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Four players complain their sportsbook, BettingStar24

Four players complain their sportsbook, BettingStar24 (not yet rated) has not processed their Moneybookers withdrawals in two to four weeks. The sportsbook cites "identity verification from internal security" and has apologized to the players who are owed a few hundred dollars each.

Portlandbet (not rated) wagering down as of July 1st

Portlandbet (not rated) wagering down as of July 1st
Multiple players have complained that the sportsbook has removed its phone number from its website, is not returning emails, and is no longer taking wagers. A forum poster at reports receiving the following message from the Australian Gambling Commission:
"As of the 1st July 2008, Portland bet is no longer trading. Their financial position is currently being assessed. The Commission is working with Portlandbet on obtaining a list of outstanding debts owed to punters. As required by all sports bookmakers when first licensed, a security guarantee has been lodged with the Commission which is designed to cover unpaid punters funds up to the limit of the guarantee. Portland bet or the Commission are currently not in a position to give any definitive advice on when any outstanding debts may be settled. When the Commission receives the full list of all account holders and any outstanding amounts these will be considered in due course in the context of the security guarantee and any other funds that may be available.
I have taken note of your contact details and will notify you of any further developments.
Yours sincerely
Bruce Waugh
Compliance and Investigations
Gambling and Racing Commission"

Many of the players are rightfully upset that the sportsbook took their


BetWay continues to confiscate winnings; SBR lowers rating to D
Betway offers free-plays as an incentive for bettors to deposit. After the players have met the wagering requirements and request a payout the sportsbook confiscates winnings and sends back the deposit. A losing player never realizes he never had the chance to win the house's money. The sportsbook cites bonus hunting and taking advantage of the sportsbook's offers without intending to gamble further. Betway attempts to brand this type of play as the "money method."

BetWay: You have been positively identified as a participant of the "Money Method" scheme and therefore we have locked your account, cancelled all your bets and returned your initial deposit to your eWallet account. We will keep your account locked and will lock any future accounts you register."


BetChance (SBR rating F) deactivates accounts; continues emailing to players with take-it-or-leave-it settlement offer
BetChance is no longer pretending to take bets or allowing players to look at their balance. The book's homepage gives players' the message that the "operation is suspended for technical problems"  and it "apologizes for any inconvenient.." The Malta-licensed sportsbook baited players with large deposit bonuses and advantageous lines and pricing. Some players have been pursuing their funds from BetChance for nearly one year. History suggests, despite what BetChance offers or arranges with players, the book will continue to stall and will not pay. Multiple players have stated that their opinion is the book will only pay if somehow leveraged to do so by The Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta and will hold out hope for their full balance. The LGA issued small payments to players on behalf of no-pay sportsbook Playbanks in March, months after the book had closed.

BetChance email to players:
We have tried to contact you during the week to inform you about the money in your Betchance Betting Account. Betchance Limited ( ) is closing and we are giving the following options to clients;

WagerStreet (SBR rating B+) down due to server problems

WagerStreet (SBR rating B+) down due to server problems. WagerStreet tells SBR the issue is being addressed and the website is expected to be online by tomorrow. Players can reach customer service at 888-628-2873.

New Bet911 (SBR rating D-) player complains of stalled payout

New Bet911 (SBR rating D-) player complains of stalled payouts
The sportsbook was downgraded to D- earlier this month after two players filed new payout complaints. Bet911 shows signs of trying to survive until it can obtain funds from new players at the start of football season. Like USDbet (SBR rating F), the small sportsbook's marketing efforts were directed to players on posting forums. Bet911 advertisement banners currently promote a 100% bonus.

Player: I currently have over $10000 in my account with them (account xxxxxx same e mail). I have been a customer for several years but this seems to count for nothing. I send e mail requests asking for a breakdown of how and when I will get paid which either remain unanswered or get misdirected within Bet911 (apparently). If they do reply it is never to my question but offering me the 'opportunity' to request a payout. Woi I'm so honoured. Their 'opportunities' have resulted in me receiving only $2000 in the last four months.

BookTheBet (SBR rating F) player reports new no-pay case

BookTheBet (SBR rating F) player reports new no-pay case
Player: I have an account with The person I have been dealing with the last year is named George. The 1-800 number goes directly to his Cell Phone in Costa Rica. I have always been able to get a hold of him. I have over $6000 In my account and now for the last 14 days when I call it goes directly to his voicemail and I receive no response to my emails. The site is still operational though accepting bets.

The last BookTheBet victim reported being stiffed $7,000 in May of 2007. BookTheBet ownership operated PornSportsbook (SBR rating F) until earlier this year. The book is now off-line.


