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DailyDime enters the SBR rating guide at D-


DailyDime enters the SBR rating guide at D- is hosted and serviced, with the same website IP address and company license as AceCity (SBR rating D) and Oddsmaker (SBR rating D), by Futurebet. The Futurebet flagship sportsbook prior to partnering with Oddsmaker and BetOnUSA (SBR rating D-) was SportsbookUSA (SBR rating F). SportsbookUSA has stole hundreds of thousands, if not over a million, from its players. SBR still gets at least one email a week from new SportsbookUSA players who are asking for help collecting winnings. Players should avoid all affiliated sportsbook brands.

BetEd player makes $6,931 mistake


BetEd (SBR rating B-) player makes $6,931 mistake
The player made an eCheck deposit for $50 using a bank account owned by his father, who he lives with. In two weeks time the player turned the deposit into a balance of $6,931. After requesting a withdrawal for his winnings, BetEd reviewed the account and found the source of the deposit to be his father's checking account.

I looked at my account today and they have completely zeroed out all of my winnings, I went from having over $6900 and now I HAVE A $0 balance!!!! Their accounts mngr emailed me stating that my transactions were not valid and violated their terms and conditions. He stated that my email was invalid, which it's not, it's just not my primary email address. He also wrote, Per these clear and serious violations, your account has been closed and the deposit refunded to the actual bank account holder. Now I try to log in, and my account doesn't even exist!!!!!!! I earned that money, or won that money fair and square and if they would take the time to cooperate with me, and speak with myself and my parents, they would know that everything was authorized.

The player points out that the $50 eCheck deposit was accepted and eligible to be lost. Unlike eChecks, credit card purchases are normally declined if the name on the card is not identical to the name on the user account. BetEd cites rule 14 which states "For security purposes, your bank account information must match the information supplied during your initial registration."  If any players have made a deposit with a third party checking account, before subsequently losing their funds, they should be sure to contact BetEd for a refund. Players are reminded to read all rules carefully before depositing with a sportsbook. | Player discussion

Owed TradeBetX (SBR rating C+) player reports payment in full


TradeBetX (SBR rating C+) tells SBR that the betting exchange released payment to one of the owed players in early December but there may have been a problem with processing or check delivery. TradeBetX assures the player they will process a new withdrawal after waiting 10 days for the check cancellation process. TradeBetX blames the poor line of communication on listing a faulty email address on its website and is now asking players to use sister site, TradeSports, email Following yesterday's report, three TradeSports users confirmed timely withdrawals. No new complaints have been received.

Two players waiting for over $35,000 from TradeBetX


Two players waiting for over $35,000 from TradeBetX (SBR rating C+)
TradeBetX, along with TradeSports (SBR rating C+) closed Friday, November 28th. Betting markets were closed on November 21st. The betting exchange websites stated that all players who did not request funds by November 28th would be contacted via email to arrange payment. Both players state they have sent numerous emails without a response in return. Players waiting for payment, or players who have had success redeeming funds, are asked to contact SBR. SBR is attempting to reach management on behalf of these players. TradeSports Inc. does not offer a working phone line.

SBRforum's Super Bowl Squares Pool: Registration Open

SBRforum's Super Bowl Squares Pool: Registration Open
100 SBR Forum posters with 100 or more posts by the time of signup are invited to grab a square and a chance at $1,000 in prizes. See details and enter here

NFL Conference Championship Preview: Baltimore at Pittsburgh

NFL Conference Championahip Preview: Baltimore at Pittsburgh
Justin7 and Peter Loshak discuss where the value is on what is expected to be a close low scoring game.

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No-pay exchange AllSportsMarket (SBR rating D-) closing; owner claims balances will be transferred to company shares in new venture "soon." AllSportsMarket owner  outlined company problems in a message to balance holders but did not mention its failure to pay users. Players have been waiting for funds since 2007. The message states that AllSportsMarket will close due to legal issues and user account balances will be transferred to stock in a new sports investment exchange product in the future.

