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RCSbet (not rated) player complains of being owed $5,450 for six months

RCSbet (not rated) player complains of being owed $5,450 for six months. The player states he was waiting for his funds since January 2008 and has won over $5,000 betting NCAA football in 2007. RCS appears to be a member of the scam group Futurebet. SBR intends to verify affiliation and initiate rating coverage shortly.

MySportsbook (SBR rating D-) cancels live in-game NBA wagers after game ends


MySportsbook (SBR rating D-) cancels live in-game NBA wagers after game ends
On November 6th, at the start of the 4th quarter of the NBA Warriors-Nuggets game, a player placed an "in-running" bet risking $1000 to win $833. The winning bet was canceled after the event. MySportsbook first claimed it was a past-posted play, but later blamed the cancellation on offering erroneous betting odds. The sportsbook refused to pay the player, reprice the bet at what it deemed to be a fair market payout, and has not shown why it considers the betting offer to be in error. is operated and hosted by parent sportsbook, (SBR rating D-).

RevolutionaryPoker Sportsbook enters the SBR rating guide at F


RevolutionaryPoker Sportsbook enters the SBR rating guide at F. RPS is the fourth member of scam sportsbook group, Futurebet to enter the blacklist in the last month. Futurebet is a scam sportsbook operation in Vancouver, Canada that has parented hundreds of slow-pay and no-pay sportsbooks. The group is known for robbing both players and its turnkey book owners while hiding behind different brand names like the ones listed here. Futurebet now calls itself iGamingSoftware a.k.a IGS. SBR received a payout complaint last month from a bettor owed $52,900 from SportsbookUSA (SBR rating F), formerly the operation's flagship brand. History shows it is unlikely the player will see any of his winnings or deposit.

SBR Justin reports: BetSuperior player balance confiscation

SBR Justin reports: BetSuperior (SBR rating D+) player balance confiscation
On April 10th, an employee of BetSuperior enticed a large bettor he knew from working at a previous sportsbook, with a credit line of $5000. The player lost this in the casino, and paid off his debt to the house. Over the following two weeks, the player made additional deposits totaling $8500. He made some sports wagers but most of his action was in the BetSuperior casino. During that time, the player and the BetSuperior account representative corresponded numerous times about the casino. The player's limits were raised to $500 per hand, and the rules were adjusted to reduce the house edge to be more comparable to that of blackjack on the Las Vegas Strip. The player gave Superior high volume play, some nights putting over $1 million in action. During that period, the sportsbook gave him multiple bonuses totaling approximately $18,000. One of these bonuses was a $5,000 credit that was applied with no deposit requirements. At the end of the week two the player went on a significant winning streak bringing his balance up to $120,000. The sportsbook then confiscated the balance. BetSuperior management claimed that the sportsbook employee, who was managing the account and authorized to give bonuses, should not have applied these bonuses and that the player's balance would

ParlayCardZ (SBR rating C+) to be merged under Las Palmas (SBR rating B-)

ParlayCardZ (SBR rating C+) to be merged under Las Palmas (SBR rating B-)
LasPalmas management tells SBR that all ParlayCardZ players will receive the same pricing and line set when logging in through LasPalmas. Both sportsbooks are owned by the Horizon 20 Group. PCZ players should expect a seamless transition to the website.

JackDaddysSportsbook enters the SBR rating guide at F

JackDaddysSportsbook enters the SBR rating guide at F.  JDS is the second member of fraud operation, Futurebet to enter the blacklist this week. Futurebet is a scam sportsbook factory in Vancouver, Canada that is known for robbing both players and its webmasters while hiding behind different brand names like those listed here. Futurebet now calls itself iGamingSoftware, or IGS, and will deny it has any relation to Futurebet when questioned by individuals interested in owning their own sportsbook.

SBRcontest: On The Money NBA Handicapping Contest open!



SBRcontest: On The Money NBA Contest open!Contestants compete by making NBA moneyline plays, for one to three units, at A maximum of 150 units are allowed in each month. Players will attempt to win a piece of the $5000 monthly prize by simply maintaining a positive number of units. The highest scorers will receive the highest percentage of the prize. Read full rules and prize information here.


BetOT enters the SBR Rating Guide at C

BetOT enters the SBR Rating Guide at C. BetOT is the second BetPhoenix-hosted turnkey sportsbook to be rated this week. Both BetOT and Sports-1 (SBR rating C) use BetPhoenix server hosting, facility, and software.

