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BetChance no-pay complaints continue to roll in

BetChance (SBR rating D-) no-pay complaints steadily continue. The sportsbook's users have filed complaints since July 2007. Requests for assistance peaked in late September and October during the Malta-based book's marketing campaign. SBR currently has 74 complaints totaling $106,386. Players also report that the book fails to respond to emails and receiving generic responses to inquiries by phone such as "we are working on it" and "we hope to have answers in the coming days." Requests to communicate with management by SBR and players have been declined. Two small withdrawals were last confirmed in late September.

BTP contest near complete


The final two weeks of the Beat the Prick contest are upon us with close races on both ends of the standings.  SBRforum poster tomcast is leading with 25 points and has been atop the leader board most of the season. The ranks are tightening with poster pokernut9999 just three points behind in second followed by rezster with 21 points and jon13009 at 20.  In a three-way tie for fifth with 19 points each are Santo, serontin and Doc JS.  The Prick, who has shut out the field going 4-0 three times this year, promises a special booby prize for last place. That honor is currently shared by robmpink and shantystar, both with -19 scores.  Although new entries can no longer compete for the grand prizes, the next two weeks offer the chance for new contestants to take $100 each in weekly prizes. Picks must be submitted by 11:00 EST. Sign up here.   

Centrebet (SBR rating B+) to open new sprtsbook, SportOdds.

Centrebet (SBR rating B+) to open new sportsbook, SportOdds. Centrebet says SportOdds will launch early in 2008 and will operate under a New South Wales license held by Centrebet's managing director, Con Kafataris. currently redirects to the Centrebet website.

Internet 1x2 player being slow-paid and not responded to

Internet1x2 (SBR rating D+) player waiting for payout and emails for over three weeks

Player: "I have requested a withdrawal via Neteller over 3500 USD, 27th Novemer 2007 and a second payout over 2000 USD 4 days ago.The total I requested is 5500 USD.I also sent Internet1x2 my bank account details twice, if the prefer a bank transfer. Since more than 20 days there is no response to my e-mails and they don´t process the payout. I don´t know what I can do else. Could you please help me with this withdrawal problem."

The sportsbook, which was considered a no-pay scam through much of 2006, has thus far managed to avoid being the subject of serious payout complaints in 2007. Prior to this report players have not submitted a complaint in nearly five months. 1x2's finance manager, Moshe, is credited with helping the book deal with player issues early on and addressing payout requests over one year old. SBR will inquire with Moshe on this player's behalf.

BetRoyal website down

BetRoyal (SBR rating D-) website down; reportedly under denial-of-service attack. An SBR poster is told "Our internet provide is under DDOS attack so we recommend that you place you wagers with ample amount of time via call center." Others have been told the sportsbook is "performing server maintenance." BetRoyal is an SBGglobal-owned sportsbook now known for winnings confiscations that took place in October. player receives check

12.16.2007 (SBR rating C-) player who has been waiting for $1,510 since March received his check yesterday. Sportsbetting management tells SBR a second  slow-paid player has also been sent his payment. SBR is currently monitoring new five-figure withdrawal requests.

PremierSportsbetting listed at F in the SBR rating guide as part of the Apex Group.

PremierSportsbetting listed at F in the SBR rating guide as part of the Apex Group. The former owner of Apex Sportsbook (SBR rating F-), now going by the name Zach, is also the owner of such books as Bet33 (SBR rating F)  and Totalbets (SBR rating F). Zach repeatedly tells SBR that there have been "zero no-pays in years" but has not been willing to pay Apex victims who he stiffed before beginning his new venture.

Scam sportsbook 88SportsBetting closes

No-pay sportsbook 88SportsBetting (SBR rating F) closes. The sportsbook entered the BlackList in 2005 after joining the EZ Sports Group and failing to pay users.

SBR Mailbag: users file complaints

Three players report being slow-paid by (SBR rating C-) with one player reporting waiting since March. "$1,512 has been requested 2-3 times per month, since March of 2007 - nothing but excuses, no payment. My responses are exactly the same each and every time.  We will investigate and get back to you.  Never." Sportsbetting blames previous service provider, (SBR rating D-), which handled payouts until November. Sportsbetting has pursued these matters with their former banking department. Players also complain that the book has not replied to emails, has not had a phone number since November, and LiveChat is often backed up with as many as 20 users in the queue. Two players have recently submitted payment requests under the new system and have offered to allow SBR to monitor the withdrawal process. | Discussion off-line

12.13.2007 off-line. The website was used to host BetRoyal (SBR rating D-) website which was down for much of the second half of last week due to "technical issues."

BookYourBet off-line

Atlantic West Gaming sportsbook BookYourBet (SBR rating D-) off-line. Website states the sportsbook will be "off the air for Several Weeks while we undergo a Complete renovation."  No payout complaints have been reported. Sister AWG sportsbooks also off-line.

Dimeline Sportsbook player confirms payment

New Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D) player confirms payment. The sportsbook tells SBR it is current with payout requests with the exception of players who have not met a one time roll-over requirement. The book said it imposed the stipulation due to losses sustained when business partner, Futurebet Gaming, pocketed all Dimeline player balances. Players with a recent withdrawal or withdrawal request are invited to contact SBR. 