GoToCasino (SBR rating D-) player confirms receiving portion of his withdrawal today

GoToCasino (SBR rating D) player confirms receiving portion of his withdrawal today
Player: I actually got $950 today. Jan 15th. They still owe me $5880.  They do this to me every time but like I said I always end up loosing all the funds in my account,  I am so disgusted that I don't feel like gambling I would rather clean toiletes.  The only way I got this money because I would call every hour on the hour for 10 days and harass the staff to make sure they pay me.
SBR advises all players waiting for delinquent payments to avoid wagering other funds in the account. A slow-paying sportsbook will pay a player who is betting last since it still has a chance at winning the bettor's funds.

CasinoNY enters SBR Rating Guide at D-


CasinoNY enters SBR Rating Guide at D-
CasinoNY is the sixth Goto Entertainment sportsbook to enter the SBR rating Guide within the past two months. The Costa Rican-based operation is currently slow-paying multiple large winners. SBR will continue to identify the problem sportsbook's expanding family of brands.

Players at scam sportsbook SportsbookUSA (SBR rating F) giving up on funds

Players at scam sportsbook SportsbookUSA (SBR rating F) giving up on funds
Frustration has taken its toll on many players at Futurebet-owned SportsbookUSA. Although the sportbook continues to offer customer service for active players and bonuses for new players, it will not service players requesting funds. Customer Support simply apologizes saying they do not have a timeline for when money will be available. Futurebet is a business partner of BetOnUSA (SBR rating D-) and Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-). These sportsbooks should also be avoided at all costs.

Player: They now owe me over $9K. Tried to get my $3,818 for over two years now. Just cancelled it and have been playing with the money. Unfortunately winning! What should I do, anything? I feel like my hands are tied, should I just quit trying?

Player: I have been waiting on a payout to my neteller account of £1,681.22 (British pounds) since 12th April 2008!! All customer service say is that it is pending, being worked on by the accounts department, sorry for the delay blah blah blah. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Beware of Bet911 (SBR rating D-) offers


Beware of Bet911 (SBR rating D-) offers
The slow-paying sportsbook is offering 30% cash bonuses along with other discount offerings such -105 reduced juice specials and free half point Tuesdays. Players should avoid all questionable and unproven sportsbooks, especially those marketing overly generous promotions this time of year. As football comes to a close many players will be requesting payouts and testing the financial strength of these sportsbooks. Many sportsbooks will market these offers irresponsibly, knowing that if the ball does not bounce in their favor, players will not be paid. Bet911 has already shown they can not fulfill payout requests of large winners.

Stryyke Sportsbook (not rated) clears delinquent payouts


Stryyke (not rated) clears delinquent payouts
Since SBR's initial report in November Stryyke has paid all nine players who have complained of payout delays. Delays ranged from one week to over a month. Player concern was high due to a lack of communication from the sportsbook and the withdrawals being requested through the book's main payout method, electronic transfer service, Moneybookers. Recent withdrawal reports from December suggest Strykke has improved over November. Stryyke blames being short-staffed in December for slow-payment, which did not exceed 10 days.
"As we were not working with the full staff during the Christmas and New Years weeks, we couldn't process all payouts in a timely manner. Some customers unfortunately experienced delays with their payouts." (SBR rating D-) website domain expires

01.09.2009 (SBR rating D-) website domain expires
On-lineSportsbook, the subject of Tuesday's withdrawal complaint report, is currently off-line. Slow-paid players became nervous when they saw the expiration message from the website hosting company. They were not contacted by the sportsbook. Balance holders can still log in and view their account at On-Linesportsbook's parent sportsbook, GotoCasino (SBR rating D).

Baltimore Ravens vs. Tennessee Titans Bettor's Pre-Game

SBRforum's Peter Loshak and Justin7 talk Ravens vs. Titans Pre-Game
SBR moderator Justin7 and Peter Loshak discuss key factors in this intriguing playoff matchup. Loshak likes the Titans moneyline while Justin believes buying the half point off the Tennessee Titans +3 is the play.

