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BetPlatinum moves to BetEagle servers

BetPlatinum (SBR rating C-) moved to BetEagle (SBR rating C) servers; expected to join operation as turnkey sportsbook. BetPlatinum has been unable to pay some international players for over four months and currently only offers MoneyGram as a payout option. The small sportsbook is the latest independent post-up operation to move to a larger service provider after being unable to maintain services in the new industry climate. Platinum Sports International began taking deposits in 2002.

Beware of bonus offers from slow-pay and no-pay sportsbooks

Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D) is currently mailing bettors offers of 100% bonuses. The sportsbook hasn't paid some of its non-US bettors in two months. Over a dozen sports bettors have reported that BetCascade (SBR rating F), which has owed its players an estimated 2 million for almost 6 months, has called offering 20% cash bonuses.

09.11.2007 (SBR rating D+) and sister Jazette Sportsbooks tell players that an error in Sunday's pitcher listing will cost them their winning bets. Players have reported a turnaround of $20,000 in their accounts.

Player: So I bet (BET ID=*********) the Sunday Night Baseball game on September 9th, 2007 between the Cleveland Indians and the Anaheim Angels.

BigJuicyOdds enters the SBR Rating Guide at D-

Both books are operated by Capilleira’s sportsbook service. BetCSL (SBR rating F) and DragonWager (SBR rating F) also utilized the same operation. Both have stiffed players within the past year. DragonWager is now off-line while BetCSL remains and offers new deposit bonuses.

AztecGaming (SBR rating D) reemerges on the Futurebet network

The long-time Word Gaming licensee and (SBR rating D+) partner site has been off-line for nine days leaving players to turn to SBR for clues on when and if they will be able to access their accounts again. It's likely players will have to work hard to get their accounts reinstated under the new system as is currently the case for BetOnUSA (SBR rating D) users. Players are advised to pursue withdrawals as soon as possible. This perennial slow-paying operation is known for using stall tactics when the football season takes a turn in the players' favor. It remains to be seen if the newly migrated sportsbooks will inherit Futurebet slow-pay practices effecting thousands of players.

Beat The prick Football Handicapping contest begins Today!

Players must have their picks in by 11:00 a.m. EST today and each Saturday to compete for weekly cash prizes. Competition for season ending prizes, including a Harley Davidson, a Las Vegas vacation and a home theatre system, begins on week 3 and run through week 17. Registration Open


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HiRollerBets enters rating guide at F

HiRollerBets, a new sportsbook from BetBones (SBR rating F) ownership, enters the SBR rating guide at F. The operation closed down most of its sportsbook websites last year after "investors pulled out" and it was unable to pay employees. Only sister book GamblingDogLine (SBR rating F) remains.

BetCasinoSport soliciting players through email marketing


New sportsbook BetCasinoSport (not rated) soliciting players through email list marketing. BetCasinoSport is telling bettors they have been online for three years when in fact the domain registration shows the website has been online for just over one month. Players should beware of the many inexperienced sportsbooks and out-right scams that arise at the start of football. These operations hope to capitalize on the deposit season and are often out of business or operating under a new book name before the end of the regular season. SBR to verify oficentro building #3 address in Costa Rica and request company information from management.

BetOnUSA (SBR rating D) website back online after two weeks

09.04.2007 is now serviced by Futurebet software and its turnkey customer support branded as PlayerSupport. Players who have requested a payout from the book when it was running on the (SBR rating D+) network report recent withdrawals have been canceled and funds were credited back to their betting accounts. BetOnUSA is likely the biggest brand on the Futurebet network followed by long time problem-sportsbook, SportsbookUSA (SBR rating D-). Players are hopeful that the book will not show the effect of Futurebet's financial problems and will resume processing payments. BetOnUSA, as part of the Group, recently began sending player funds after slow-pays that lasted as long as five months.

BetChance payout complaints increase; sportsbook downgraded from D to D-


Pending payout complaints rise from 29 to 49 since last report on August 22nd. Most players continue to complain that the book is not communicating with users and refuses to comment on the new statement found on its betting rules page that players may only withdraw up to the amount deposited. Two players have reported a payment plan involving small weekly installments of winnings.


Coral (SBR rating A-) adds notice that it will now grade all cricket bets that it has not offered a price for the tie or draw as no-action (voided wager). GamblersPalace (SBR rating C)  & Skytower (SBR rating C) states that it reserves the right to require users to leave bonus and deposited funds in the account for 30 days before withdrawing.

