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Bet33 Group upgraded from F to D-; debt remains


Bet33 (SBR rating D-) and sister sportsbooks were upgraded to D- to reflect a lesser risk than the typical F rated sportsbook. SBR has not received any Bet33 nonpayment reports since late 2005 when they were added to the SBR Rating Guide. Bet33 was built with stolen player funds from stiff sportsbook Apex Sportsbook (SBR rating F). SBR has had annual conversations with ownership about paying the five year old debt. The conversations had not resulted in payment. Bet33 players are unlikely to be paid if they win a high five figure sum after a large winning run.

BetOnBet (SBR rating D-) host provider, OddsMatrix reached at 44-797-628-7560


OddsMatrix has seemingly tried to hide their relationship with BetOnBet following SBR's request for assistance with payout complaints. Players are advised to contact OddsMatrix directly at 44 797 628 7560 for information on their withdrawal. OddsMatrix's Jesper Ramskov Jensen told SBR that they hold player funds:


We do not have any stakes in any of the sites where the sports book is offered, nor do we operate our own brand. However, in case of the operators using our license, we hold the players sportsbooks funds in case of any break downs.



LasPalmas (SBR rating D+) players report being owed over $124,000. The slow-pays began in January of 2009. LasPalmas stated they had processor problems in February after multiple payout complaints surfaced. Players were assured things were fine and told they could expect to receive funds at the beginning of March. At the start of March a few players were sent small payments, but large balance holders were left to wait and continued to be fed generic email responses. The Las Palmas Group, which includes eHorse and eHorse-X, is no longer willing to discuss player complaints with SBR. The largest payment LasPalmas has made this year was via book-to-book transfer of $40,000 on 4/15/09 to a player's (SBR rating A+) account. Interbook transfers have since been discontinued as LasPalmas payout delays increase. The largest pending payout is more than $34,000 which SBR reported on 6/17/09.

Congratulations to SBR Bash VIP winner, Mr Konck


SBRforum poster Mr Konck won first place in the SBR Bash '09 Baseball Capping Contest. Mr Konck has won first class airfare, a Limo to the Golden Nugget, and an upgraded suite. Posters Jpowderly and Mr Leisure, 2nd and 3rd place finishers, will also receive upgraded suites at the SBR Bash. Forum posters can still sign up for the SBR Vegas Bash 2009!

Twitter saves player $700 on peer-to-peer wager at Matchbook


On July 11, 2009, a Matchbook (SBR rating A) player made an offer of $700 at -140 on CB Dolloway who was fighting Tom Lawlor in an undercard non-televised UFC 100 fight. The market price was approximately -240. The player's wager offer was accepted and and he lost his bet to the accepting player. Tom Lawlor won the match. However, the listed start time was 8pm EST nd bloggers were giving the result of the fight as early as 7:41 p.m. There was a Twitter post by popular MMA writer Mike Chiappetta published at 7:51 p.m. giving the outcome of the fight. SBR and the losing player were able to use the official Twitter timestamp as conclusive proof that the fight was over when the bet order was filled. The player's wager was accepted at 7:52 p.m, after the result of the fight was known. Matchbook aided SBR in the investigation, voided the $700 losing trade, and gave the player commission credits for his inconvenience.

RebateWager upgraded from C+ to B-


RebateWager earned its second upgrade in 2009. The sportsbook continues to seek feedback from players and SBR and has no pending or unresolved complaints. RebateWager first opened its post-up operation under the Blackdog name in 2007. After a rocky introduction by its sales department, management has provided industry references and has been transparent with SBR inquiries. SBRforum poster feedback has also been positive. Players should be aware that SBR still considers RebateWager a relatively new sportsbook and advises online sport bettors use books rated B+ or higher.

More BetOnBet Warning Signs


Following unanswered inquiries sent to OddsMatrix about their slow-pay turnkey licensee BetOnBet (SBR rating D-), OddsMatrix removed all mention of the sportsbook from its references and deleted all press releases regarding BetOnBet launches and product releases. OddsMatrix first wrote to SBR offering to discuss any matter regarding books "powered by OddsMatrix." Players should aggressively pursue withdrawals from the sportsbook. BetOnBet customer service is currently blaming additional security checks for delays.

OddsMatrix Ltd of Vincenti Buildings, Suite 713, 14/19 Strait Street, Valletta is a limited liability company registered in Malta (Registration Number: C44411), a member of the EU since May 2004, that operates under regulation and license from the Lotteries & Gaming Authority of Malta, license no: LGA/CL2/497/2008 issued on 3 February, 2009.

Betonbet enters the SBR rating guide at D


 SBR first reported on Betonbet payout complaints July 14th. The sportsbook states that their operation is licensed under the Lotteries and Gaming Authorities (LGA) of Malta, however it is actually licensed under OddsMatrix, a turnkey whitelabel platform that  provides software and processing for those without their own resources. OddsMatrix states that is will assist if a licensee user has a problem. SBR has written to OM asking if they guarentee all player funds including winnings.

If you have any complaints on sites operated under our class 2 license in Malta, I am happy to assist you.
We do not have any stakes in any of the sites where the spors book is offered, nor do we operate our own brand. However, in case of the operators using our license, we hold the players sportsbooks funds in case of any break downs.

