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News on scam sports betting operations, events and business deals within the offshore sports gambling industry.

BetRoyal (SBR rating D+) purchased by SBG Global (SBR rating D-)
SBG will move BetRoyal from its Oficentro office and players to its Mercedes software platform on Monday. Royal has been lowered from C- to D+ and will remain under review. Royal Sports has improved its service in 2007 and support management, which is expected to stay with the book, has been attentive to player matters over the course of the past year. SBGglobal has been on the SBR Blacklist since 2001 with most complaints coming from big players who were cheated out of large winnings. | Royal Sports/SBG Statement

Bet1128 (not rated) refuses to honor winning soccer wagers; claims "The odds were wrong because of a problem with our program." The sportsbook does not claim the line was an obvious error and says they "have the right to void or cancel any bets at any time if we find it suitable before the game has kicked off." The player is rightfully upset that his sportsbook took a valid wager, was able to watch the market, and cancel the bet after deciding it had an unfavorable position. The player was not contacted via email. The bets were canceled prior to the start of the game. | Original complaint 6.18.2007 makes wager grading mistake

06.27.2007 (SBR rating D+) and sister books such as BetUSA (SBR rating D+) fail to correct grading errors. The Group erroneously voided winning baseball bets in two instances claiming they received information that there were pitching changes. In both cases the listed pitchers did start the game. SBR will escalate the complaints to management. Players who had a listed baseball bet cancelled are invited to contact SBR. players who had listed money line bets on the Cardinals on June 19th or 26th graded as a loss are also asked to provide SBR with wager details.

First Sports Betting Rules Monitor Launched


SBR’s Sportsbook Betting Rules Monitor Live
The majority of rules were first scanned on June 18th 2007 with changes being logged since. Betting sites and players who would like to see additional web pages monitored can submit the URL of the rules or FAQ to Below are the week #1 rule changes as logged by SBR. Removed text is shown striked out in red. Added text is highlighted in yellow. Players are encouraged to ask their sportsbook to inform clients of each rule change via email.

BetBull (SBR rating C-) changes tennis wagering rule
Wagers will now be cancelled in the event of a change of venue or playing surface.

BetInternet (SBR rating B-) changes maximum allowed daily payouts
All minor league soccer and horse racing has a maximum

Kahnawake Gaming Commission Terminates BetUS Permit
On June 22 the KGC officially announced that it is no longer allowing to operate within its jurisdiction.
KGC: The Kahnawáke Gaming Commission (“KGC”) wishes to advise that, effective May 31, 2007, Comercial L.T. Baroda (operating as no longer holds a KGC permit and is not authorized to carry on its operations within or from the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawáke.
In December SBR reported that BetUS would likely have to relocate because the Kahnawake Gaming Commission changed its policies making it a violation to discuss player accounts and wagering over the phone. is currently scattered throughout Montreal, Canada, Panama City, Panama and San Jose, Costa Rica. BetUS is trying to obtain a license so it can establish a home office in Panama.

SBR Offers Screenshot Toolbar
In an effort to assist players and reduce the number of wagering disputes, SBR has developed a screenshot toolbar. With one click players can record a copy of each pending wager and/or web page in the betting process. The toolbar also offers league navigation buttons to SBR's live betting odds program, the SBR search engine, a find-in-page feature for team names and ROT numbers, as well as a shortcut to SBRforum topic searches.

Ebay-style sports betting exchange, enters the SBR rating guide at D-
The Seattle, Washington and Canada-based exchange is attempting to facilitate the matching of bets between two users for a fee. This model was deemed illegal by the Nevada Gaming Commission which arrested WagerFree (SBR rating F-) owner Garet Bradford. Bradford also claimed to be only facilitating bets between "club members." Despite the consumer fraud element to Mr. Bradford's scam operation, authorities ultimately charged WagerFree's owner with two felony counts relating to operating a gambling business without a license. off-line

BetEmpire (SBR rating F) officially closed; stiffs players
The sportsbook's website displays a message saying that Empire has closed and that sister site, Superiorbook (SBR rating D+) "is offering players an opportunity to continue playing and keep their balances while using the same user ID and password." The notice, which is signed by manager Frederick Gray who left the company last month, makes no mention of the 15 time roll-over requirement for users who wish to make a withdrawal. Empire has been online for the past two weeks despite the "bailout" press release issued on June 8th. unable to pay non-US sports bettors

06.19.2007 (SBR rating D+) family of sportsbooks plans to begin processing payment to non-US players in July. The Group currently does not have access to processors with the ability to transfer internationally. no longer offers e-Wallets such as Neteller.

Update 6/21/07: Complaints from non-US players mount as they are informed that processing is responsible for lack of payment. Many non-US players are upset that the Group has not made their transfers a priority and point out that the delay should be considered a valid slow-pay and a warning sign for the US players that make up the majority of the company's customer base. Processing restrictions are not a factor for most of these users. Sportsbook fails to honor wager

Bet1128 (not rated) cancels winning bet; does not respond to player email or follow policy.
The player wagered on a soccer total that he claims was in line with the market price. After the event had concluded and the wager had won Bet1128 canceled the bet, failing to adhere to its listed rule regarding faulty betting lines. SBR will contact 1128 on player's behalf

