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BetSportsWeb enters the SBR Rating Guide at D+.

BetSportsWeb enters the SBR Rating Guide at D+. BetSportsWeb is the new brand name for recently rated sportsbook, BetSuperior. The new sportsbook's bookmaking is managed by the Costa Rica-based operation that formerly ran BlueGrass Sports ( BetSportsWeb's customer service operates independently from the Jazz Sports offices. The new sportsbook will remain under review. SBR plans to visit the book's office this summer and learn more about the company structure.


Logans upgrade from D- to D+ reflects potential for independent decision making. The sportsbook, which is managed and hosted by (SBR rating D-), tells SBR that it has its own email address for players to use when a dispute arises. Logans management also said it would be open to revisiting the decisions made by's team. Logan's management suggested it would have reversed decisions the Group made against players in the past, prior to its launch. Logans is a new brand that uses the turnkey operation's banking and processing. Players at turnkey serviced sportsbooks including Logans are susceptible to the long payout delays due to processing. Some players are currently waiting almost four months.

Free head to head Handicapping Contest: $3250 up for grabs

New SBRforum Final Four Capper Contest
SBRforum handicappers are invited to compete for $3250 in prizes. Contestants will be matched in head-to-head competition battling for the right to advance to the next round. Cappers who can make it to the Elite 8 finish in the money with $125 each. Make it to the Final Four and earn $375. Beat your opponent in the Final Four and meet the opposing Finalist and $750. The Champion will take $1250. Read rules and enter for free here.

BetChance (SBR rating F) sends a "client contract" to owed players saying they will provide payment within 20 months and asks the player to agree he/she will not sue the gaming company. Players should ask the sportsbook if it intends to steal account balances if this agreement is not signed under duress. The agreement gives the sportsbook reassurance that the player does not intend to pursue the sportsbook and meaninglessly suggests that by signing it, the player has waived the right to pursue funds. BetChance previously offered 30% (now 25%) or payment in full within 15 months. in 2007 players agreed to payment plans which were not honored. SBR will contact Malta Gaming authorities to ask if the latest BetChance payment promise is the result of influence of the regulating body. Malta and its Lotteries and Gaming Authority have not proven to offer added player security to date. Defunct sportsbook Portlandbet (SBR rating F) is also confiscating a piece of player balances. | Signed contract (SBR rating C-) tackling processor delays; poor custmer support remains issue.

08.04.2008 tackling processor delays; poor customer support remains problem for players's (SBR rating C-) problems with inadequate banking resources were magnified by poor communication with users. The sportsbook has recovered paying most past due amounts including $30,000 to one player in late July. Players continue to report sending multiple emails and a front line of customer service that cannot do anything but pass the complaint on to unavailable management.

Player: I made two deposits on July 6th. They were never credited to my betting account but were deducted from my bank account. I have contacted CS multiple times using both email and phone and have gotten absolutely nowhere. They keep telling me 24-48 hours and they'll contact me. I never hear from them, then I call and they tell me the same load of crap again. I strongly advise any and everyone to pull their money from these guys. I wish I would have found your site before I made my deposits.

Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) promotion stings new player


Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) promotion stings new player
Player: i got this $100 promotion from them and went 5-0 and won $2300 and when i try to withdraw they said that i violated the promotion because i cannot parlay. The letter never stated that i can't i am out of $2300 and they cleared out my account completely....very sad day
Oddsmaker previously told SBR they would honor winnings prior to when the first parlay wager was made, would add the rule to the correct website pages, and clarify the rule in its terms of service. The book has not proceeded with these changes and players continue to waste winning picks on an account that cannot yield a profit. operates one of the largest bettor email marketing campaigns and uses multiple tactics like this to attract the most players with minimal overhead.

Bodog downgraded over processing issues


Bodog (SBR rating B-) tells SBR that closing third party processors have forced them to reroute transfers through other payment services. This has caused players to wait even longer than the 40 business days listed on the Bodog website. Players who deposited via person-to-person transfer  methods have the ability to receive payment through the same method within three business days. Non-U.S. users using eWallets, Neteller or Moneybookers are offered payment within one business day. Bodog's downgrades from A to B- this summer reflect the book's inability to send checks or bank wires in a time frame consistent with top sportsbooks.