MajorWager moderator Clevfan spotted Linesmover's phone number on SBR's overview of which now uses the website, The most recent scam from the 4Sports Group was through deposit-only F-rated betting sites PlayersBigWorld, Playing24Hours and SportsPlayingWorld. 4Sports moved these books with it from SportsCallCenter F.A. turnkey service before starting their own operation. Within months players were contacting SBR for help with over five-figures in total payout requests. 4Sports management, also management for Linesmover, told players they are only a service provider. 4Sports also serviced eWinner when it closed with player funds in 2004.

The sportsbook was downgraded to F today after the ninth Europlay victim of 2008 reported his account in delinquent status. These recent no-pay complaints total an amount owed of over $11,000. Requests date back to 2007. One player has contacted the Trade Commissioner at the Austrian Embassy. He was told the bookmaker is not listed as a registered business. It is unknown if the book has an office in Austria. SBR has confirmed the book's server is in the country. SBR is currently requesting banking information from players in an effort to gain more information about the operation's status.

BetChance (SBR rating F) player reports that the sportsbook informed him it will close

BetChance (SBR rating F) player reports that the sportsbook informed him it will finally close
The player states the no-pay sportsbook called to offer him a settlement of 25% of his balance or the possibility of being paid in 20 months. BetChance has been unable to clear delinquent withdrawal requests for almost a year while teasing owed users with email updates about new ownership and small sporadic payments to a fortunate few. Most players do not expect to see any of their funds and now believe the empty promises and positive updates were part of the scam to remain operational in Malta while collecting from new depositors.

1SportWagering enters the SBR Rating Guide with an F rating

1SportWagering enters the SBR Rating Guide with an F rating. 1SportWagering  is part of the EZ Sports Group. The most recent EZ Sports complaint came from a player with sister book Vegas-Sportsbetting (SBR rating F) in February. The player won almost $5,000 on a Giants Super Bowl futures wager. Shortly after requesting his winnings he was locked out of his account. The group has stiffed big futures winners in the past. The scam allows the book to take continous action on multiple teams through out the season, eventually stiffing only those who bet on the championship team. The majority of the EZ future bet bettors never realize they risked funds with nothing to gain.

USAsportsbook enters the SBR rating guide at F

USAsportsbook enters the SBR rating guide at F. USAsportsbook is the second Futurebet (now called iGaming Software) sportsbook to enter the SBR Rating Guide this week. SBR will continue to look for sports betting sites affiliated with the scam group. Futurebet is known to recycle sportsbook brands prior to football season.

888Sport enters the SBR Rating Guide at B
888's sports wagering center is serviced by BlueSquare (SBR rating A-). is hosted on BlueSquare's servers, and utilizes the same Orbis software. The gaming giant partnered with BlueSquare in March to add sports betting to its poker and casino brand. 888's financial transactions and customer service will be handled in-house.


SBR Bash Entertainment: Doug Stanhope


SBRforum is pleased to announce comedian Doug Stanhope will be performing at the SBR Bash in Las Vegas Saturday, August 23rd. SBRforum posters are invited to The SBR bash to be held August 22 - 23 at the Golden Nugget. The two day event will offer a golf and poker tournament, contest, raffles and banquet. Hotel rooms will be free to SBRforum posters with at least 100 posts. The SBR Bash will benefit the St. Judes Children's Hospital. | View details and register here!


New sportsbook, PokersDNA, enters rating guide at F

New sportsbook, PokersDNA, enters rating guide at F
PokersDNA is the newest Futurebet Scam sportsbook to enter the SBR Rating Guide. Futurebet now calls itself iGamingSoftware or IGS and will deny it has any relation to Futurebet when questioned by prospective clients. Players can identify these fly-by-night websites by the platform's IGS ClickCashier banking system.

1LuckyGambler enters the SBR rating guide at D-

1LuckyGambler enters the SBR rating guide at D-
1LuckyGambler is a Costa Rica-based sportsbook that uses the (SBR rating D-) hosting and service center. Bettors are advised to steer clear of the group which has scammed many players over the past year. is four months behind in payment to some players due to a lack of processing resources.

Scam book USDbet (SBR rating F) soliciting new players in cannot pay.