New post-up sportsbook coming from owner of F rated sportsbook, Bet33


New post-up sportsbook coming from owner of F rated sportsbook, Bet33
999LuckyDay is a newly built sportsbook website from the owner of Bet33, who previously operated stiff sportsbook, Apex Sportsbook (SBR rating F). Bet33 ownership routinely argues that they and related books should be rated higher than F since it "has been over four years" since the last known player was stiffed. Bet33, which was built on these stolen player funds, and its affiliated sportsbooks will remain blacklisted until ownership continues with payment plans initiated four years ago.

PokerSouls enters the SBR rating guide at F.


PokerSouls enters the SBR rating guide at F. PokerSouls, also known as CasinoSouls, is one of the many mass produced sportsbooks from scam operation, Futurebet. Futurebet will use the different brands to target bettors who don't realize the new books are affiliated with the notorious rip-off artists. SBR will continue to search for new futurebet-serviced sportsbooks in an effort to warn players.

Sports-1 Sportsbook

Sports-1 enters the SBR Rating Guide at C. Sports-1 is a new sportsbook that uses the server hosting, facility. and software from BetPhoenix (SBR rating B).

Bet1128 (SBR rating D+) player complains the sportsbook confiscated his balance of over $37,000 Euros the week of August 24, 2008


Bet1128 (SBR rating D+) player complains the sportsbook confiscated his balance of over $37,000 Euros the week of August 24, 2008. He was one of five complaining players that won over $100,000 Euros combined betting on Olympic boxing round-robin parlays. Bet1128 closed all the player accounts and seized all balances including deposits, claiming they were a betting syndicate. Bet1128 does not claim the players exceeded the maximum stake per bet with multiple accounts, bet from the same location or at the same time, or exceeded the one-day maximum win amount of $150,000 Euros. Their sole explanation was:
"Our customer XXXXX YYYYY has been linked to a group of punter.  It’s our right to protect ourselves against this kind of strategy, which is unfair and deemed as cheating by our terms and conditions. We are able to prove the link of these players and ready to show to the relevant body. We are looking forward to receive official request from all the person involved in the affair, in order to clarify our position as soon as possible."
Bet1128 failed to provide valid reasons for their actions. The sportsbook states that an IBAS investigation is pending. Bet1128's rules do not prohibit players from sharing wagering information. The player admits to knowing the other sports bettors and states he did not initiate or take part in an investigation with third party, IBAS.

Betmania officially acquired by BetPhoenix

Betmania officially acquired by BetPhoenix. BetMania began using BetPhoenix hosting and services in September with the intention of being moved under Phoenix ownership. The sportsbooks reported a drawn out legal process delaying the acquisition and leaving Betmania players to wonder about the status of their book and its financial position. Phoenix tells SBR that Betmania management will be retained and the sportsbook will operate as a separate brand.

SBR received six payout complaints from Worldbet (SBR rating F) players in October. Worldbet has failed to pay players in the past and routinely waits months to pay those fortunate enough to receive their funds. Victims request SBR to continue to warn others about this scam sportsbook. (SBR rating D-) cancels player's winning wager

10.25.2008 (SBR rating D-) cancels player's winning wager canceled a bet on the 2nd quarter of Thursday's Auburn versus West Virginia  game when the quarter was near completion.
Player: This bet was clearly on the 2Q and action was taken on it during the commercial between the 1st and 2nd Qtr and the line moved the whole time. Then during the 2Q, after it was obviously going to be a winner, it was cancelled---unacceptable. customer service initial response to the player was that the offering was not labeled correctly for a 2nd quarter wager and all bets placed on it were canceled. The player feels as though the sportsbook created a situation where it could not lose since it had the ability to cite the error if the outcome was not to its liking. is operated by (SBR rating D-) which has canceled winning wagers in the past due to clerical errors. SBR intends to speak with management about this latest issue.

New SBRforum 128-man Bracket-style handicapping contest! $3250 in prizes


New SBRforum 128-man Bracket-style handicapping contest! $3250 in prizes

SBRforum handicappers are invited to compete for $3250 in prizes. Contestants will be matched in head-to-head competition battling for the right to advance to the next round. Cappers who can make it to the Elite 8 finish in the money with $125 each. Make it to the Final Four and earn $375. Beat your opponent in the Final Four and make the Finals and $750. The Champion will take home $1250.