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SBRforum Team Handicapping Contest Winner: Team Cosa Nostra


SBRforum Team Capping Contest Winner: Team Cosa Nostra
Cosa Nostra, made up of SBR posters Nicky Santoro, onthewhat, Deuce, and TSoprano, beat 23 other capping squads in a month-long battle. Advantage bettor Nicky Santoro, led the team to victory making 510 picks netting +52 units by himself. | Open Contest: NBA On The Money

Two On-LineSportsbook (SBR rating D-) players file new payout complaints


Two On-LineSportsbook (SBR rating D-) players file new payout complaints
The sportsbook told users that it is waiting for access to player-deposited funds collected by credit card processors. Blaming third parties for not having access to funds is a common excuse and one used by stiff sportsbooks LazerWager (SBR rating F) and BetCascade (SBR rating F). However, GoTo Entertainment sportsbooks commonly puts large winners on payment plans. Players are hopeful the book will get through these latest issues and begin to make payments. The two players have requested over $3,000 and have balances of over $15,000 combined.

Owner of Apex Sportsbook (SBR rating F) scam building new sportsbook, BetPinoy


Owner of Apex Sportsbook (SBR rating F) scam building new sportsbook, BetPinoy
The new website, which is part of the Bet33 that was built on the stolen funds of Apex Sportsbook players, states that it's "The most trusted sports betting site in the Philippines." BetPinoy is not in the Philippines nor is the incomplete website known by people in the Philippines. The website will likely be used to target specific players on customer lists by phone.

SSP International (SBR rating F) player reports new one year no-pay


SSP International (SBR rating F) player reports new one year no-pay
Player: I have a  big problem with a withdraw on SSP. It's about 600. Now I read that you can maybe help me. I try to withdraw my money since over 1 year. I called them several times but they told me everytime another story and I would get my money in the next weeks.I was waiting. Then I tried it with emails and I threat them with a lawyer (was just a bluff) but there was now answer. One day I reached with an email  that  my money was back on my SSP-Acount. After that I tried  again to pay out. This is now one moth ago. And I'm still writing for my money. Maybe you have some experience in such cases and you can tell me what I can do now. | SSP history

HawaiiCasino enters SBR Rating Guide at D-


HawaiiCasino enters SBR Rating Guide at D-
HawaiiCasino is the fifth Goto Entertainment sportsbook to enter the SBR rating Guide within the last two months. The group is developing many new websites in an effort to allow its staff and marketers to better target players in specific locations. The Costa Rican-based operation is currently slow-paying multiple large winners.

BetTrojan (SBR rating C) confiscates winnings for betting soft lines; later agrees to pay

BetTrojan (SBR rating C) confiscates winnings, citing betting soft lines; later agrees to pay
BetTrojan emailed the player stating he was warned last Saturday, via an account log-in message, that if he bet on lines that were changing throughout the betting market but have yet to change at Trojan, (soft lines, also subjectively referred to as playing steam) his winnings would be void. The sportsbook claims the bettor continued to bet in this fashion before it retroactively deleted all account winnings.
Hello, The basic description of the story is that I was apparently warned around December 25th or 26th that I was "playing moves and if I continued my deposit would be returned to me." On December 27th, I was attempting to place a wager but could not because my account balance was $0. I looked at my account history and saw that my original deposit amout had been withdrawn back to me and, to my complete surprise, I noticed a deduction of $4,311.88 with the description: "ZERO OUT, PLAYED MOVES AND WAS WARNED HE WOULD RECEIVE HIS DEPOSIT AMOUNT AND CLOSED ACCOUNT." At the time, I was with them for only about a week and up a little more than $4,300
The player shared his complaint on the SBR forum before being offered half of his $4,311 winnings as a compromise. SBR has stated to the player and the sportsbook that anything less than payment of full winnings is blatant theft. Betting sites are welcome to limit and deny wagers to all players but cannot justly punish, fine, or confiscate funds from legitimate finalized betting contracts. The player wrote to SBR today saying the sportsbook has agreed to pay in full next week.  Failure to pay winnings combined with problems updating lines may be a warning sign regarding a book's overall health. SBR will update this dispute report next week or sooner if the bettor receives payment.