Scam sportsbook USDbet (SBR rating F) soliciting new players it cannot pay
USDbet has been unable to pay players since August of 2007. The sportsbook advertised on sports betting forums while complaining about its blacklist status on SportsbookReview. Once its processor refused to give the book player funds it collected on its behalf, USDbet stopped answering player emails. continues to take deposits and will likely aggressively market bonuses prior to the start of  football season. Players should be aware of these scams that utilize money-first gambling portals to appear to be legitimate operations.
Player: Hi, I've been using USDBet for 2 months now, and I've won quiet a bit of money. They appeared to be a creditable looking website, I've been able to get answers to question regarding bonuses and different betting types via email, but when it comes to making a withdrawal, I don't get any response.
I actually spoke to someone once via there live chat once, and they said there withdrawals wont be activated for 3/4 weeks due to a change in management (but they keep accept deposits?!?!?)
There live chat very rarely works, and there 1800 number rings out. (Although, rarely, I actually do get someone on the live chat, but I've tried over 200 times and I've only gotten through twice). This is starting to really #$%! me off. Is there anything you can do to help me?

USDbet migrated to Futurebet from the Group in December of 2006.

AscotSports (not rated) officially closed

AscotSports (not rated) officially closed. Ascot has sold its casino business to 9 Technologies Sdn. and El Moro Finance Ltd. which will continue to operate the casino under Ascot sports bettors continue to withdraw funds from

Oddsmaker cancels winning bets; cites bonus terms


Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) cancels winning bets; cites bonus terms
A new player accepted a free $200 account offer from Oddsmaker. He also deposited $500 in order to increase the amount of money he could risk at once. The sportsbook confiscated all winnings including money won from the player's deposit. Oddsmaker states that the player made a parlay which is against the bonus terms and the reason for management's decision.

Player: I got the letter offering a $200 bonus for signing up. $200 is too little to play so I added $500 cash at the same time. That gave me $700 to play with. I ran it to $3600 winnings that weekend when I inquired how much of it was available for withdrawal they told me none that I had broke the rules by betting a parlay. I made a good 20 straight bets before any parlay and then another 20 bets after that.

 All those bets were in the $100-$300 range. When they refused to pay I asked if they were going to refund my $500 if I had lost. Of course not, so what they were saying is I risked $500 cash with no chance of winning and they weren't going to let me know I broke the rules or was  playing for nothing until 1) I went broke 2) I tried to make a withdrawal.

 In my mind the bet I broke the rules on (which I was unaware of) should have voided the $200 and either 1) they notify me 2) All bets from then on were good. In reality considering I never lost the $200 all bets should have counted. They continued to let me make

New player victim to sportsbook impersonator

New player victim to sportsbook impersonator
Player: After hearing about how good Legendz was and that you gave it an A+ rating I decided to join. I went to and sent 250 bucks! It wasnt until 2 week later when i tried to get there from SBROdds did i realize they were two different websites! I checked the rating guide and realised a scammer has my money.

Robbie, formerly of defunct Apex Sports (SBR rating F) is operating which has attracted bettors looking for the real Legendz (SBR rating A+). SBR has warned players since 2006 of after readers reported depositing in what they believed to be LasPalmas (SBR rating B-). Bettors should also beware of OceanSportsbook (SBR rating F) and AmericasBookie (SBR rating F). Both are part of this network of scam sites.

Third Enterbet (SBR rating D) reports slow-pay in two months

Third Enterbet (SBR rating D) reports slow-pay in two months
The player, who tells SBR this is only his 2nd payout request in seven years as a customer, asked for a $1500 payout in April but only received $500 one month later. Enterbet tells the player that challenges with "processing" are to blame. The sportsbook has at least two other players on payment plans which have not been honored. Enterbet, part of Goto Entertainment,  has been known to stall owed players until football season when deposits begin to fund the sportsbook. GoTo Sportsbooks have taken up to two years to settle with players.
Player: I was given this website to check on a sports book that I am having difficulty getting my funds from. I am hardly a large player; I had a balance of $2000 when I made a withdrawal request for $1500. The information posted on the website says that withdrawals are processed on Monday's. I requested my withdrawal the first week in April of this year. After a month I did receive a $500 payout, and now over a month beyond that I still wait for the rest of my request.
I am constantly told, in a nice manner I might add, that the laws limit their Western Union payments in amount and number per week. I guess I find this hard to believe. It seems a scam. Honestly I have been a customer of Enterbet ( I am not sure if the owners are the same now) for 7 years, and I have only had one winning campaign before this year. That year, three years ago, I was paid by a check sent to my home address.
I would appreciate any help you can offer me and any clarification of laws and rules that I am not privy too. I would also love to have a list of sports books who you have found reliable and honorable.

Maintenance Notice: The SBR network of websites, including

Maintenance Notice: The SBR network of websites, including, and live odds program,, will be off-line tomorrow morning from 12:30 Costa Rica time (GMT -6) for scheduled server maintenance. Downtime is estimated to last two hours.