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Q: Hi, Do you know any place I can see reviews on betting sytems? thanks

A: SBRforum's Justin7 answers this question and more in this video about systems and buying handicapper picks.

New SportsbookUSA (SBR rating F) victims learn they will likely not be paid

New SportsbookUSA (SBR rating F) victims learn they will likely not be paid
SBR continues to receive requests for help from players who are unaware that the sportsbook has owed other players for years. SportsbookUSA is owned by Futurebet Gaming which closed many of its hosted sportsbook brands, stiffing players and business partners in the process. A select few of the brands, namely D- rated BetOnUSA and Oddsmaker, are now more than deposit-only sportsbooks. The two sportsbooks partnered with Futurebet in late 2007 shortly after it began shedding debt by stiffing sportsbook website owners it serviced. It then changed its official company name to Igaming Software.
SportsbookUSA player: I came across your contact info on a message board. I requested a withdrawal from about a month ago and am getting no response and phone # appears to be disconnected. I have a cousin who works in the industry and he had told me quite awhile back that they were legit. I am concerened now though. Can you help?

BetEpic enters the SBR Rating Guide at C-.


BetEpic enters the SBR Rating Guide at C-. BetEpic is operated and hosted by WagerWeb (SBR rating C). Epic is currently one of three sportsbooks operated by Costa Rica-based Wagerweb. The sportsbooks use ASI software. | Wagerweb

Bet911 (SBR rating D) pays player owed $1,750 since January, 2008

Bet911 (SBR rating D) pays player who was owed $1,750 since January, 2008. As was the case last May, Bet911 stated it was under new management and would pay this player. Today, Bet911 provided the player with payment details. Barring further issue receiving payment, SBR considers this case closed. There are currently no other open disputes or claims against Bet911. SBR encourages all Bet911 players to report feedback.

WagerUnit enters the SBR Rating Guide at D+.

WagerUnit enters the SBR Rating Guide at D+. WagerUnit is the newest turnkey sportsbook  to join the Safari Casino Group. The SafariCasino Group uses its own software called BTG Gaming which works much like its former software provider, Futurebet. WagerUnit and Safari are hosted in Curacao. SBR will reassess the sportsbook after website performance and processing methods are tested. The turnkey sportsbook currently handles its own customer support and financial processing.

SBR Forum Posters' Poll Open: SBR posters invited to vote for Top Sportsbooks
Through the month of March SBRforum posters are asked to cast their vote for the best bookmakers. Posters are invited to give their top three sportsbooks with their highest rated book first. Six points will be awarded for the first choice, four points for second place and three points for third. After tallying up the final scores, the top five point earners will be displayed at the head of the forum. Vote here

Fiestabet (SBR rating C-) player confirms receiving payment


Fiestabet (SBR rating C-) player confirms receiving payment of winnings that were initially confiscated. Last week SBR reported on a player's complaint, submitted on February 3rd, that the bulk of his winnings were taken after he was found to be betting the same plays as a friend and fellow Fiestabet user. Fiestabet changed its stance February 19th and agreed to process the original withdrawal requests, which were executed this week. Fiestabet Sportsbook's rating has been raised from D+ to C-.

BetUSA downgraded from B- to C+

BetUSA downgraded from B- to C+
The sportbsook shares some of its processing with the group, which hosts BetUSA. BetUSA management has been able to make alternate arrangements for players after checks have bounced and players complain of two month wait time. (SBR rating D-) players report over 40 bounced checks in 2009. Other players report a five month wait for funds.

JonWood Gaming (SBR rating F) off-line

JonWood Gaming (SBR rating F) off-line
The former Futurebet sportsbook became a poker-only gaming site before going off-line this month. JonWood has apparently closed while owing at least one player.

