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SportsInteracton Sportsbook (SBR rating D+) revisiting past complaints


SportsInteracton (SBR rating D+) revisiting past complaints
SportsInteraction, also referred to as SIA, has agreed to reassess its position on three cases SBR previously addressed with management almost two years ago. The most recent complaint involves a case of winnings confiscation, reported in July of 2007. SportsInteraction has since allowed SBR to assist with its terms of service and rules in an effort to avoid similar disputes in the future. SIA players have submitted positive feedback over the last year and have argued that the SBR rating of D+ is too low. SBR will reevaluate SportsInteraction after these disputes are addressed once again. Players with a complaint or feedback are invited to contact SBR.

HeroesCasino (SBR rating C-) tells SBR they have a backlog of payout requests


HeroesCasino (SBR rating C-) tells SBR they have a backlog of payout requests. The new sportsbook states that many of their casino players requested their funds after their casino software provider ended its relationship with the sportsbook, leaving the book in search of a new casino product. The business relationship ended after a player was accused of cheating the casino by using tools to count cards. HeroesCasino blames the account verification process as reason for the delay and says that all withdrawals will be processed in the order they are received. SBR currently has five slow-pay reports. Heroes is unable to give players an estimate for when they will receive payment. SBR will monitor payout requests closely.

SCAM ALERT: AlohaSportsbook enters the SBR Rating Guide at F

SCAM ALERT: AlohaSportsbook enters the SBR Rating Guide at F. Aloha Sportsbook is the latest new sportsbook from former owner, Robbie AKA Zach, of failed stiff book Apex Sportsbook (SBR rating F). Robbie recently started recommending his own book through his fake rating sites and
Aloha sportsbook, is the number one internet sportsbook. is proud to recommend Aloha Sportsbook for internet sports betting. Read our review of Aloha Sportsbook at AsktheBookie recognizes Aloha Sportsbook as a trusted internet sports betting site. downgradedSportsbook downgraded from C- to D+

05.02.2009 downgraded from C- to D+. The sportsbook was formerly hosted by WWTS (SBR rating C+) before WWTS was acquired by Bodog Sportsbook (SBR rating B). Yower is now a turnkey sportsbook under the BetEZ Group. SBR is currently attempting to assist a player who was scammed by an individual using the BetEZ pay per head service. BetEZ customer service is not familiar with the site that it hosts or its promotions and rules.

Scam Alert: Beware of SBGglobal Kentucky Derby Bonus Offers


Scam Alert: Beware of SBGglobal (SBR rating D-) Kentucky Derby Bonus Offers
SBG Global is emailing players with deposit bonus offers of up to $6,000. The offers that seem to good to be true, might be. SBG recently stole players' winnings on the Formula 1 World Championships. Players made valid wagers on a driver at 70-1 that were canceled and replaced with an offer of the same bet at odds of even money. Offering high odds on future bets without the intention of honoring the wager is a common scam. It allows a sportsbook to take a lot of action on an event and upsetting only a small percentage of those who wagered on the race.

Iwager (SBR rating D-) cancels player's wagers; blocks account history


Iwager (SBR rating D-) cancels player's wagers; blocks account history
The player made winning in-game NBA wagers. Iwager canceled winnings of $3941, claiming the wagers were not for live in-game wagers, but were all past-posted bets that were offered accidentally while the game was taking place. Iwager closed the player's account, and refused to allow the player or SBR to view the wagering ticket which would reveal whether the bet was a past-posted play or a valid in-game bet. Iwager is a licensee of the family, Jazette Enterprises Ltd.

Win4Real (SBR rating C-) and (SBR rating C-) confiscate player's deposits
The sportsbook management states it applied the punishment after the player's limits were lowered at a third book in the family, (SBR rating C-). The bettor had an account at, had his betting limits reduced, and subsequently deposited and won at both Win4Real and Racebook. The player was aware that he could make similar bets at Win4Real and Racebook and placed the same wagers for different amounts at all three sportsbooks in a three day period. The amount risked per play exceeded the limit given to him at SBR has asked to return the player's deposits of $800. SBR's position is that the sportsbook should not benefit from the player's actions.
The family of books currently has a rule stating that only one sportsbook within the book's family can be utilized. SBR will address the secondary issue of if the sportsbook had this rule in place when the player made these deposits. He won $6,400 in wagers that were not honored. Under normal circumstances a sports betting company with multiple brands is expected to honor all wagers before identifying a player it does not want to service at its sportsbooks. 

Gold Victory (SBR rating F) no-pay complaints fill the SBR mailbox.

Gold Victory (SBR rating F) no-pay complaints fill the SBR mailbox. No new informatin is offered from the sportsbook.  Gold Victory's standard email response is: All the information that is currently available is present in our website We are working with the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta (LGA) to amend the situation. Once we correct this situation all customers will be paid out and informed via email. Sportsbook Review now has over 40 Gold Victory, including sister site KickBets (SBR rating F), complaints that refrence deposits of over 100,000 USD.  One invidivual player is reporting a balance of 24K USD. SBR is seeking information from Malta Gaming Authorities.