BetJoint (SBR rating C-) reconsiders decision in May wagering dispute; pays player $3,202
The player made two winning 3-team parlays wagering $250 and $150 in free-play bonus money to win a total of $5,359. The last leg of both parlays were on the San Diego Padres +1.5 run line. The player also made a regular moneyline bet on the Padres as well as a wager on the opposing team using his deposited funds. The next day the user account was debited $3,051 (although book calculated and eventually paid $3,202) and his parlays were recalculated as 2-teamers with the third leg removed. Betjoint cited this rule. BetJoint is credited with keeping an open line of communication with both SBR and the player. Management gave the following reasons for crediting the player:

Today is the final day to claim your free room and/or travel voucher for the SBR Bash!

Today is the final day to claim your free room and travel voucher for the SBR Bash!
SBRforum posters are invited to The SBR Bash to be held August 22 - 24 at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas. SBR will host a golf and poker tournament, blackjack seminar, contests, raffles, and a banquet. Comedian Doug Stanhope will be performing at the banquet, August 23rd. Hotel rooms are free to SBRforum posters with at least 100 posts. The event will benefit the St. Judes Children's Hospital. | View details and register here!

Player: This is the second time this bookmaker has done this.  I have not lost money here, but I am somewhat dismayed that you have them so highly rated when they are essentially engaging in fraud by attratcting punters with attractive offers and then changing/removing them.

Portlandbet (SBR rating F) stealing funds; website now off-line

Portlandbet (SBR rating F) stealing funds; website now off-line
The sportsbook was taken off-line two days ago after cashing some players out only part of their balance. Portlandbet is unjustifiably categorizing the amount of the rollover requirement applied to the signup bonus as the player's debt to the house. This means that after the book deducts the bonus, players are receiving less than their deposits and winnings. Many players have deposited only days before the sportsbook's wagering platform was deactivated. Portlandbet is no longer responding to email.

Player 1: i have had a withdrawal processed for half my balance of 5212.76 Have not received it yet), the other half was taken as turnover of bonus not met, i think i may have met turnover levels and have emailed them so (you can't access all your bet history via website, unfortunately)

Player 2: Hello, i deposited 150 Euro on 24th June after i signed up. They gave me 150 Euro Bonus. Account Balance was 706.95 Euro. I tried to cashout 706.95 Euro on 9.July They gave me only 353,47 € today.

Don Carbone Sportsbook enters the SBR Rating Guide at D+

Don Carbone Sportsbook (also known as enters the SBR Rating Guide at D+. Don Carbone is a Costa Rica-based sportsbook using ASI software and reduced juice lines. is indexed as a sister book of BetWho (SBR rating D+) and PlatinumSB (SBR rating D+).

ExtremeBet enters the SBR rating guide at F

ExtremeBet enters the SBR rating guide at F. ExtremeBet is the first Futurebet Group, now called iGaming Software (website), sportsbook to enter the SBR Rating Guide in July. SBR will continue to look for sports betting sites affiliated with the scam group which is known to recycle sportsbook brands prior to football season. Do you know of a Futurebet book that is not in the Sportsbook Review Rating Guide? Write to SBR.

SBRforum Free Roll Poker Tournament: Thursday, July 31st


SBRforum Free Roll poker Tournament: Thursday, July 31st
The 2nd tournament this month will be played on the Bookmaker (SBR rating A+) poker tables Thursday. Players can read rules and enter here. Congratulations to last week's winner, Rake922, who won 1st prize after beating 2nd place finisher Happy Boy. The top 10 place holders will win prizes for Thursday's tournament.

Betway (SBR rating F) slow-paying players

Betway (SBR rating F) slow-paying players
The sportsbook, which has confiscated funds and cheated players out of winnings, is slow paying two SBR readers. Both players are waiting for Moneybookers payments initially requested in late May and early June. Betway has claimed that it had sent the funds via Moneybookers to one player but the e-wallet returned the funds back to them. Betway displays a familiar pattern of a book in financial trouble, first looking for reasons to recover winnings from sharp players, and later stalling and making slow-pay excuses.