BetCasinoSport phones down, slow-pay

BetCasinoSport (SBR rating D-) phones down, players report slow-pay. Two months after the sportsbook was offering extremely high 40% cash bonuses up to $5,000, two players complain of Western Union no-pays totaling $1,000. Players also complain of not being able to reach the BCS staff. Both phone lines are down and email has not been returned.

SCAM ALERT: 88Sports

12.09.2007 is yet another website from the scam operation that hosted Playing24Hours (SBR rating F). Playing24Hours players report being told to use 88Sports to access their accounts when P24H first went off-line in November. Both and similar site, state they are a play-for-fun sportsbook but will offer real money play once the player has joined. Once 88Sports has account details it will solicit the player more aggressively with large bonuses through other sister sites like Playing24Hours.

BetRoyal website off-line


BetRoyal (SBR rating D-) website has been off-line for some users since December 2nd. Players can access their Royal accounts at former SBG Global sportsbook website, directs visitors to the BetRoyal homepage.

Sports Betting Scam

444Sports enters SBR Rating Guide with F rating under 4SportsPicks Group
This 444Sports warning comes one week after sister site Playing24Hours (SBR rating F) informed users it would be keeping all account balances. 444Sports players who question the book's management will be told that the operation is "only a call center that provides service to sportsbooks."

WagerWeb (SBR rating B-) confiscates $37,451; cites wagering fraud


WagerWeb (SBR rating B-) confiscates $37,451; cites wagering fraud
A player won $37,451 making over 60 football wagers through the month of October. At the end of October,  the player requested his funds and was given $5,000, which equaled the total amount he deposited. He was told his winnings would not be paid due to wagering fraud. WagerWeb states the player stalled wagering phone clerks, giving him the ability to make bets after kick-off. The book has thus far provided evidence that the player bet six minutes after the start of one game. SBR has reviewed multiple examples of his NFL wagers which were found to have been placed prior to kick off. This dispute highlights WagerWeb's on-going problems with risk management and their inability to deal with issues in real time. If the book identifies a bet placed after the start of a game it is expected to cancel the wager immediately,

Premiumbettor (SBR rating F) closes; stiffs player $17,500

Premiumbettor (SBR rating F) closes; stiffs player $17,500
The player joined Premium after receiving a free winning pick by someone posing as a professional handicapper over the phone. The tout told the bettor that he had more plays and asked him to deposit $5,000 with PremiumBettor where the player would put in the bets given to him by the pro capper. The bettor was initially told that a $5,000 deposit would allow the duo to access a line of credit of $30,000. After depositing the first $5,000 the player was conned into depositing an additional $5,000 in $2,500 increments for "fees." The account grew to $17,500 before the website went off-line. The tout pretended to be surprised by what happened and a victim himself, even advising the player to read about this scam gaming group at PremiumBettor was a BetBones scam operation. Also off-line is sister site UbetAndWin (SBR rating F) and GamblingDogLine (SBR rating F).

Dimeline Sportsbook player confirms payout

A DLS player confirmed receiving $1500 via check today. The sportsbook has been unable to pay players since September and blamed stiff operation, Futurebet. The Canadian company is not processing withdrawals on behalf of its sportsbooks with the exception of BetOnUSA (SBR rating D-) and sister book, Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-). Dimeline tells SBR that it had to pay players through private processing after being denied reserves and earned revenue from Futurebet wagering services.

Scam sportsbooks to go off-line

12.03.2007 tells SBR it will take scam sportsbook websites Palacebet (SBR rating F-) and SportsPlayingClub (SBR rating F-) off-line and that the operations have already been closed. SCC states it is only a service center and tries to avoid working with dishonest books. SportsCallCenter, which has hosted these post-up scams as well as 4SportsPicks (SBR rating F) and e-winner (SBR rating F-) states it will no longer service post-up (deposit-required) sportsbooks. 

Scam Alert on WagerNascar

SCAM ALERT: WagerNascar is a new sportsbook from operators of SportsPlayingClub (SBR rating F-). WagerNascar also shares the same hosting server as scam book, Palacebet (SBR rating F-). SBR continues to actively search for sportsbooks affiliated with these deposit-only gaming companies.

SportsPlayingWorld (SBR rating F) officially informs players it is stealing their money

Dear Customer: The following is to inform you that due to some legal problems with the lawyers in this company added to the financial problem created by some of our merchant companies that couldn’t bring the money safe to the company because US Government regulations. The financial backup of the operation decided to get out from the operation. Playing24hours management tried to keep the company on track, but even after some unsuccessful attempts of getting some new monetary partners into the operation, there is no other reasonable way for the management but to close this operation not been able to maintain even the basic expenses.We apologize for all the damage this can cause to our staff, customers and partners.

Playing24Hours and PlayersBigWorld stole over $80,000 from at least two sports bettors before taking their websites off-line. The scam continues through SportsPlayingClub (SBR rating F-), where players can log in and see the figure representing their stolen Playing24Hours and PlayersBigWorld balance.