SBRforum's Free Handicapping Tournament Registration Open


SBRforum's Free Handicapping Tournament Registration Open
There are still spots open to fill the field of 64 in the next Handicapping Tournament at SBRforum. $1650 in prizes will be awarded. Posters who make it to the Elite Eight will finish in the money. | Contest details and registration

SCAM sportsbook Houstonbet (SBR rating F) adds new website VietnameseSportsbook

SCAM sportsbook Houstonbet (SBR rating F) adds new website
Houstonbet, which is soliciting deposits from Vietnamese speaking bettors, has added a new website, The original website, is hosted at Evo Data Processing, the service provider known for owning stiff sportsbook, Lazerwager (SBR rating F).

WSEX lowered from A- to B+


WSEX lowered from A- to B+. The rating change represents a lack of adequate financial processing resources resulting in delays. SBR continues to rate WSEX as financially strong and the sportsbook is in position to reclaim a spot on SBR's list of top sportsbooks once processing issues are addressed. Some players have reported delays of two months before receiving payment.

SBG Global Sportsbook unjustly cancels Formula 1 World Championship bets

Three players wrote SBR with similar complaints. Each player had wagered on Jenson Button to win the Formula 1 World Championship at the odds of 70:1. At the time these wagers were placed the betting market, including Bookmaker (SBR rating A+),The Greek (SBR rating A+) and Betfair (SBR rating A+), was offering similar betting odds. SBG waited until Jenson Button won the first two Formula 1 races, voided the wagers, and offered to reinstate the bets at 10:1. SBG is wrongly applying the "gross or obvious error" rule to these bets. The line was not offered in error. SBGglobal bettors are victim of outright theft. This sportsbook has a long history of cheating players. SBG management would not discuss the cancellations with SBR.

888Viet Sportsbook & Shengyhidc enter the SBR Rating Guide at B

888Viet & Shengyhidc enter the SBR Rating Guide at B. Both sportsbooks were created by First Fidelity, parent company of YouWager (SBR rating B), after the Vietbet Group ended its partnership and moved its Asian-facing business. The sportsbooks cater to bettors who speak Vietnamese and Chinese.

HeroesCasino Sportsbook agrees to pay player frozen casino winnings

HeroesCasino agrees to pay player frozen casino winnings
Heroes tells SBR they have come to a financial agreement with their casino software provider that will result in the player receiving his full balance directly from the software company, Galewind Software. Heroes and Galewind Software have also agreed to end their business relationship. The player originally requested a withdrawal on December 6th but was denied. Heroes stated that the player used software to exploit flaws in its casino software and would need to consult with third parties to verify. Heroes was unable to offer evidence of wrongdoing but concluded that card counting software was used and the winnings should not stand. Settlement offers were later discussed. SBR will update report when the player receives his check for $34,748 in winnings.

Gold Victory (SBR rating F) no-pay complaints filed at faster pace as players take notice of new website notification

Gold Victory (SBR rating F) no-pay complaints filed at faster pace as players take notice of new website notification and SBR reports. GoldVictory's website now states: We regret to inform you that for the time being all Sportsbook and Casino games have been suspended temporarily. We are working with the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta (LGA) to amend the situation. Once the situation is amended, all customers with pending withdrawal/s will be paid out. Any updates regarding the situation will be posted here. Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.
It is common for Malta-licensed sportsbooks to work on payment plans with the Lotteries and Gaming Authority but it is rare that players receive their full balance as a result.

GoldVictory (SBR rating D-) Sportsbook off-line


GoldVictory (SBR rating D-) Sportsbook off-line
The sportsbook's website currently states "We are currently updating our servers. The website will be temporarly unreachable. As soon as the update is finished, it will be up and running again.'' Odds are high that players will never be able to log in to their Gold Victory account again. | Player discussion

Las Palmas Sportbook Group pays two owed players


Las Palmas Group pays two owed players. Both players have been waiting for payment since February third. One of the two, an eHorseX (SBR rating D+) player, received payment of $40,000 via transfer to Bookmaker (SBR rating A+). A third player reports waiting for funds since March. Once payment is sent, the Las Palmas Sportsbook ratings may be reassessed. | Discussion

The no-pay sportsbook  has removed all daily betting options, including soccer, with the exception of snooker. Players should continue to pursue their funds and document current balances with account screenshots. SBR has received no-pay complaints from players owed since February. Gold Victory complaints total approximately $40,000. In March the sportsbook made a cryptic statement (below) suggesting the company was dealing with ownership issues or possibly attempting to sell to another bookmaker.

10Bet continues to have problems offering erroneous lines

10Bet (SBR rating C) continues to have problems offering erroneous lines
10bet blamed a loss of internet connection in its office for taking wagers on outdated lines in live snooker betting. Line management states they needed to change the wagers to reflect the updated game status but could not. Live betting errors are not uncommon due to high volume of opening and closing of markets within an event. 10bet states the payout on the line was roughly four times higher than it should have been.