Players who can beat their first opponent will be able to increase their earning potential by wagering on themselves. BetJamaica (SBR rating A+) is expected to offer odds on who will be champion for each handicapper to make it to the 2nd round and the field of 64.

Sportsbook Photo Tours: BetPhoenix

SBR Sportsbook Tours: View photos of BetPhoenix (SBR rating B) here. The sportsbook is located in a two floor complex near the airport in San Jose, Costa Rica. SBR toured the impressive facility, which is partly under construction, last week. BetPhoenix shares ownership with Diamond Sportsbook (SBR rating A+). Diamond is located in the Bookmaker (SBR rating A+) building, also in San Jose, Costa Rica.

ClicknGamble & Capilleira scam continues

ClicknGamble (SBR rating F), part of the same operation that hosted stiff sportsbooks: BigjuicyOdds (SBR rating F), DragonWager (SBR rating F) and BetCSL (SBR rating F), player complains of no-pay. ClicknGamble is soliciting players who were victims of Capilleira-serviced sportsbooks. A Victim of BigJuicyOdds reports being targeted by ClicknGamble.
Player: I received a call from Joey on september 8, 2008, he first wanted me to post up, then he decided to take 4 of my players plus myself and give us a 1000.00 credit and settle up each tuesday.i agreed and the first week i was +1502.00. He sent the payout on wednesday and i received it thursday. the next week i was up 4820.00 and he said theguy that was backing him (a professional tour poker player) got hit hard and did not want me nor my players action and that he had never stiffed anyone and i would receive my money and he would notifiy me when the package had been sent and give me the tracking number.  that has been about a month and one-half. i emailed him about three weeks ago and he again said he would let me know when the package had been sent. i have now emailed him several time and phoned him and he doesn't answer nor respond to me emails.  just wanted to let you know so you can warn other players. Email address and phone numbers 1-702-425-5074 and 1-702-499-3093

BestHockeyBetting enters the SBR Rating Guide with an F rating.

BestHockeyBetting enters the SBR Rating Guide with an F rating
BestHockeyBetting is part of the EZ Sports Group. The most recent complaint came from a player who was with sister book Vegas-Sportsbetting (SBR rating F). The player won almost $5,000 on a Giants Super Bowl futures wager. After requesting his winnings he was locked out of his account and told the line was a mistake. The group has stiffed big futures winners in the past claiming the line was offered in error and will not be honored. The scam allows the book to take continuous action on multiple teams throughout the season, eventually stiffing only those who bet on the championship team. BestHockeyBetting's homepage highlights generous futures odds on which team will win both NHL conferences and the Stanley Cup. Players should avoid Best Hockey Betting and its sister EZ Sports books at all costs.

128-man Handicapping Tourney Winner: poster rjt721


128-man Handicapping Tourney Winner: poster rjt721
Poster rjt721 became the champion of the first SBR Handicapper Tourney after defeating poster Blittydeuce in the finals. Dwaechte and Eaglesphan36 completed the Final Four. Sharktank1, Bmw530i, Cabo and Fixxer finished out the Elite 8 earning cash prizes. Congratulations to rjt721 who also won a 65-1 bet at BetJamaica (SBR rating A+) on himself to win the tourney .


After weeks of intense handicapping action, the field of 128 has been trimmed down to the final two! The championship round is upon us! Major props to SBR forum posters rjt721 and blittydeuce, the last men standing in what proved to be an all out war among the most respected and feared handicappers in the forum world. It was a tournament of upsets with high profile handles biting the dust early, both these men have proved their grit and determination in staving off elimination several times and proving that they do indeed deserve to be here. It wasn’t always easy, but these two posters have earned their name under the bright lights and with that let’s take a few moments to recap their road to the Final! | Read full recap by CrazyL

Visit the SBR posting forum this week to reserve one of the free 128 entries for the next tourney with thousands in prizes.


AjaxSports enters SBR rating guide

AjaxSports enters the SBR rating guide at C. Ajax is a new sportsbook under the WorldWideWagering Group. WorldWideWagering (also known as moved from San Jose, Costa Rica to Panama City, Panama at the end of 2007., like WorldWideWagering, uses BLR Technologies software.