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SBRforum: April Baseball Handicapping Contest

SBRforum posters win cash in their 5Dimes (SBR rating A) account for finishing in the top 10 as well as for coming in last. Players with a poor start have the option to play to lose. | Join and view rules here

Fiestabet enters the SBR rating guide at B-

Corrected Report 3/25/2008 5:22:13 PM: Fiestabet enters the SBR rating guide at C. The sportsbook's website is in Spanish and is a turnkey sportsbook hosted by BetEd (SBR rating B-), located in Costa Rica. The operation uses BetEd's proprietary software called ThrillX. BetEd and ThrillX Systems do not stand for FiestaBet player funds. | Original FiestaBet Report

MTL Sports off-line

EZ Sports Group takes MTL Sports (SBR rating F) off-line; accounts merged with BetOnSportsOnline (SBR rating F). MTL was identified as an EZ brand in November of last year.

SCAM Alert: LazerWager (SBR rating D-) marketing to new players it cannot pay


SCAM Alert: LazerWager (SBR rating D-) marketing to new players it cannot pay
LazerWager continues to market to new players and acknowledges that if a player hits a big parlay they will have to wait for investors to fund the sportsbook before being paid. LazerWager management maintains that delinquent accounts will be current in mid April. LazerWager's most recent marketing campaign included a phony press release offering Paris Hilton a job for $100,000, $20,000 less than the estimated amount owed to bettors.

Warning: BookYourBet (SBR rating D-) back online

Warning: BookYourBet (SBR rating D-) back online
The sportsbook's parent company, Atlantic West Gaming, took its family of sportsbooks off-line in December. One player reports $7,500 disappearing with the sportsbook BookYourBet. After three months the player can again access his balance. SBR to inquire about player funds.

SBRforum's Free NCAA Bracket Contest Open

SBRforum's Free NCAA Bracket Contest Open
SBR forum posters can read contest rules, view scoring system, and then make their tourney selections here. The contest is free to enter. The top 10 scorers will receive $5,000 in free-plays from contest sponsor, Las Palmas (SBR rating B-). The first place winner receives a $2,000 free-play prize.

WagerWeb (SBR rating C) refunds player's $600; agrees not to confiscate cash in amount of freeplay losses

WagerWeb (SBR rating C) refunds player's $600; agrees not to confiscate cash in amount of freeplay losses. The issue involved a player the book realized it did not want to service after two "sharp" wagers. As a result the player did not roll over the deposit as is required when free-play bonuses are accepted. Any players whose balance was debited for the amount of a losing free-play is encouraged to share his/her experience with SBR. | Original complaint report


Pinnacle Sports (SBR rating A+) seeking poker players for beta launch



Pinnacle: Pinnacle Sports Poker will provide a safe and secure online poker room, offering existing Pinnacle Sports account holders the option to play poker against real people for cash, or just for fun. Providing non-stop 24-hour poker action, Pinnacle Sports Poker will feature the most popular online poker games, including Texas Hold’em. As part of the launch of Pinnacle Sports Poker, we will be opening the online poker room early to a select group of customers who will be able to play for and win real money at the tables.
Players must be registered at Pinnacle Sportsbook to play. Pinnacle Poker will be on the 24hPoker Network (24hNetwork). Pinnacle does not accept bettors from the USA.



BigJuicyOdds (SBR rating F) sportsbook ownership tells management "the tap has been turned off." BJO off-line.

BigJuicyOdds (SBR rating F) ownership tells management "the tap has been turned off." BJO off-line
It appears the sportsbook's ownership is refusing to fund the operation and player balances will be stolen. The sportsbook built good will with players after bailing out a group of SBGglobal (SBR rating D-) victims late last year and continued with overly generous offers and incentives. BigJuicyOdds poker players will likely lose over $12,000 as well. SBR will communicate with BJO management as more information is know about the situation.
Update 3:35 PM: BJO poker players previously credited through new third party poker network. Debt to players figured to be much less than amount in free money accounts credited to SBG victims.

SBR was included on and email from BJO management to ownership.
"How many times were you told and asked again and again? We kept on saying to you that you are giving away too much. You can’t give away 100k and expect to get that back in a few weeks. You went from -105 to -103 to even money then back to -103 then bailing out all these players, then onto crazy bonuses. Now you finally have players depositing, we finally convinced you to start setting some limits to bonuses etc, we were gaining the players trust that we worked our *** off to achieve and you pull the plug!!! Did you finally realize the liability of this venture? Did you finally fully understand what it is you are doing? This was asked countless times, always with a reply from you “no worries, I want BJO to be the biggest sportsbook out there.” We had to shut the site down Richard, we simply couldn’t take the chance and allow players to deposit money and not be able to pay them their winnings"

Baseball bettor: SBR, What are the best sportsbooks for baseball? Which sportsbook has the best dimeline?


SBR Reader: SBR, What are the best sportsbooks for baseball? Which sportsbook has the best dimeline?

SportsbookReview has updated the Best Baseball Lines page which now includes Intertops (SBR rating B+). Intertops managed to make the list with a 10 cent line breaking at -140. The latest update is to BetJamaica's listing. The sportsbook, which offers a 10 cent line up to -190, will add 5 inning lines as well as reverse run-lines for the 2008 season. SBR will soon list pricing information for exchange-style sportsbooks.

