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 downgraded from C- to D+ after General Manager of company parts with sportsbook. BetSportsWeb was upgraded to C- in May of this year. SBR does not have any pending complaints against BetSportsWeb. The sportsbook was involved in a high profile dispute at the end of 2008 under its previous name, BetSuperior (SBR rating D+).

Bodog upgraded to B+ following continued improvements.


 Bodog Sportsbook's most notable change is payout processing time. The sportsbook was downgraded multiple times during 2008 due to insufficient resources to process timely withdrawals to North American players. Bodog processing is currently among the best in the industry with wait times as low as two days and instant for non-U.S. players using eWallets such as Neteller. Bodog, which regained possession of its main domain,, in April after a legal battle involving a patent claim, has launched its brand in Asia in a partnership with Haydock Sports Limited. Bodog plans to open to Canadian residents later this year. Customer service and email response time has also improved. Bodog added LiveChat service in May.

SCAM Alert:

Two players were scammed out of a total of $6300 at (not rated).  Southernwagers is a "pay-per-head" site, where anyone can act as the sportsbook. Two different representatives of have stiffed players. The first complaint in November 2008 was for $3300 in winnings; the most recent was June of 2009. Southernwagers states "it is not our problem. The agents handle all the money - we just operate the lines service." One of the two players as well as a third who did not take the bait, tell SBR that they were solicited to join the sportsbook through the Yahoo! posting forum. Players are advised to avoid unproven sportsbooks and bookies, especially those offering credit. Sportsbooks without an advertising budget commonly offer credit accounts to bettors they do not know. This in itself should be a warning sign that the sportsbook is unlikely to pay after a big winning run.

Just to give you a final update on my situation, the agent changed his story once again and told me, via text, that I was not going to get paid my $3,000 and to F off. He now will not return any of my calls, texts, or emails and is completely blowing me off. If you could do that fraud wire you mentioned earlier to prevent others from encountering this BS, I would appreciate it. Again, thanks for trying to obtain my winnings for me and keep up the solid work you guys do at SBR

WagerChief acquired by BetPhoenix


Costa Rica-based WagerChief (SBR rating C) has been acquired by BetPhoenix (SBR rating B+). The new sportsbook was previously hosted by IDSCA which offers bookmakers turnkey gaming solutions. BetPhoenix management states that they stand for player funds as of today. Independent management will try to build the brand under BetPhoneix ownership. Player account information and websites are expected to be transferred to the BetPhoenix servers within the next few days. Players are not expected to see an interruption in service as both sportsbooks use the same ASI software. SBR will reevaluate WagerChief after migration is complete.

BetPhoenix management tells SBR that it is actively pursuing other opportunities to acquire gaming companies, including poker and casino brands.

BetDOS (SBR rating D+) management reports parting ways with scam sportsbook owner


BetDos was identified as a sportsbook using turnkey service provider MXA Systems in March. Shortly after discussing their rating with Sportsbook Review and learning more about Max, the owner of MXA and the scams he has been involved in, BetDOS reported moving to BLR software and their own server and database. Max was the host, and in some cases owner, of scam books such as DunHill Casino (SBR rating F), Atlantisbets (SBR rating F), BetBones (SBR rating F) and PremiumBettor (SBR rating F).


 (SBR rating F) continues to confiscate balances without explanation and lock players out of accounts. The Costa Rica based soccer sportsbook has not responded to SBR inquiries since threatening legal action.



 back online; FiestaBet still off-line. No reason was given by BetEd as to their phone downtime, but the website is back online after experiencing server and ISP issues. FiestaBet (SBR Rating C-), which shares resources with BetEd, continues to be offline.


BetEd's phone lines are functional but callers are sent to voice mail after a brief hold time. site message says the book expect "to be online shortly." BetEd management states there is an issue with its main Internet Service Provider, as well as well hosting facilities. FiestaBet (SBR Rating C-) which shares resources with BetEd is also offline.

Multiple Shilbet (SBR rating F) no-pay complaints are received this weekend following last week's reports of fraud. Players are advised to attempt withdrawals and warn other players about

Shilbet SCAM: Evidence of fraud mounts


SBR received complaints from 19 players against Shilbet (SBR rating F) complaining of widespread fraud and balance confiscations. The first wave of complaints occurred after the June 10th, 2009 soccer match between Ecuador and Argentina. Shilbet offered odds of 4.0 on Ecuador, and did not lower the odds as the rest betting market moved against them. Multiple players bet on Ecuador at 4.0, and won their wagers. When Ecuador won the match 2-0. Shilbet changed the winning wagers of twelve players to a losing halftime bet on Ecuador (the halftime score was 0-0). Of the eight players that confirmed risk amounts, $10,438 in winnings were stolen.

