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News on scam sports betting operations, events and business deals within the offshore sports gambling industry.

Beware of BetCasinoSport (SBR rating D-)

The sportsbook is stepping up its email campaign with 40% cash bonus offers up to $5,000. Spreading the word of high bonuses instead of investing in advertising is usually a sign that the sportsbook does not have the funds to make an initial investment and is unlikely to have the financial backing to survive a long winning streak by players, who are already ahead with bonus cash. It is common for these sportsbooks to fail, disappear and attempt to take another shot with a new name and similar bonus offers. SBR has also learned that BetCasinoSport shares the same server IP address as the website which is operated by the owner of Bet33 (SBR rating F) and stiff sportsbook, Apex Sports (SBR rating F).

BetPlatinum slow-paying two players

BetPlatinum (SBR rating C-) slow-paying two players; advertising payout methods they do not offer. The sportsbook has owed one bettor $10,000 for over six months claiming they can only offer Money Gram which is not available in Poland where the player resides. The sportsbook advertises Western Union, Neteller, bank drafts and cashiers checks. BetPlatinum has recently outsourced its wagering operation to BetEagle (SBR rating C) but remains in charge of its own banking.

Does your sportsbook advertise a withdrawal method it will not use? Players are encouraged to share this information with SBR.

SBRforum Posters to choose top 5 sportsbooks

SBRforum poster’s give opinion on Top Online Sportsbooks. Through the month of October SBRforum posters are invited to cast their vote for the best bookmakers. Posters are asked to give their Top 3 sportsbooks with their highest rated book first. 5 points will be awarded for the first choice, 4 points for second place and three points for third. After tallying up the final scores, the top 5 point earners will be displayed at the head of the forum. Vote Here

LazerWager enters SBR rating guide at D+

LazerWager enters SBR rating guide at D+. The sportsbook is a turnkey operation serviced by GPS Global SA, which markets its services as Evolution Sports. The latest post-up sportsbook to utilize this operation and market its sportsbook was SexyWagers (SBR rating D), which closed in good standing last November. Although Lazerwager has employed former management of (SBR rating B+), the book is owned by unknown "investors" and should initially be viewed as a high-risk turnkey sportsbook.

4SportsPicks (SBR rating F) owner opens online sportsbook PlayersBigWorld

4SportsPicks closed with debts to both players and operating providers before eventually serving only credit players out of the SportsCallCenter F.A. facility. The sportsbook operator is soliciting players again under Playing24Hours (SBR rating F), SportsPlayingWorld (SBR rating F) and its latest sportsbook venture, PlayersBigWorld. PBW entered the rating guide at F today. Former players of 4Sportspicks and Ewinner (F rated sportsbook that shared offices with 4SportsPicks) are likely to receive phone solicitations.

Two BetChance players confirm receiving small withdrawals

Two BetChance (SBR rating D-) players confirm receiving small withdrawals. One player reports the sportsbook has stated that 25,000 Euros was made available for customer withdrawals. Both users have received only three-figure sums credited back to their credit cards. The book owes SBR readers well over $100,000 USD. Some payments were reported in the middle of August yet slow-pay complaints have been pending since July.

Half Point Value sports betting calculator now offered on

Half Point Value calculator now offered on
The latest addition to SBR's Betting Tools is a calculator devised to help players estimate the value of a half point in various leagues. Bettors can input two different sportsbook lines to find out if a more expensive spread is better or worse than a less favorable spread at a higher price. The calculator will soon feature a spread-to-moneyline converter which will estimate what the spread or moneyline should be based on either wagering option. | Half Point Value Calculator

09.25.2007 Group stands firm on decision to void winning wagers (SBR rating D+) bettors who had winning bets on the September 9th game between the Indians and the Angels will apparently be cheated out of their funds. After initially crediting players for the win the funds were deducted from accounts due to a misspelling in the abbreviated listing of one of the pitcher's first names. Players have made a legitimate case that the decision is illogical, inconsistent and subjective. Players have reported instances where losing wagers placed on games where the pitchers' names have also been misspelled were not canceled.

BetHorizon and BetAtlas experiencing DNS issues


BetHorizon (SBR rating B-) and BetAtlas (SBR rating B-) experiencing DNS issues. Management expects both websites to be functioning normally later today. Mirror sites are hosted at the following addresses for Atlas and for Horizon.

BetsInParadise enters SBR rating guide at D-

BetsInParadise enters the SBR Rating Guide at D-. The sportsbook's website states: " is one of the most stable and strong wagering operations offshore and online"  however the website has been online for only a brief period and relies on the same turnkey sportsbook operation that serviced defunct sportsbook DragonWager (SBR rating F). SBR is currently looking into many new sportsbooks brought to SBR's attention by solicited players. Players should avoid unrated sportsbooks, especially those focused on U.S. sports. 

SimpleNetBet player presents $14,000 claim

Player comes forward with $14,000 claim againss SimpleNetBet (off-line). SimpleNetBet has since been absorbed by sister sportsbook, GamblersPalace (SBR rating C). GamblersPalace has received three upgrades within the last year for operating honestly and addressing archived complaints. The sportsbook is expected to address this matter shortly and will be reevalauted when the player's 2005 claim is closed.

Competition begins for season-ending Beat The Prick Contest Prizes


Although the contest will offer individual weekly cash prizes throughout the season, the scoring results from this weekend's picks, and picks through the remainder of the football season, will also count for the season-ending Grand Prizes. Guaranteed prizes include a Harley Davidson , Plasma TV, and a trip for two to Las Vegas. The top 15 place holders will take home a prize. Handicappers must make their 4 NFL and NCAA football picks by Saturday at 11:00 EST. Join Here

SSP International player shares feedback


SSP International (SBR rating F) slow-paid player shares experience pursuing payout.  Despite recently verifying some payouts have been received, SBR currently has unresolved SSP payout complaints over two years old.

