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BetFirstClass reserves right to cancel winning parlays and keeping losers?


A player reported that he placed a correlated parlay of a side and total in an NFL game. After BetFirstClass (SBR rating C-) graded the wager as a win, the player states it was cancelled. BFC cited the fact that the parlay picks were on correlated outcomes and not allowed despite the player's funds being at risk and the software allowing the wager. BetFirstClass' own rule acknowledges that the sportsbook is aware it is taking these bets while not honoring them.


Clients Betting on Correlated parlays run the risk of having funds deducted from the account. Balances and this can & will be done via mgmt here at betfirstclass on an Individual Basis. If you wager these type parlays, you are playing at your own risk. This includes any N.H.L Parlays where the Puck line is correlated to the total (if 6 or less)



Its bullsh*% the bets can be placed in their software and then they can re-grade after the game is over.  Something to take note of...  I spoke with the owner and it looks like they are standing firm on the issue.

Players should use caution when dealing with sportsbooks that expect players to govern themselves using their terms of service instead of making the proper investment in sportsbook software. SBR will inquire with BFC about both the general policy and rule and the player complaint.

During the month of September posters were asked to list their Top 3 Sportsbooks. Six points were awarded for the first choice, four points for second place and three points for third. Only voters with 25 or more posts were counted in the final tally. Congratulations to the Top 5 point earners including 5Dimes (SBR rating A+) which bested the field of top sportsbooks!

Dimeline Sportsbook freezes a player's funds on suspicion of chip-dumping


Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D) has frozen a player's $2763.13 balance on suspicion of chip-dumping. The player requested three $2,000 withdrawals May 2nd, May 26th, and June 5th. Dimeline has yet to pay the player as slowpays have continued the past few months. On September 22nd a Dimeline manager offered the player a deal whereby if the player reversed one of the withdrawal requests he would guarantee payment of $4,000 by the end of the month. The player reluctantly accepted.

At this point the player decided to transfer $2,000 into his poker account. His sports account was limited to $50 a wager, so he hoped by putting some of his funds at risk Dimeline might deliver on their word hoping to retain him as a customer. SBR strongly advises against any player ever continuing to give action to a sportsbook that has yet to fulfill their payment obligations. The player proceeded to lose his $2,000 at the poker tables.

On September 30th the remainder of the player's balance ($2763.13), $2,000 of which was the recently reversed withdrawal that Dimeline had yet to pay since May, was frozen on suspicion of chipdumping. The player adamantly denies any such activity and invites SBR to review all hand histories. SBR will update this report as more information comes in.


Seven years ago Canbet broke into the top ten SBR list of top online sportsbooks. The Australia based operation had been a long-time member of the Top 20 list, widely regarded among off-shore bettors as a solid out that was worthy of being on any player’s short list. Canbet reached a rating as high as A-, earned on May 14th 2005. They maintained that mark impressively for four years.

Then everything changed. Bonus terms were retroactively changed, payouts were delayed, accounts were confiscated, and even winning wagers were canceled. Following IASbet's sale of Canbet on May 13th 2009 to Yin King Investments Ltd., Canbet has only continued its slide of poor management and player relations.

Here are some of the more disturbing unresolved complaints against Canbet. | View full report (written by Lou Moretti)

May 22nd 2009: Canbet cancels 27 correlated NCAA football parlays
Canbet cancels 27 correlated NCAAF parlays the day after the bets were correctly settled in players account. Canbet maintains their software has never accepted correlated parlays where the pointspread exceeds 33% of the total, stating the string of bets were accepted due to ''operator error''. Canbet management has stated that they believe the player was aware of this as he proceeded to bet more than his average stake size and also deposit in larger amounts to take advantage of these plays.

Canbet’s posted rules on correlated players actually make an argument on the player’s behalf:


Any multiple made up of more than one selection from the same event will be deemed a related contingency. i.e. Alan Shearer to score 1st & Newcastle Utd to win; Denver -7.5 pts and Denver to win the game. The only exception to the above is in North American sports where sides and totals can make up a multiple bet. "

SportsbookReview has received two disputes from players with former post-up sportsbook BetEagle (SBR rating D+) . BetEagle states it no longer takes deposits from new players as of this summer. Two player disputes were filed with SBR since that time. Players claim over $21,000 was stolen by rogue betting agents. BetEagle has no oversight of agents using its platform, and will not stand for player funds. On July 23rd a BetEagle manager wrote to SBR stating that the stiff agent, who owes one player $15,000, is still allowed to do business with other unsuspecting bettors on its platform because the agent still has a balance with BetEagle:


BetAfterBet payment complaints have not slowed down since SBR began reporting on the Malta-based sportsbook September 18th. Nine new  slowpay complaints have come in against BetAfterBet, bringing the total owed to players up to €22,924.60. BetAfterBet has been downgraded to D.