SBR also received three complaints on the grading of the June 18, 2009 match between England and Spain (under 19). All three players complained that their wagers were changed from full game to first half wagers, resulting in winning wagers becoming losers. Two of the players had $900 in winnings stolen (with the third player’s amount in question).

SBR received several complaints about the grading of tennis matches. Several players bet on the June 24, 2009 tennis match between Schiavone and Larcher de Brito. The player backed Schiavone, but after the match the wager was changed to Larcher (making it a losing wager). The player provided screen shots of the altered wager here. As a result of this switch, the player lost $1,550. Another player complained of his winning wager being changed to a losing one on the June 24, 2009 tennis match between Dushevina and Vesnina (the amount has not been verified). Supporting screen shots were included in the Shilbet discussion thread here .

SBR received seven complaints that Shilbet closed a player’s account for “violating their rules,” and then confiscated the balances. $10,015 was confiscated from five of these players (two have not yet provided the amounts stolen). No further explanation was given to the players, and Shilbet is not responding to player emails. Shilbet initially stated that players were simply making errors and were mistaken on how their software worked. Shilbet stopped responding to SBR after the complaints and evidence against Shilbet accumulated.

10Bet (SBR rating C) credits player for cancelled wager


shortly after SBR contacted management. The bettor's complaint was originally reported on June 11th.

10bet sportsbook has cancelled a winning wager
10bet sportsbook has cancelled a winning wager on a Mexican League baseball game between the Yucatan Lions and Oaxaca Warriors on 5/24/09. 10bet claims that the game had started 30 minutes prior to its own listed start time of 00:00AM UK (01:00AM CET). The player disputes the game was past-posted and points out that he also placed the same wager at  Pinnacle Sports (SBR Rating A+) which listed the same start time. Pinnacle Sports graded the bet as a win. The wager ticket was not graded for three days before being cancelled.  The player has sent multiple emails to 10bet without receiving a response. Players who wagered on the same game on either team and had their bets canceled are encouraged to contact SBR.

 (SBR rating D-) management tells SBR they have agreed to pay the player his $8,448 in winnings. The player is scheduled to receive his funds by check.

Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-)


management tells SBR they are reviewing the decision not to pay player winnings of $8,500. | decision

Shilbet (not rated) players submit screenshots suggesting Shilbet has purposely graded wagers wrong.


 Since the Shilbet report on June 17th SBR has received multiple complaints of winning wagers graded as half time losing bets. SBR concluded that Shilbet, at minimum, fails to properly label wagering options and wagering tickets. Shilbet has threatened both SBR and its players with legal action in attempt to minimize the exposure of negative feedback.

I placed bets on the 4.0 Quote in Equador (Game Equador X Argentina)Total bets in Equador: $405. Equador won 2-0 so I win $1620.They don´t pay saying that the odd was for haft time result and i should pay more atention. As I never had any problem with them I belived that was my mistake. A few days later the same happen in the game Spain U21 X England, but in this game I'm sure that the odds were for full time and complain with then... two days later they put the money in my account. Last friday i decided to withdraw some money from my account and they don´t pay. I have try several times to withdraw money and don´t receive nothing (they usually make payments in a few hours after request). Today I receive an email saying that my withdraw request was rejected. My account balance is $1075,50. And I also want that they pay me the $1620 from the game Equador X Argentina. This money is mine they are literally stilling my money!


On my email of answered:
"About your inquire, the bet was placed on half time result and not full time result, therefor

SBR reader reports

. Legend Racebook is yet another sportsbook skin from the Apex Sportsbook/Bet33 platform. This URL is meant to attract players looking for LegendZ (SBR rating A+) Racebook.

SCAM ALERT: Imposter sportsbook site from Apex Sportsbook owner

06.19.2009 is designed to con players into believing they are actually playing with B+ rated BetPhoenix ( The new cyber-squatting website uses the Phoenix brand but operates on the Bet33 (SBR rating F) wagering platform. This is not the first time Robbie has tried to impersonate and capitalize on the reputation of other sportsbooks. Apex owner, Robbie (AKA Zach), is operating which has attracted bettors looking for the real Legendz (SBR rating A+).


In May of 2009 a player accepted a promotion offering $500 in free bets with a five time (5x) roll over (play-through) on his winnings that could not be withdrawn for 30 days. The player went on a winning streak and promptly turned the $500 in free plays into an $8,400 cash balance. The player told his father about the promotion. The father pursued the free-play from his residence in a different town but was denied due to the sportsbook targeting only specific bettors. The winning player was told that his winnings from the promotion will not be paid due to Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) taking issue with the fact that he shared the promotion with a third party without authorization. SBR has made its position clear that the matter of a third party's inactive account is not relevant to his winnings. Oddsmaker has confirmed the facts of the player's complaint and stated they will not pay him his May winnings because he "lied" about being authorized to refer others to the promotion and was "rude and arrogant" to the staff.

