24SportsWeb suffering DDOS attacks

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24SportsWeb (SBR rating C-) has been battling a distributed denial of service attack for the last week. SBR spoke with an InstantActionSports (SBR rating C-) manager who confirmed that 24SportsWeb expects to be back online soon, and that the company has made a mirror site available to players.

24SportsWeb's servers are hosted in the same building as InstantActionSports. 24SportsWeb uses Digital Gaming Solutions (DGS) software.

SBR is in the process of obtaining the mirror site used by 24SportsWeb and will help distribute the link to players.

SBR received a player complaint from a player who has not been contacted by the sportsbook since the outage.

24SportsWeb player: "I have account in 24sportsweb.com. In the end of April I've requsted withdrawal 5000$ via moneybookers. There is still no money. They said, that there is problem with bank transfer to moneybookers. Today and yesterday 24sportsweb.com is down. My balance there is about 21000$. Please help me to recieve my money back. "

A distributed denial of service attack involves numerous requests being sent to a target machine's webserver, in an attempt to make the service unavailable for intended users. Large corporations like Amazon, Sony, and others have invested well over six figures in protecting themselves from the unsavory attackers. A common ploy for a group of hackers is to target a site that appears to be incapable of defending against the attacks, ransom notes have frequently been sent to sportsbooks in the past demanding payment for the attacks to cease. SBR notes that denial of service attacks do nothing to compromise user data—they merely cause the website to stop loading by overwhelming the target web server(s).

SBR will update this report once 24SportsWeb comes back online.

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