Betonbet users have submitted over 20 slow-pay complaints this summer. Betonbet management has not communicated with SBR. Betonbet players are advised to take note of the slow-pay problems, and avoid making any further wagers until the processing issues are resolved. Malta has hosted many failed operations as of late. Players who where unaware of the recentl failed LGA-licensed books believe the Matla stamp of approval creates an undeserved sense of

Poker Tourney:


 SBRforum's $500 Poker Freeroll is scheduled to take place Thursday July 23rd at 9PM EST. Posters must have a minimum of 30 forum posts to be eligible to participate. sign-up!

Shilbet off-line day 11.


 The sportsbook's players write to SBR daily reporting that their funds were lost when the sportsbook disappeared. Shilbet spent its last two active months cheating players in various ways including altering wagers. SBR is researching the possibility that Shilbet is attempting to open a new sportsbook under a different name.

HighRollerOnlineCasino enters the SBR Rating Guide at F.


 HighRollerOnlineCasino is the newest site from sportsbook website mass-producer EZ Sports Group. SBR will attempt to identify many new sportsbooks from scam operation EZ Sports prior to football season. The group has used a new batch of website domains to hook players through search engines and is offering a turnkey program for new bookmakers. The EZ Sports network of sportsbooks will heavily advertise bonuses from 25% to 100%.

GotoCasino relying on deposits from football bettors to pay current balance holders?


GotoCasino (SBR rating D-) continues to stall players who request significant withdrawals. Over the last five years it was common for the sportsbook to put winning players on payment plans. GoToCasino's actions suggest owed bettors may receive funds from deposits from unsuspecting new football bettors.

I have stopped betting as you asked I have $4070.00  please help Pablo who says he is a manager but I know who owns GotoEntertainment told me I wont get paid till football season. First he told me I wont get paid till March Madness, then Hockey playoffs the Basketball playoffs. Its been over 20 weeks since I requested a payout.  Pablo is a con artist.


SBR has received multiple reports of slow-payment from unrated Malta-based sportsbook, BetOnBet. The sportsbook states it is licensed under the laws of Curacao, and claims the poker and casino license is supplied by the LGA of Malta. SBR is currently waiting for a manager to discuss the ongoing slow-pay complaints.  If you are a player that is being slow-paid by BetOnBet, please contact SBR by filling out the sportsbook complaint form.



 SBR continues to reguarly receive Worldbet (SBR rating F) no-pay complaints.  Since we last reported on Worldbet in October, SBR has received, on average, four complaints per month.  In the past month, the number of complaints has increased.  There has been one confirmed payout out of the last 33 to file compaints. Worldbet no longer replies to SBR and most player withdrawal inquiries.

Player:  Hi I have been trying to get my money from world bet but with no success. I wish i would have checked this site before ive made my deposit there. Im trying to withdraw 300 euros. Is there anything i can do about this??? looks like my money is lost...thank you for advise.
Player: I did a withdrawal in WorldBet, however it was refused and after a months asked me the documents. I sent them and for more than a month I do not receive respond to numerous emails that I have sent.
Player: I have a pending withdrawal of £135, not receiving any emails back from them, the £135 just sat waiting to be confirmed.
Player: I finally went on a winning run for 800 euros and have not receive reply to my request 4 mos before!

BigCitySportsbook enters SBR rating guide at F


BigCitySportsbook is one of many new brands in the Apex Sportsbook Group. Apex Sportsbook closed with player funds over four years ago. The same owner has recently put the website back online with the many other new sportsbook brand names. Apex is expected to continue to launch new brands that will be added to the SBR Blacklist. Apex, which uses the company name RDGcorp, is actively selling out-of-the-box turnkey sportsbooks and websites.

*NOTE- is not to be confused with, which is an unrelated betting website.


A player from BetCascade (SBR rating F) reports joining and first depositing to the sportsbook in October of 2008 and losing those funds and subsequent deposits. He made his last deposit in February of 2009 before going on a winning run. He attempted to collect over $4000 in March. Unfortunately the player was unaware that BetCascade owes millions of dollars to its former players. Cascade continues to advertise bonuses and wagering promotions on its website.

Scam Shilbet (SBR rating F) offline


SBR added Shilbet to the Rating Guide at F in June after receiving a flurry of complaints that the sportsbook was changing player wagers. Shortly thereafter, payout requests were ignored. Shilbet's phone service has been offline for at least two weeks. The sportsbook has ignored SBR email for the past month. Shilbet's behavior and reactions to customer complaints suggest it is likely the sportsoook will not pay players or be back online under the Shilbet name.

Betmet, also known as Metallic Sports, closes website.


 The sportsbook will use for current and future depositing bettors. The operation has not been indexed in the SBR Rating Guide due to its primary business being that of a service provider for other bookmakers. SBR will evaluate JungleWager and encourages players who use it, or have used, to contact SBR.

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 downgraded from C- to D+ after General Manager of company parts with sportsbook. BetSportsWeb was upgraded to C- in May of this year. SBR does not have any pending complaints against BetSportsWeb. The sportsbook was involved in a high profile dispute at the end of 2008 under its previous name, BetSuperior (SBR rating D+).