Due to Oddsmaker's poor reputation they are required to target players with big bonuses who may be uneducated about the industry. SBR routinely receives complaints from players who are lucky enough to go on a winning run only to find the sportsbook has created a reason to deny winnings. Oddsmaker partnered with no-pay scam group Futurebet, now known as IGaming Software (IGS), in 2007. After Futurebet stiffed the majority of its licensee (turnkey) sportsbooks and kept its player deposits, it changed its brand name and website from to Shortly before it stole licensee and player funds it made Oddsmaker and BetOnUSA (SBR rating D-) its main revenue sources. IGS staff denies association with Futurebet despite the obvious signs such as site similarities, management, and using the same unique server. SportsbookUSA (SBR rating F), was the one licensee owned by Futurebet and continues to operate as a deposit-only sportsbook site. | Oddsmaker discussion

SBR Bash: Bodog Poker Pro Evelyn Ng to take on SBR posters in the annual SBR Poker Tourney


Evelyn Ng will be competing in SBR Forum's annual SBR Bash Poker Tourney. The event will be held at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas the weekend of August 22nd. There is a $200 cash bounty for the poker player who is able to knock out Evelyn! Evelyn is a Bodog Poker Pro who has won nearly half a million in poker circuits, including the World Poker Tour Ladies Night I Tournament, ahead of Annie Duke, Jennifer Harman and Kathy Liebert. Evelyn has competed on SpikeTV's King of Vegas, and appeared on Casino Casino as well as Criss Angel MindFreak.

If  Evelyn Ng places in the tournament, she has graciously offered to donate all winnings to St. Jude Children's Hospital. Bodog (SBR Rating B) and will each match any of Ms. Ng's winnings with their own charitable contribution to St. Judes. The poker tourney has a prize pool of $5000 and all SBRbash goers are invited to compete, but must reserve their spot before SBR bash registration is closed. | View SBR Bash information.









Players vs. Shilbet


Two players from sportsbook, Shilbet (not rated), complain that the sportsbook graded their full-game bets as 1st half losing wagers. On June 10th, Shilbet offered wagering on the Ecuador vs. Argentina soccer game. Odds history logs show that Shilbet offered full-game odds of +300 on Ecuador, +210 on the draw, and -143 on Argentina. At least two players had wagers on Ecuador at +300, believing it to be a game wager. The game was tied 0-0 at halftime, and Ecuador won the game 2-0. The players now see that half time result had been applied to their wagers on the full game. SBR has begun discussing the matter with Shilbet.
Shilbet claims that "In certain occasions we pick unconventional odds in order to attract players". SBR notes that Betfair (SBR rating A+) had odds on a first-half draw at +108, and finds Shilbet's explanation for the line being for the full game is unlikely for multiple reasons. 1. It was offering +210 on a first half draw - nearly double the market price; and 2. Both players and odds tracking sites would have had to misinterpret first-half odds as full-game odds. Shilbet's software does not note if wagers are on periods of games or full games.


On March 7th LasPalmas (SBR rating D+) closed the account of a player that had a balance of $35,239.45. Las Palmas stated that all of the player’s funds would be wired within 21 business days. After providing the required banking documents on March 10th, the player waited 21 business days for his money. On May 17th, a month past the expected withdrawal date, the player sent an email asking for an update which went unanswered. The player began to call LasPalmas every day demanding answers. On June 3rd the player accepted $800 toward his balance via Moneygram.  LasPalmas cited problems with bank wires as reason for the continued delay. Las Palmas and the rest of the Horizon 20 Group continue to have problems paying large winners. Players should avoid Las Palmas as they struggle with payment. | Forum Discussion

PlayTraders enters SBR rating guide at D-


PlayTraders is a licensee of IGaming Software (formerly called Futurebet) which operates from Vancouver, Canada. PlayTraders is a sister sportsbook of Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-). Oddsmaker is currently paying the majority of its players although SBR will soon report at least one new case of stolen player funds. Sister sportsbook, SportsbookUSA (SBR rating F) has failed to pay players for years. SBR continues to receive no-pay complaints daily despite IGaming and Oddsmaker ownership no longer marketing the soiled brand. Futurebet has stolen hundreds of thousands if not more than a million from players and licensees.
Forum: Futurebet | SportsbookUSA | Oddsmaker

Fernando, who was only in his mid 50s, was best known by players for his years as Lines Director at Hollywood Sportsbook. Fernando was a talented line manager who first gained notoriety for his exceptional ability to set NHL opening odds. He worked with Hollywood for years until the sportsbook was sold to the Group in May of 2006. At its peak Hollywood was an A+ sportsbook that, under Fernando, was one of the few sportsbooks to join Pinnacle Sports (SBR rating A+) offering reduced juice.  Fernando was a line manager at BetPhoenix at the time of his passing. He reportedly suffered from a heart attack Saturday. We at SBR send our condolences to Fernando's friends and family.