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Ebets enters the SBR rating guide at D-.

Ebets enters the SBR rating guide at D-. Ebets is a Costa Rica-based sportsbook that uses the (SBR rating D-) hosting and service center. Ebets is currently calling players from customer lists to offer 25% bonuses. Bettors are advised to steer clear of the group which has scammed many players over the past year.


Sportsbooks to survive lethal Futurebet partnership? DimeLine Sportsbook offers updates on customer service and payout complaints while lifeless sportsbook, USDbet, claims it is under new management and players will see it pay again.

USDbet (SBR rating F) has failed to respond to players and SportsBook Review since informing SBR it was victimized by Futurebet in October of last year and did not have player funds. The sportsbook's management suggests there is reason for players to be optimistic.

Slow-paid Enterbet (SBR rating D) player receives $250; put on payment plan

Slow-paid Enterbet (SBR rating D) player receives $250; put on payment plan
The player tells SBR he was asked not to disclose the terms of the payment plan but states he is finally receiving favorable results and expects to paid in full by the beginning of the NFL season. Enterbet management has not responded directly to SBR's inquiry regarding this player. The account holder told SBR he was originally told that payouts were stalled because he was a "sharp player" and Enterbet was a book that aimed to service recreational bettors. The user is owed over $5,000.
Player: The gentleman Palbo, is telling me that I had been label a wise guy player. And because of that, I will be slow paid. He tells me that I will not see another payout before the start of next NFL season. Along with that, he has reduce my online wagers from as much as $2k, to $50.

10Bet (SBR C) unwilling to compensate player for canceled wagers

10Bet (SBR C) unwilling to compensate player for canceled wagers
10Bet management states that because the player's wagers were canceled before the game, and he had time to rebet them, the decision is within the rights of the book's terms of service. 10Bet believes the player was working with other books to manipulate the market for the low volume soccer league. 10Bet concedes that the matter was not due to a "typing mistake." 10Bet has been lowered from B- to C after the second complaint of canceling pending wagers on odds that were not "obvious or gross errors." SBR suggested 10Bet pay the player for equity lost on the canceled wagers compared with less advantageous odds available when his wagers were canceled. 10Bet will remain under review. | Forum discussion (SBR rating D-) yet to correct April 13th misgraded wagers

05.08.2008 (SBR rating D-) yet to correct April 13th misgraded wagers
Players with losing wagers on Herzeliya vs. Beitar Jerusalem may contact SBR for help requesting a manual sportsbook account credit. The match was called before completion due to crowd violence.'s rules state the match must be completed for the player to have action. SBR has already assisted one player correct his account however, the sportsbook has not applied credits to all deserving account holders. It is common for the Group to credit only the players who complain. Two players from (SBR rating C-), which outsources its wagering and odds management to, are awaiting credits.

BetUS (SBR rating D+) informs player of $18,300 confiscation

BetUS (SBR rating D+) informs player of $18,300 confiscation
The bettor made his first deposit of $1,000 in April which he lost. BetUs contacted him to give him a $100 bonus which he also lost. The player made a second deposit of $1,000 on April 18th. He then made winning parlay wagers that brought his account to $18,300. He was told by management that the BetUs credit card processor has informed them of a chargeback dispute with poker site, Ultimatebet, that it also services. The player claims BetUs told him in order to get a payout he would have to settle the dispute with Ultimatebet. The player sent Ultimatebet $2,000 which cleared the credit card dispute and reopened the account in good standing. After resolving the issue with Ultimatebet, BetUS told the player they are keeping his winnings.
Player: On 4/10 i made a deposit of 1000, on 4/18 i made a deposit of 1000. I made a 5 team parlay on 4/18 - mets,nationals,brewers, cardinals -1 1/2, and indians that paid off around 13k...on the same day i made a 2 team parlay, indians -1 1/2 and whitesox -1 1/2 that paid off around 3k...(a few smaller bets also but not significant) the next day i went to withdraw and they froze my account...when they unfroze it for an hour a week later when i cleared up everything i made a few bets and won another 1600 mostly on the laker-nuggets game 3...On April 29th I spoke to Dan and he told me he is "confiscating my account", "we dont want your business" and he will reverse the 2 charges that i made BETUS

LazerWager (SBR rating F) tells SBR that withdrawals have been processed

LazerWager (SBR rating F) tells SBR that withdrawals have been processed
LazerWager: Hi Bill, As of today (Wednesday, May 7), every depositing player that had pending payouts has had their check processed and sent out up to $3,000 per customer. In fact, most of the customers have already received their payouts. Also, every player that is owed more than $3,000 will continue to be paid without delay.
To answer your question, I haven’t heard of any customers that haven’t been taken care of yet. If there are specific players that you know of that did not receive a payout or tracking number, then I would be more than happy to help them personally.