MyMoneyCashier scam report prompts stiff processor to resurface



MyMoneyCashier scam report prompts stiff processor to resurfaceMyMoneyCashier's front woman, "Gabriela" called more than one of the books MMC stiffed to say she sent a partial payment and would like to start doing business again. Gabriela claimed that on the following Monday she would email the current office address and new payment information. No payments or information was sent to these merchants. The sportsbook operators tell SBR that the theft will not affect payment to their players but believe the processor, which is no longer using the website, is trying to work with other smaller books under a new name. My Money Cashier is the newest scam from professional thieves formerly behind the VipBetZone (SBR rating F- ) Sportsbook Group.


SBRforum members discuss CreditWagering

SBRforum members discuss new sportsbook, CreditWagering (not rated). Players are advised to use caution with the anonymous play-now, pay-later sportsbook.

BetJamaica and TheGreek experiencing website issues

BetJamaica (SBR rating A+) and TheGreek (SBR rating A+) experiencing website issues. The country of Jamaica is reportedly experiencing internet connectivity issues. The two sportsbooks are utilizing satellite backup systems which may be best accessed through the following mirror addresses:  BetJamaica at or and TheGreek at Players may still experience intermittent downtime or slower website performance.

CaribSports (SBR rating B) confiscates player's $250?

CaribSports (SBR rating B) confiscates player's $150; cites "line manipulation."
Carib allowed the sharp player to wager with a $250 limit but told him that if he bet on both sides of the same game, the second wager would immediately be graded as a loss.
Player: Fast forward til yesterday March 11, I bet the Lakers 2h total over 107 +105 for my max ($150) and another time at over 107 -105 for 157.50. Minutes later I bet under 107 +105 for $150 deciding to shorten my position. The third and last bet of under 107 was graded a loss with the game still going. I have used a wide array of bookies but noone has been giving me troubles with this. Had they cancelled all wagers right away I wouldn't have said anything but in my opinion grading pending bets as losses before the outcome is known is theft .
SBR has asked Carib Sportsbook to refund the player for the wager he did not lose and to decline service to those who do not abide by rules or have desired wagering patterns. Carib will remain under review while this case is pending.

LinesMaker (SBR rating C-) and Sports (SBR rating D-) give player back confiscated funds.

LinesMaker (SBR rating C-) and (SBR rating D-) refund player's confiscated funds. Management of the Group tells SBR the player's funds were taken because he wagered the "free bets" for an extended period without giving the house action. Winning players are advised to use caution at Group books.
Player: I've had these two accounts for approximately 18 months and normally play the weekly $10 bets only after I've made a few bets during the week, maybe 40% of the time. I guess that in February, there weren't really any games to my liking so a little bored, I played the free bets and won about $20 each at and Linesmaker. I did not use the two accounts to place bets on opposing sides of the free bet and I didn't receive any warnings before the accounts were disabled. Thanks again for your help and Linesmaker close players account

03.10.2008 (SBR rating D-) & Linesmaker (SBR rating C-) close player's accounts; confiscate $1,765
The -hosted sportsbooks are known to give multiple promotions and bonuses over long periods of time only to confiscate funds if the user is deemed to be unprofitable claiming he/she "took advantage" of an offer or did something "not in the spirit" of the promotion. This player was told he took part in "free bet abuse" which is the label given when a player uses two $10 free bets on opposing teams or has simply collected multiple free bet credits at different brands over an extended period of time. Sales agents tell players during the sign up process that each book is a separate entity, is not affiliated with other brands, and that bonuses and accounts with different brands are allowed. The group's risk management department audits winning accounts looking for reasons to confiscate the amount of money the player has won through its time with the book. The scam affected many players in 2007 when the operation debited accounts thousands in winnings on correlated parlays. kept player losses from those same wagers.

Linesmaker ownership is expected to reverse the decision of its turnkey provider as it has in the past. SBR has asked both sportsbook brands' decision makers to review the claim.

WagerWeb (SBR rating C) cheating sharp players

WagerWeb (SBR rating C) cheating sharp players
SBR has received multiple complaints from WagerWeb players that the book is debiting user accounts for losing free-play bonuses after the book decides it no longer wants to service the client.

Player: I deposited with wagerweb and received $600 in freeplay. I played these funds and lost. I additionally placed two wagers with wagerweb before they cut my limits. After my initial wager my limits were lowered to $250, after the 2nd wager they were lowered to $1. I placed a withdraw with them and they seized $600 from my actual money citing that I had not completed the wagering requirement despite never giving me a chance and the fact I had not won anything. THEY ARE STEALERS!

This policy allows the book to take a shot at the player. A player who is forced to leave stands to be forced to pay the book in cash for as much as twice the free-play value. More unfair is that if the player won he would only receive a small fraction of the free-play winnings. If the player who is being shut down has won his free-play the book uses the larger amount of the risk-to-win to calculate the roll-over. 

One player sums up the scam: "It's like a bank sending you a free toaster to open up a account and then chargin your bank account for two toasters if it decides they don't want your business!! The bank makes out!"