SBR asks owed BetAfterBet players who have not contacted SBR to fill out the sportsbook complaint form.


On September 22nd SBR reported that InternationalAllSports (SBR rating B) had closed a player's account while an investigation was being conducted. The player had a balance of €5,000 at the time his account was disabled. Today IASbet has addressed SBR with their stance concerning the player.


1.    This player has multiple accounts linked to him via shared environments which is against our standard policies
2.    He is part of an Austrian syndicate with 3 or more linked parameters including the betting patterns
3.    They have not used the bonus in the spirit it was awarded and therefore we do have the right to remove the bonus and any winnings associated to it as contested funds
4.    Documents received from one of the linked accounts were rejected as being suspicious
5.    Our terms also state that a player will forfeit his entire bonus if he initiates a withdrawal before the bonus turnover is met. In this instance that is what the player tried to do and his withdrawal was rejected.

In light of this we have opted to refund his entire deposit amount of €4000.00 and remove the bonus including winnings associated with this.

IASbet has refused to provide specific evidence supporting any of their assertions to protect screening techniques. The player has adamantly denied any wrongdoing.

Final week to be eligible for Football Handicapping Contest Grand Prize


Tomorrow starts week 4 of the Beat The Prick Football Handicapping Contest and the last week to make enough picks in order to reach the minimum needed picks to be eligible for season-ending prize money. Contestants must place 48 total plays at a maximum of 4 picks per week to be eligible for $10,000 in guaranteed Grand Prize money. Handicappers are invited to compete for up to $5,000 in weekly prizes throughout the NFL regular season. The $10,000 Grand Prize is sponsored by Bookmaker (SBR rating A+) | BTP Contest

5Dimes Earns A+ Rating


5Dimes, which has held a rating no lower than A- since 2004, has reached its highest SBR rating of A+. The sportsbook has made improvements in recent years including a faster website, expanding its wagering menu, offering reduced juice pricing on most events, and consistently being a top 3 sportsbook for payment processing timeframes. 5Dimes is currently leading the SBR poster's poll for the title of top sportsbook for the 2009 football season. The poll will close at the end of September.


InternationalAllSports (SBR rating B) has closed a player's account and confiscated winnings for what they claim was "bonus abuse". The player adamantly denies the misuse of any bonus and his requests for support from IASbet have went unanswered. The player has provided a timeline to SportsbookReview which states the following order of events:

•    June 21st: The player requests 495€ withdrawal. The player is asked to provide 100 points of ID. The player sends 110 points.
•    July 2nd: They need copy of the card, player complies.
•    July 3rd: Player asked to send bank account #, IBAM and Swift, player obliges.
•    July 13th: Player is refunded 30€.
•    July 22nd: Player is refunded 30€.
•    July 29th: Player is informed account was closed and deposits returned.

The player's deposit was only 30€ and he was refunded this amount twice in two seperate transactions prior to being informed the account was closed. SBR will seek to reach management to discuss this. This is the second account closure case levied against InternationalAllSports in the past week.

Matchbook (SBR rating A)


 states that site access is restored. Any player that cannot access Matchbook can contact them via live chat with their IP address.


EnterBet (SBR rating D-) has not found an answer to its ongoing sporadic payment cycles. The small post-up shop, which is based out of San Jose, Costa Rica has not made secret of the fact that players even with modest earnings have been placed on payment plans. One such player wrote in to SBR indicating that he has not received a payment in more than three months, and the payments he had received were $250 at a time. The player is owed $1952.33. SBR advises that any player with a balance at EnterBet, or any GoToEntertainment sportsbook ceases all wagering activity until payments are received.

Casineto player confirms payment; Casineto upgraded to D


On September 11th SBR reported that Casineto (SBR rating D) management stated all delinquent withdrawals have been satisfied. SBR has received confirmation from another player this week that his $1538 Moneybookers payment, which was requested June 29th, has been received. SBR will consider the Casineto slowpay cases closed barring any new reports from players.

Skybook addresses latest Neteller complaint


Skybook (SBR rating B-) has agreed to wave fees for this player's Neteller withdrawals. Skybook has also stated that the player's withdrawal would be "fast-tracked" by raising the amount he is able to request per transaction. SBR will update when the player has been paid in full. Skybook players waiting for Neteller payments are encouraged to contact SBR.

Matchbook the latest victim of denial of service attacks


Matchbook (SBR rating A) is currently experiencing distributed denial of service attacks. Matchbook is the latest victim in a string of attacks that began last weekend forcing several high profile sportsbooks to put up mirror sites until the attacks subsided. Players can access Matchbook at until the main site is restored. Matchbook has informed SBR that if the backup site were to go down, all current offers would be cancelled.