Player: They went on to say I hadn't logged in to Moneybookers, so MB returned the money to them. I had logged into MB, and regardless, that is not MB policy.
My second withdrawal initiated on June 28th was returned to my account on July 17th stating "We're emailing you to follow up on your inquiry of July 07. Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication, we did not manage to notify you that on July 17 your withdrawal was sent back to us by Moneybookers in a timely manner. According to Moneybookers, the email address you specified for your withdrawal (********** has not been registered with us. The funds were returned to your Betway account and are now at your disposal. In order to enable you to correct your payment details we have also reset your withdrawal options, so you will be able to specify your Moneybookers email address again

BetVegasVic enters the SBR rating guide at C.

BetVegasVic enters the SBR rating guide at C. VegasVic is a new sportsbook with ties to established bookmakers in Costa Rica. Most CatalinaSports (SBR rating C+) accounts have been moved to VegasVic.

SCAM Alert: GoRake enters the SBR Rating Guide at F

SCAM Alert: GoRake enters the SBR Rating Guide at F. GoRake is a new poker room and sportsbook from Futurebet, now calling itself IGaming Software. Futurebet is servicing multiple no-pay sportsbooks like SportsbookUSA (SBR rating F) and USDbet (SBR rating F). USDbet, which remains online as a deposit-only sportsbook website, is marketing 100% bonuses. GoRake shares the same IP address as flagship IGaming site, (SBR rating D-).

Betway continues to steal player winnings; players report theft of deposits

Betway (SBR rating D-) continues to steal player winnings; players also report theft of deposits
The sportsbook initially told players their winnings were void due to their style of play. Betway targeted users who wagered in order to meet the rollover requirement for the bonus as fast as possible before withdrawing. Players have since reported that the sportsbook is closing accounts and confiscating winnings as well as deposits without attempting to explain its actions. This progressive level of theft is often a sign of financial problems. Balance confiscation is likely the sportsbook's only answer to dealing with winning players. Betway does not appear to employ a risk management department or attempt to safeguard promotions against non-recreational players. Users are advised to withdraw their funds as soon as possible. The sportsbook has been downgraded to D-, one month after a downgrade from C.

Player files $500,000 complaint against BetRoyal (SBR rating D-)

Player files $500,000 complaint against BetRoyal (SBR rating D-)
SBR Justin investigated the available facts of the complaint. In 2004 a group of players were invited by BetRoyal management to trade prices and betting odds at BetRoyal against other sportsbooks . The manager who had made the arrangement had taken a position with BetUS (SBR rating D+) before this issue emerged.
BetRoyal management would often solicit sharp players to bet off action they did not want while offering them special low juice, or even no juice lines, to increase liquidity. For example, if the sportsbook felt it had too much exposure on one play or wanted to gamble on the other team, it would make the applicable vig pricing appealing for their players that were known to trade on the sports betting market. The sportsbook was aware that at least two individuals were placing wagers on this account. The deposited funds initially lost but the invested $85,000 in deposits eventually earned a balance of $586,000. Several days before SBGglobal (SBR rating D-) completed its buyout of BetRoyal last year, the Royal website was taken off of the servers. When the site returned on the SBG platform, all winnings were removed from the account.

During the investigation, Royal, which was known for odd player arrangements and high risk bookmaking models, claimed that it had an agreement with the account holder that he would never take out winnings – only deposits. Royal claimed that the players were using some sort of hedging strategy where they would guarantee that they lost money at Royal, and won at other books. Royal offered no solid proof of this, often referring to the deal as something arranged independently by the manager that had moved on. The account holder denies there was any such agreement to “not withdraw winnings.” He rightfully points out that such an arrangement is not logical and describes a scenario where the account could only lose money. SBR told Royal that their explanation was not believable. The account holder believes BetRoyal erased the winnings in order to take $500,000 in liabilities off the books before selling to SBG Global.