Gamebookers (SBR rating B-) agrees to pay player 851 Euros


Gamebookers (SBR rating B-) agrees to pay player 851 Euros
On 2/16/09 SBR reported that the sportsbook informed a player his account is closed and funds have been seized per "management's decision." The action was the result of repeated harassment and profanity directed at Gamebooker's customer support.  Gamebookers states that it will pay the player in full and his account will remain closed. SBR to confirm payment.

Congrats to blackbart: New 128 Man Champion!


Congratulations to SBR poster Blackbart: New 128 Man Tourney Champion!
Blackbart made it through seven tourney rounds to become Champion and take his share of the $4315 prize pool. The final 32 of 128 contestants all cashed in a piece of the prize. Congratulations also goes to runner up, poster bestplay2day and the rest of the final four, rounded out by jayc88 and aguy. Posters Robyn, Gm2022, Sharktank1, and Fearless completed the Elite Eight. | SBRforum Survivor Handicapping Contest begins Monday

Fiestabet confiscates players winnings after concluding two players are working together


Fiestabet confiscates players' winnings citing circumvented limits; downgraded from C to D+
Fiestabet has voided wagers placed in two accounts citing circumvented limits and claiming the two players wagered on many of the same plays at the same time. SBR has argued that the sportsbook should not have the opportunity to void wagers after the result. The sportsbook has no evidence suggesting the accounts are not operated by two valid account holders. SBR also stated that it is not uncommon for players to handicap games together or follow published plays, and the sportsbook is welcome to limit or close the accounts at any time. Fiestabet has also refused to pay the two players a split of the maximum wager allowed for one account. The complaint is not uncommon. Sportsbooks looking for reasons not to pay big winners have unjustly cited syndicate play. | Poster discussion: Fiestabet Huge Problem

BetGolf enters the SBR rating Guide at D-

BetGolf enters the SBR rating Guide at D-. BetGolf is part of slow-paying Costa Rica-based sportsbook group, GoTo Entertainment. SBR verified a $500 payment to an owed player from GoTo's Enterbet (SBR rating D-) last week.

IGsports (not rated) player bonus complaint

IGsports (not rated) player bonus complaint
The sportsbook invited new players to wager on five spread bets risking a minimum £20 in an effort to obtain a £100 free-play on a live soccer match. The player fulfilled the requirements but was denied his free-play. IG Sport did not offer a valid reason for denying funds but cited "higher than expected demand" suggesting it did not want to keep its side of the bargain due to it being a poor investment. SBR continues to speak with the UK-based spread betting company. IGsport is a sister bookmaker of and

GamblersPalance agrees to pay player for confiscated winnings of $117.



GamblersPalace agrees to pay player for confiscated winnings of $117The sportsbook agrees to pay $117, in addition to the $120 in winnings already collected by the player. The book kept a portion of the players winnings, which were not won with the bonus, when he cashed out. GamblersPalace acknowledges that its stated rules need to be changed in order to prohibit the withdrawing of winnings when the player chooses to take a payout before meeting the betting requirements. SBR has suggested different policies for this situation such as not allowing players to withdraw early, and prohibiting the withdrawal of funds actually won by the bonus.


Las Palmas Sportsbook Group unable to pay large sports betting winners until March


Las Palmas Sportsbook Group (Horizon 20) states they are unable to pay large balance holders until the first week of March. LasPalmas (SBR rating C-) blames the delay on frozen funds that are scheduled to be released from the bank on March 2nd. Some players have requested their funds as much as seven weeks ago. Sister sportsbook BetToucan entered the SBR Rating Guide today at C-.

Player vs. GameBookers (SBR rating B-)

Player vs. GameBookers (SBR rating B-)
Gamebookers lowered a players wagering limits. The player sends a profanity laced email in protest and requests a withdrawal of 851 Euros on 2/9/09. On 2/10/09 the player sends a new obscenity-filled email to the Gamebooker's cashier, calling them thieves and demanding his funds. Later that day the player is informed that his account is closed and funds have been seized per "management's decision." SBR is currently attempting to contact parent company Party Gaming management and will update this report.