It has been nearly a month since the last LasPalmas (SBR rating D) update. LasPalmas has not changed its stance toward blocking off communication with SBR, as there has been no update or end to the slowpays in sight. A new complaint has been received from a player that requested $6,660 on August 1st. The player has received conflicting answers from LasPalmas staff, and was ultimately delayed another "week or two". This brings the total funds owed to players since January of 2009 up to $129,660.

Stryyke slowpay


A Stryyke (SBR rating D+) player has reported that he has been waiting for a $591 payment to his Moneybookers account since July 26th.

SBR has recently established contact with the General Manager of Stryyke, and expects an update on this case before the week's end.

Additional BetAfterBet slowpays


New BetAfterBet (SBR rating D+) slowpays have been reported. This brings the total to ten complaints with €13,037.62 owed to players. Players are advised to cease wagering activity with the unrated sportsbook until the complaints are addressed and resolved by BetAfterBet.

The Malta-based sportsbook also lists a couple of fake customer service numbers on its website, "If you wish to give us a call you can do so free of charge using any of the numbers listed below. International 123 456 789/ Spain 123 456 789..".

Player 1:

I requested a withdrawal in mid to late July. I have around £2500 in the account. Despite many emails asking them what is going on the funds are still sitting in the account with no sign of it being processed.

Player 2:

I have ordered withdrawal on August, 17th and nothing(17.08.2009, 17:04).I have ordered withdraw 510 Euros from my account

Player 3:

I requested withdrawal from betafterbet 35 days ago (600 gbp) and I'm still waiting,and when I email them with questions about the situation of my withdrawal I always receive some exuses(we manually process the withdrawals,we have a lot of withdrawals,your withdrawal is still pending,your withdrawal will be processed
in the next few days and etc.)If could just help with that case,I will really appreciate it.

BetAfterBet statement: "There is currently a delay due to the withdrawals being processed manually. This has caused a backlog and our finance department are trying their best to work through it and have all payments effected as soon as possible. Please rest assured that you will receive the funds as soon as the transaction is processed. Unfrotunately, at this stage we have not been provided with a specific date. Once again we apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and patience with this matter"


Skybook (SBR rating B-) continues to stall Neteller withdrawals. One large winner writes:

When I asked why they cannot simply replenish their Neteller account, they told me that they have a general policy to not send their own funds to Neteller. So I must wait for others to deposit in order to get paid.

The player's first Neteller withdrawal request was made on April 15th for $1,000 of his $19,281 balance. As of today, the player has received only $3950. His latest pending $1,000 request, the maximum that Skybook allows per transaction, is on day 63.
On August 10th SBR first reported on Skybook’s inability to pay out via Neteller as advertised. At that time, Skybook management indicated Neteller payments were taking an average 20 days and capped at $1,000 per transfer. The average Neteller payout time has now increased to over 30 days. Skybook’s website is absent of any notice regarding Neteller delay. Only when players submit a withdrawal request are they informed of the lengthy delays and are given alternate withdrawal options with significantly higher fees. This player who is waiting two months, also complains that the sportsbook no longer offers to transfers to sportsbooks such as BetCRIS (SBR rating A+). SBR has advised Skybook to update its website to reflect true withdrawal wait times. Skybook Discussion | Full complaint


InternationalAllSports (SBR rating B), also referred to as IASbet, has closed a player's account pending the outcome of an investigation. The player had been wagering at IASbet for three months before making his first withdrawal request. At the time of his request the player also sent in his identificaton. Shortly thereafter IASbet closed the account, which had a balance of more than €5,000. IASbet provided no details to the player other than that his account was under investigation and that they would not elaborate on anything further.

SBR will update this report after communicating with IASbet.


Two new Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D) payment complaints have come in. The first player requested a payout of $780 June 13th via Moneybookers, which was slated to take 10-14 days. After waiting for a month and a half, Dimeline stated on July 28th that the player would be sent a check. He has yet to receive any payment. The second Dimeline player requested a withdrawal of $2,000 on August 17th and has  not received his check. Dimeline has repeatedly told both players the check would arrive "any day".

SBR has nine outstanding Dimeline slowpay complaints totaling $21,747. The withdrawal requests were made from May 2nd to August 17th.

10Bet slow-pay update


On July 10th SBR reported on a 10Bet slow pay of £5005 GBP since July 24th. 10Bet states that that the player's account has been investigated due to suspicion of a fraudulent transaction. 10Bet management also states that an update will be provided to SBR this week.