Player confirms payment from scam sportsbook Europlay (SBR rating F)
The player had contacted the Austrian Embassy in April and was told the sportsbook did not exist under the company name and address listed on the website. The player recently reported receiving this email from Laura Fergusson of the UK European Consumer Centre Advisor, a consumer advocacy group working in the European Union, saying that Europlay had agreed to bank wire the player his funds. Shortly after he was paid in full. Laura implied that she was contacted by the Austrian Embassy and has located the business ID. SBR will inquire with the organizations and forward contact details to users. Victims can find the email sent to the player as well as Laura Fergusson's contact information here.

Vegas-Sportsbetting Player reports no-pay dating back to September 2007

Vegas-Sportsbetting player reports no-pay dating back to September 2007
The bettor requested $400 through Neteller in September and has since requested the remainder of his $1,500 balance. The Vegas-Sportsbetting (SBR rating F) website gives him the message that he is not allowed to have more than one "pending withdrawal." Emails to the scam operation have bounced and the phone representative continuously claims management is not available to address the payout request. The player explains how he was duped by Vegas-Sportsbetting:
I have tried contacting them through 'live chat' help but when you eventually are told you have an operator, as soon as you mention 'withdrawing' money, they disappear and no further dialogue takes place. The email address they give for support just bounces back. I currently have over $1500 in the account. I must confess to not realising there are so many bogus sportsbook in operation, in the UK where I reside you never get these sort of problems. I actually work for the Racing Post - national daily racing/sports paper - and will be writing up my experiences with this firm, and advising everyone to check out your ratings and reviews about any sportsbook before opening an account and departing with money with these firms. They are very clever. The NFL markets in particular are frequently updated, giving the impression that its a very workable and therefore trustworthy operation.
This group of sportsbooks is known for scamming players on future wagers and failing to pay winners. Players can view a list of all sister sportsbooks of Vegas-Sportsbetting here.

Portlandbet (not rated) debits players for winning wagers citing bonus requirements


Portlandbet (not rated) debits players for winning wagers citing bonus requirements
Portlandbet has closed and is in the process of paying player balances. Some players have complained that the sportsbook is keeping the amount the player was required  to bet to meet his wagering requirements instead of the prorated amount of the bonus itself. This odd deduction, which essentially equates to losing all the money bettors were originally obligated to risk, is costing some players more than their deposit and bonus combined. SBR will attempt to speak with Portlandbet about these deductions. Players should double check their withdrawals for unwarranted deductions.

Player 1: I had completed approx £7,000 of the Wagering Requirement when this book folded on 1st July. My balance was £2,370.10. They have now removed half of my balance (£1,185.05) and refunded the rest. Their reason was because wager requirements weren't complete. I obviously can't complete though as they have folded. I had no notice that they were going to fold.

Player 2: On my statement I got "withdrawal of my full balance minus deductions" which resulted in me only getting £3,500 and they've simply kept £1200 at their discretion.
In effect they've charged me £1200 for gaining a £100 bonus. It's ridiculous. Now in spite persistently emailing them over numerous days they do not reply. Is there anything that could be done? It is simply not punters fault they can't meet wagering requirements, as all markets have been closed by the company.

Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) refuses to settle wager dispute


Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) refuses to settle wager dispute; acknowledges fault
The player was told his wager, which was an NBA bet placed in June, would be re-entered into the system to reflect the wager he intended to make. The player was told after the game by the sportsbook manager that the Oddsmaker customer service representative was wrong and the bet he said he would change could not be altered.
Player: I did an if-win on the Celtics last week and if it won, then i had the yankees-
both won- but when i entered the wager on the celtics, the wager was wrong- it said i had the over- I called before game time- the customer service manager said he would fix it. he never did. I had their financial executive call me and say that whoever told me they would fix it was lying. he said they dont speak good english and shouldnt have told me that it was fixed- he said that he admitted that probably happened but since I am up on their sportsbook, they wouldnt be doing anything for me regarding this.
i am not sure why it matters if i am up on them. I am up $59. This was a $2400 swing!! I know you cant do much about it, but warning others will be great! thanks