"Hi. On August 14th I requested a payment of only £200 leaving in my account £102. After not receiving my cash (BY bank transfer) I phoned them up. I was told that what was needed was an IBAN number this I supplied. I still didn't get my cash, another call. This time I was told they needed a SWIFT number. I still didn't get my cash. I have made several phone calls. Every time I am told that I have to speak to a Mr Hall. This Mr Hall is either never in the office or he is in a meeting. Today so far I have made at least 10 calls and I am calling them every 10 to 15 mins. I ask "Is he still in his meeting"? answer yes. I have tried in vain to explain to the lady that answers the phone that a simple £200 withdrawal request should not need "the boss" to organize. Unfortunately she is well versed and all she will say is "I have passed the message on". Anyway this Mr Hall came on the phone I wasn't very polite, I just said I wanted My £200 he said middle of next week. I said I wanted my other £102 as well and he said do the both together. I said no just my £200 then when I get it I will withdraw my £102. I said do you know what sort of rating and write ups you have on the internet. His reply "DON'T GIVE A ****". Tell all your custom

BetChance (SBR rating D-) Update

BetChance sportsbook has sent an email to players apologizing for "delayed payments and non availability of online chat during last few weeks" and states that a deal with new investors is in the works and should be finalized soon. Players hold out hope that the book will be able to regroup although long-time SBR readers realize that when a book admits it is looking to investors it is often too late to recover funds and may be a sign that the book is shifting blame to anonymous principals. Hundreds of BetChance complaints have flooded the SBR mailbox within the past two months. The most recent example of a book failing to obtain new investors is Premierbet (SBR rating D-) which is in no-pay mode and also leaving players fearing the worst. If BetChance is fortunate enough to receive new funding, players would be best served to continue to aggressively pursue their full balance. 

Horizon Twenty family upgpraded from C to C+

Positive player reviews and newly improved website earn LasPalmas and the rest of Horizon Twenty upgrade from C to C+.

Note: LasPalmas Sportsbook is a scam website impersonating the original LasPalmas. The real Las Palmas uses the website is owned and operated by one of the stiff owners of defunct Apex Sportsbook. Players can use the SBR Rating guide to avoid scam cybersquatting websites.

838Bet and GoldenGooseBets taken off-line

Players should be able to access their accounts at sister book 724Sports (SBR rating C+) or may call 866-724-2387.  Also off-line this week is unrelated sportsbook ProFootballLinesAndOdds (SBR rating F). PFLAO was part of scam operation EZ Sports. One player reports being able to access his account at BetOnSportsOnline (SBR rating F). Group and BetOnUSA lose player wagers

BetOnUSA (SBR rating D) loses players' pending wagers to go with multiple reports of missing withdrawal requests after switching from the platform. This is not uncommon for the operations involved. Some users saw their pending wagers and accounts deleted when Sportingbet PLC sold its American-focused brands to Jazette Enterprises Ltd.

Player: Please be advised that BetOnUsa sportsbook changed their software and basically dumped all pre-existing wagers.  In April I had bet $500 on the NY Mets to win the World Series.  The ticket had been in my pending wagers all summer until they dumped everyone's accounts and made us set them up again. To add insult to injury they have the audacity to say there was no bet made, then changed their story to say the bet had been rejected when I originally placed it!  That is ridiculous on so many levels...why would they reject such a future wager?...Why would they proceed to take $500 out of my account...etc. It looks like I am getting scammed here, but I would really appreciate if you could warn all of your subscribers that is a scam and to stick with the sites that SBR recommends.

BTP Week 2 picks due Sat. 11:00 EST

Players can make their picks now to compete in week #2. Pro Handicapper "The Prick" went an impressive 4-0 last week to keep players out of his pocket of cash.

Week 2 Prick Picks: Wake - 19.5, Louisiana Tech +33.5, UTEP +6 and Saints -3

The Prick: Thats all the time i can waste with you knuckleheads this week. BookMaker is still coughing up for the Grand Prize Harley. One of you stiffs will get a retarded TV package from JustBet. SBR John is gonna shell out another $1000, but i'm a greedy bastage and ain't planning on sharing with any of you guys. step up, ladies, and take yer shot. all it'll cost ya is yer wasted time and yer self-respect.

BetPlatinum moves to BetEagle servers

BetPlatinum (SBR rating C-) moved to BetEagle (SBR rating C) servers; expected to join operation as turnkey sportsbook. BetPlatinum has been unable to pay some international players for over four months and currently only offers MoneyGram as a payout option. The small sportsbook is the latest independent post-up operation to move to a larger service provider after being unable to maintain services in the new industry climate. Platinum Sports International began taking deposits in 2002.

Beware of bonus offers from slow-pay and no-pay sportsbooks

Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D) is currently mailing bettors offers of 100% bonuses. The sportsbook hasn't paid some of its non-US bettors in two months. Over a dozen sports bettors have reported that BetCascade (SBR rating F), which has owed its players an estimated 2 million for almost 6 months, has called offering 20% cash bonuses.

09.11.2007 (SBR rating D+) and sister Jazette Sportsbooks tell players that an error in Sunday's pitcher listing will cost them their winning bets. Players have reported a turnaround of $20,000 in their accounts.

Player: So I bet (BET ID=*********) the Sunday Night Baseball game on September 9th, 2007 between the Cleveland Indians and the Anaheim Angels.