Players that have not already officially requested a payout are advised to do so immediately. Players who already have a pending payout are asked to contact SBR a week from today to report withdrawal status. SBR will continue to update and monitor payment status.

The player has followed the line closely and believes the book cancels wagers when the line has moved in the player's favor. Competing bookmakers have stated that the price was in range of the betting market and that their line was similar at the time of the wager. 10Bet has not responded to the player's request to discuss the matter.

Enterbet (SBR rating D) player reports payout stalled by accounting department

Enterbet (SBR rating D) player reports payouts stalled by accounting department
This is the second player to report being strung along in just over a month. The account holder who filed a complaint in April was paid in full shortly after SBR's report.
Player: I am asking your help with a very slow paying sportsbook, I have a current balance of $5610, of which I have been trying to cash out since last year NBA season. I have received only two payments this year, amounting to only $500. The problem is, I have been trying to cash out all my funds.
The gentleman Palbo, is telling me that I had been label a wise guy player. And because of that, I will be slow paid. He tells me that I will not see another payout before the start of next NFL season. Along with that, he has reduce my online wagers from as much as $2k, to $50.
I've been very patient with Enterbet. But after reading your article dated 04-03-2008, about how you help a member get paid $2000, after waiting since March 2008, I'm asking if you will please help me get paid.

DunHillCasino head for hills with player funds

DunHill heads for hills with player funds
The deposit-only operation closed its other scam sportsbook, AtlantisBets (SBR rating F-), last month. DunHill Casino (SBR rating F-), which closed sometime this past week, stole at least $20,100 in deposits since entering the SBR rating guide at F in March. It is likely a new sportsbook website without a tainted reputation is already online and soliciting deposits with the help of fake professional handicappers. Sources in Costa Rica are searching for more information about the con artists and their online scams.

BetSBI (SBR rating D+) fails to pay scammed players after repeated promises

BetSBI (SBR rating D+) fails to pay scammed players after repeated promises
BetSBI (Sports Betting International) representative contacted multiple players setting them up with a line of wagering credit. Players won approximately $2,000 and filed a complaint with SBR when their contact was no longer answering his phone. The sportsbook's manager told SBR that the agent gave other players credit as well and those players lost over $15,000. Since those players refused to pay the agent he was unwilling to pay the unrelated winning account holders. The sportsbook's manager gave multiple dates for when it would step in and pay the players if the issue could not be resolved directly with the agent. After assuring both the players and SBR that the accounts would eventually be paid, SBI has gone back on its word. Players should be aware that BetSBI, which claims it no longer has post-up players, works with rogue agents and may be facilitating a scam.

BetChance (SBR rating D-) scam continues after scattered payouts

BetChance (SBR rating D-) scam continues after scattered payouts
Many players who filed a complaint reported payment at the start of April. BetChance failed to pay players at the close of 2007 and beginning of this year. The sportsbook was upgraded from F to D- in April to reflect the possibility of payment. Players have since wrote to SBR strongly objecting to the sportsbook having a rating above F-. BetChance payouts have not continued while its marketing campaign has. BetChance is telling players they are only able to withdraw the amount they deposited. The result is new players depositing in an effort to win money the book will not pay.
Player to BetChance: I am still waiting on a response to my email from 31st January 2008 (10 weeks ago !!!). Furthermore there are 5 open withdrawals over 5000 Euro in total. Please let me know within 7 days when you will payout this amount. Please regard that has changed your rating from F to D- on 7th April and I think that you won't be pleased if your rating will changed again to F.

SBRforum: May Baseball Handicapping Contest Open

SBRforum: May Baseball Handicapping Contest Open
Players will pick one underdog a day for a minimum of 20 days in May.  Each player will also include a write-up on why he/she likes the play. The final day to enter the contest is May 12th. Review rules and prizes here.