Easybet, PyramidCasino merge under BetOnUSA

Easybet (SBR rating D) and PyramidCasino (SBR rating D-) sportsbooks merged under BetOnUSA (SBR Rating D). BetOnUSA is also on day eleven of being offline telling users they are switching software platforms. Thousands of players wait to gain access to their funds.

Premierbet Sportsbook back online

The Premierbet (SBR rating D-) sportsbook website is now back online despite that the book's parent company, Interactive Gaming Holdings PLC, announcement that it is insolvent and the stock remains suspended. Debt to players is estimated to be well beyond the £400,000 that the sportsbook was seeking from investors. SBR continues to receive complaints daily. Phone calls and emails to the sportsbook are unanswered.

AztecGaming (SBR rating D) off-line for three days


Aztec appears to be the latest World Gaming sportsbook to attempt to leave the Jazette Ltd-owned platform for the Futurebet/PlayerSupport turnkey hosting service. The domain name is now hosted on one of the Futurebet servers in Canada. Players have contacted SBR about their Aztec funds and report the site, absent of any notification message, has been down for over three days. Aztec Sportsbook will join (SBR rating D) and CasinoUnreal (SBR rating D) as the latest to make the switch to the slow-pay sportsbook operation. BetOnUSA (SBR rating D), which has been off-line for 9 days, is also said to still be in the process of moving all accounts to its new Futurebet platform but no further information has been provided. Players are unable to request payouts.

Sportbet corrects error and credits plaer

SportBet (SBR rating B) corrects error and credits player with "$50 inconvenience bonus." Management says the account was mislabeled as having a promotional credit that had expired. Sportbet states they have double checked the account classifications so the issue will not reoccur.

Sportbet debits player for inactivity

Sportbet (SBR rating B) debits player balance $437.50 due to the account being inactive. The bettor says he hasn't used his account for a year and logged in today to see " Adj - Reconziliation to Zero .Non activity 08/13/07." SBR to contact Sportbet about these funds and this policy regarding inactive accounts. Sportbet is expected to promptly reinstate the user's balance.

Bodog (SBR rating A) experiencing issues with website URL. Players can access their Bodog accounts at using their same account ID and password or by calling 1-888-263-000. Message from Bodog Founder Calvin Ayre regarding domain issue.


USDbet next Futurebet sportsbook to be downgraded since G2Gbet (SBR rating F) closes and stiffs players. USDbet's owner has not responded to SBR emails and customer service, known as "PlayerSupport," is unable to give an estimate for when players may receive their funds. Futurebet continues to deny affiliation with G2G even after SBR has presented the confirmation receipts for deposits taken by the company for

Bet911 cancels player's wager claiming bad line

Bet911 (SBR rating D+) cancels player's $100 wager at +690 claiming it was a bad line. The bettor has provided detailed betting odds history from other major sportsbooks showing the price ranging from +650 to +750. Bet911 customer service claims the payout should have been lowered to +500 and therefore is not a valid bet. SBR has asked Bet911 to reconsider the decision as a failure to change odds does not constitute an obvious error or a bad line.

Update 7:40 PM CST: Bet911 management apologizes and credits player full winnings.

131Sport (SBR rating F), which previously operated under the name Honeybet and before that, Londonbet, stiffs player $41,000. Read about a player's unfortunate experience here.

WinaMax enters the SBR rating guide at D+.

WinaMax enters the SBR rating guide at D+. Recent feedback has been negative. Players have reported canceled wagers on two events that have already started and on lines that show no evidence of being obvious errors. Bettors also voiced frustration over poor communication via email, fax and phone.

BookMaker (SBR rating A+) officially takes over  Superiorbook (SBR rating D+) as well as accounts from sister no-pay sportsbook, BetEmpire (SBR rating F). Bookmaker has erased the rollover  requirement previously imposed by the internal Empire/Superior "merger." Players now have full acess to wagering and their funds.

Operations Director of Superiorbook and BetEmpire quoted in the Bookmaker press release:
Mr. Jimmy Mason, Operations Director of I can not stress how pleased I am that came to the rescue of our former players. has gone above and beyond anything I have seen in this industry and continues to show why they are an A+ operation. My number one concern has been and continues to be the welfare of the players and I can now sleep well at night knowing everyone's funds are safe and they'll now have a much better overall gaming experience.