Bet1128 Rule 17: If during transcription, typing or printing a quoted odds is visibly incorrect (e.g. 1.50/2.50) the company reserves the right to reinstate the original odds even after the result is known. In such cases comparison with other bookmakers currently on the market will, in good faith, give evidence of the error.
Player: The line was balanced, the odds were normal for the moment, although there was a steam process, reflected in Pinnacle's odds of 2.11 for under 2.75 [goals]. Pinnacle's odds continued drifting after I placed my bets; they reached 2.26, and later the line was moved to 3 goals. Bet1128 removed the game, then posted it again 1/2 hour later, this time with a 3 goal total. My pick should have been a winner, as the game ended 0-4. I should have won $838.73

SportsbookReview to offer Sportsbook Betting Rules Monitor

SBR to launch sportsbook TOS monitor
SBR's new program will automatically scan all sportsbook wagering rules and general terms of service pages and then report all rule changes and updates made by the sportsbook. The feature is designed to prevent and help with disputes where a player with a complaint claims the bookmaker's rules have been altered to put it in a better position, and to give both sportsbooks and players the ability to view the most complete and transparent policies. Players will also be able to sign up for email alerts and see all changes made to his/her book's rules.

SportsInteraction (SBR rating C-) deletes five months of player's wagering activity; states account was supposed to be closed in October 2006. SIA says the player was notified via email on October 8th that his "earnings with us have now exceeded the allowable income on an account"  and that his account was closed. The player continued to wager until the end of March, five months after SIA claims they intended to terminate the relationship. The player did not receive his first withdrawal until April 2007. SBR is speaking to SIA management regarding voided wagers that resulted in approximately $15,000 in winnings.


Win4real (SBR rating D+) confiscates player's winnings citing multiple accounts within the family. The player, who also holds an account at SuperBook (SBR rating D+), claims $791 was taken from his balance. Win4Real and the Group (Jazette Enterprises Limited) does not prohibit players from using multiple accounts in its large family of sportsbooks. SBR will contact Win4Real on the player's behalf.

BetUS Sportsbook hiring clerks in Panama

BetUS (SBR rating D+) reportedly hiring clerks for new Panama office. BetUS is said to be operating under the name BLUM Management Services which is located in Via España in the Boston Building. BLUM Mgt. is hiring casino and wagering clerks for $3.50 per hour. It remains unclear if the Panamanian government will allow BetUS to build its business there or if BetUS is operating under the license of an established online casino. BetUS has already moved its servers to Panama. Clerks form BetUS' Canada office have recently cited an office move as reason for withdrawal delays.

New SCAM Sportsbook enters the SBR rating guide

BetOnSportsBetting enters rating guide at F. BOSB is the latest of the mass-produced EZ Sports scam-books to solicit an SBR reader.  History suggests EZ Sports will launch a new batch of betting websites as football approaches. Players can read more about the scam group here.

New version of SBR Odds now live
The latest version of SBR's Free Live odds program features odds from over 20 online sportsbooks, a variety of betting calculator tools, as well as odds from Las Vegas bookmakers. SBR Odds will continue to receive frequent updates.  Users are invited to send feedback to

Bet911 (SBR rating D+) defaults on $1000 payment plan; cites new management
Bet911 tells player that his most recent withdrawal request was canceled due to a software upgrade and future payments will be capped at $500. The sportsbook has paid $5,500 of $10,700 to the player and had promised to send $1000 per week which it is unable to do. Bet911 is a sister sportsbook of PlayWePay.
Bet911: After reviewing your profile, your total balance with our company is $10682, out of all this the overall is -$7682 for us. By the behavior of your account we promise to get the funds payout, you have stopped playing with us already and should not worry about loosing the funds with us since we will pay you on a timely matter and the amounts we will handle for your payouts will be $500.

AllSportsMarket enters the SBR Rating Guide at D.  Players are advised to use caution. An ASM ownership partner is also part of the group that owns BetEmpire (SBR rating F) which is expected to close shortly. Empire is a low-limit sportsbook that focused on helping the new bettor through the wagering process.

BetEmpire (Empire Sportsbook) to close; won't pay players?
SuperiorBook (SBR rating D+)
has issued a press release titled " Acquires" The release states that players will be required to bet their Empire Sportsbook (SBR rating C-) balances 15 times through before withdrawing and calls the account transfer a "bailout program." SBR is attempting to reach both Superior and Empire contacts to find out the status of player accounts. Up until now, Superiorbook has been a licensee brand serviced and controlled by BetEmpire, using its accounting, hosting and BetEmpire's proprietary software, SportsPulse. It is unknown if BetEmpire is attempting to keep player balances as the NBA season ends by shifting balances within its own products, or, if the book is unable to pay and the former white label partner will carry on.  | See Superiorbook press release

06.07.2007 (SBR rating D+) withdrawal update: management confirms that they are currently unable to process bank wires. Pending wires have been canceled and should result in a credit for the requested amount back to the bettor's account. Payout requests via check for over $2,500 have also been canceled. presently has the ability to send checks in increments of $2,500 or less and is advising players who are owed more than $2,500 to make multiple requests. Many SBR readers and SBRforum posters have confirmed receiving payment. However, some players who have had their requests shuffled between band-aid processors have waited nearly three months. Non-US players have voiced their frustration because chooses not to utilize available international transfer services such as Neteller and Moneybookers.

Ready2bet (SBR rating D+) now supported by Horizon Sports (SBR rating B-).  Bettors can access their Ready2Bet Sportsbook accounts at until propagates on Horizon servers.