewed as a high-risk turnkey sportsbook.

4SportsPicks (SBR rating F) owner opens online sportsbook PlayersBigWorld

4SportsPicks closed with debts to both players and operating providers before eventually serving only credit players out of the SportsCallCenter F.A. facility. The sportsbook operator is soliciting players again under Playing24Hours (SBR rating F), SportsPlayingWorld (SBR rating F) and its latest sportsbook venture, PlayersBigWorld. PBW entered the rating guide at F today. Former players of 4Sportspicks and Ewinner (F rated sportsbook that shared offices with 4SportsPicks) are likely to receive phone solicitations.

Two BetChance players confirm receiving small withdrawals

Two BetChance (SBR rating D-) players confirm receiving small withdrawals. One player reports the sportsbook has stated that 25,000 Euros was made available for customer withdrawals. Both users have received only three-figure sums credited back to their credit cards. The book owes SBR readers well over $100,000 USD. Some payments were reported in the middle of August yet slow-pay complaints have been pending since July.

Half Point Value sports betting calculator now offered on

Half Point Value calculator now offered on
The latest addition to SBR's Betting Tools is a calculator devised to help players estimate the value of a half point in various leagues. Bettors can input two different sportsbook lines to find out if a more expensive spread is better or worse than a less favorable spread at a higher price. The calculator will soon feature a spread-to-moneyline converter which will estimate what the spread or moneyline should be based on either wagering option. | Half Point Value Calculator

09.25.2007 Group stands firm on decision to void winning wagers (SBR rating D+) bettors who had winning bets on the September 9th game between the Indians and the Angels will apparently be cheated out of their funds. After initially crediting players for the win the funds were deducted from accounts due to a misspelling in the abbreviated listing of one of the pitcher's first names. Players have made a legitimate case that the decision is illogical, inconsistent and subjective. Players have reported instances where losing wagers placed on games where the pitchers' names have also been misspelled were not canceled.

BetHorizon and BetAtlas experiencing DNS issues


BetHorizon (SBR rating B-) and BetAtlas (SBR rating B-) experiencing DNS issues. Management expects both websites to be functioning normally later today. Mirror sites are hosted at the following addresses for Atlas and for Horizon.

BetsInParadise enters SBR rating guide at D-

BetsInParadise enters the SBR Rating Guide at D-. The sportsbook's website states: " is one of the most stable and strong wagering operations offshore and online"  however the website has been online for only a brief period and relies on the same turnkey sportsbook operation that serviced defunct sportsbook DragonWager (SBR rating F). SBR is currently looking into many new sportsbooks brought to SBR's attention by solicited players. Players should avoid unrated sportsbooks, especially those focused on U.S. sports. 

SimpleNetBet player presents $14,000 claim

Player comes forward with $14,000 claim againss SimpleNetBet (off-line). SimpleNetBet has since been absorbed by sister sportsbook, GamblersPalace (SBR rating C). GamblersPalace has received three upgrades within the last year for operating honestly and addressing archived complaints. The sportsbook is expected to address this matter shortly and will be reevalauted when the player's 2005 claim is closed.

Competition begins for season-ending Beat The Prick Contest Prizes


Although the contest will offer individual weekly cash prizes throughout the season, the scoring results from this weekend's picks, and picks through the remainder of the football season, will also count for the season-ending Grand Prizes. Guaranteed prizes include a Harley Davidson , Plasma TV, and a trip for two to Las Vegas. The top 15 place holders will take home a prize. Handicappers must make their 4 NFL and NCAA football picks by Saturday at 11:00 EST. Join Here