Congratulations to Poster rjt721 who won 1st place in the April Big Unit Baseball Contest with +14 units. trytrytry took second with over 13 units. Oakas took third at +12.73. Poster Turnip managed to hold on to last place to win the $50 boobie prize! | Full standings players submit complaints

04.29.2008 (SBR rating C-) has been behind in payments since it stopped using (SBR rating D-) accounting service in December of last year. Over 25 users have submitted payout complaints within the past month. The majority of these players are most alarmed by the lack of communication with the sportsbook, saying they are continually promised updates by email and phone that never arrive. SBR can verify that players have been paid five figures. Recent history suggest players who are waiting will be paid within two months.
Player waiting for $2,500: They literally have provided zero updates. The call center "pros" keep giving the same empty assurances and "we understand your frustration" pleasantries, but there has been exactly zero word from the actual withdrawal department about when they are going to re-issue a check. | Player discussion

Player vs. BetWay Resolution

Player vs. BetWay Resolution
Betway (SBR rating C) has credited the player for the full winnings as well as a bonus for the inconvenience. Betway apologized to the player and states that the software issue has been addressed.
BetWay: I have gone through your case with the relevant person and we chose to refund your winnings to your account. We truly apologize for the inconvenience. We have had some difficulties with the new site, but as everything new, it's hard to get things to run smoothly from the start. It seems now though, that we are close to be back on track again. And we are extremely exited with that. We hope you find this acceptable and wish you a great day. Warm Regards
original complaint Betway discussion 

FruitnLoot casino launched by Apex scam owner

SCAM ALERT: New online casino, FruitnLoot launched by ownership of closed sportsbook scam Apex Sports (SBR rating F-). Stolen Apex player funds were used to start these new casinos and sportsbooks such as Bet33 (SBR rating F).

BetSuperior enters the SBR rating guide at D+.

BetSuperior enters the SBR rating guide at D+. BetSuperior is a new sportsbook from the Costa Rica-based operation that formerly ran BlueGrass Sports ( Superior is the only post-up sportsbook from the Bluegrass Group. BetSuperior is not to be confused with defunct Superiorbook which was bailed out by Bookmaker (SBR rating A+) in August of 2007. SBR will monitor BetSuperior and analyze all available player feedback.

BetWay (SBR rating C) cancels winning bet; blames software updates

BetWay (SBR rating C) voids winnings; blames software updates
BetWay tells player his wager was 150 euros above the limit and will not stand. The decision was made despite that Betway confirmed the wager, deducted the funds for the pending bet, and addressed the issue after his funds were already risked. Betway apologized to the player for what it calls a system malfunction, but refused to pay winnings in full. Players should be aware that recent software upgrades have caused the website to perform incorrectly and players may be held responsible for errors. 

Bet29 (SBR rating F) website off-line. The sportsbook left some players hopeful during the month of March with a website message stating: "site is in maintenance, we apologize for any inconvencience. We will back shortly." The Bet29 website is no longer online. Before the sportsbook left with player balances it blamed user credit card fraud for payout delays. Players have not been able to contact the sportsbook since early March.

BetOnSportsbook enters the SBR Rating Guide with an F rating.

BetOnSportsbook enters the SBR Rating Guide with an F rating. BetOnSportsbook  is part of the EZ Sports Group. The most recent EZ Sports complaint came from a player with sister book Vegas-Sportsbetting (SBR rating F) in February. The player won almost $5,000 on a Giants Super Bowl futures wager. Shortly after requesting his winnings he was locked out of his account. The group has stiffed big futures winners in the past. The scam allows the book to take continous action on multiple teams through out the season, eventually stiffing only the backers of the championship team. The majority of the EZ future bet bettors never realize they risked funds without a chance of winning.

BetCasinoAndSports, new Capilleira sportsbook, enters the SBR rating Guide at D-

BetCasinoAndSports, new Capilleira sportsbook, enters the SBR rating Guide at D-
Capilleira closed the majority of its post-up sportsbooks in March following the collapse of BigJuicyOdds (SBR rating F). Capilleira hosted the website and provided wagering and some payment processing for its webmaster client. The turnkey provider left only Ultimate-Odds (SBR rating D-) online. BetCasinoAndSports is now one of two active Capilleira books indexed in the SBR rating guide.

PitBossPlayer, second F rated Futurebet book to enter the rating guide this week.

PitBossPlayer, second F rated Futurebet sportsbook to enter the rating guide this week. The new rating guide entry is the result of a player reading the warning for BetBig247 (SBR rating F), matching the customer service phone number, and inquiring with SBR. Players are urged to steer clear of any book they believe may be affiliated with Futurebet. One of the group's phone  numbers often used is 800-809-9460. Email may use the domain

SCAM Alert: BetBig247 enters the SBR Rating Guide at

SCAM Alert: BetBig247 enters the SBR Rating Guide at F. BetBig247 is a new sportsbook from Futurebet, now calling itself IGaming Software. Futurebet is servicing multiple no-pay sportsbooks like SportsbookUSA (SBR rating F) and MonkeyBet (SBR rating F). MonkeyBet, which remains online as a deposit-only sportsbook website, is marketing 100% bonuses. The Futurebet Group is currently the largest sportsbook scam online.