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Stryyke cancels winning NBA wager citing suspicious betting patterns


Stryyke (SBR rating D-) has canceled a winning €50 wager on an NBA game played on April 7th between the Boston Celtics and Toronto Rapters. The line opened Boston -1.5 and closed at -5.5. A Stryyke player wagered Boston at -143 for €50. Two days after the bet was settled, Stryyke voided the play citing "suspicious betting patterns" on the match.


Our betting team and risk management decided to cancel the bet because of fraudulent pattern.For your personal information, all the betters on the event placed bets only on one team.  This pattern is defined as suspicious and the game is cancelled. live wagering dispute


A (SBR rating C-) live wagering dispute has been received. A player making live wagers on the NHL game bewteen the Buffalo Sabres and Boston Bruins had 4 wagers no-actioned. All 4 wagers were placed in the 3rd period, two of which on the Bruins +1.5 +110 and 2 on the Over 3.5 goals -165. stated to the player that the lines were supposed to be offered for the 2nd period, not the 3rd period. The player notes that when the wagers were placed, the game was already in the 3rd period. SBR is investigating the complaint.


BetFirstClass (SBR rating D) is now under new management. SBR is interested in hearing from current players about their experiences. A payment complaint was reported earlier today. The last big outstanding slow-pay complaint levied against BetFirstClass was paid following the transitional period to new ownership and management. Players with feedback on their account and payout statuses should write to, or fill out a sportsbook complaint form. | View full press release.

BetFirstClass slow-pay reported


A BetFirstClass (SBR rating D) slow-pay complaint has been reported. Three weeks ago a player requested $2472 by Western Union. The player states he has been unable to reach any BetFirstClass manager via telephone or live chat to discuss his payout status.
Editor's note - BetFirstClass has stated that Western Union pickup instructions were sent to the player two weeks ago. SBR is following up with the player.

BetOnline247 refunds player deposit after payout request


BetOnline247 (unrated) has refunded a player's deposit after a payout request was made. The player deposited $225 and increased his balance to $1267. On December 7th the player initiated a withdrawal request. BetOnline247 then refunded his deposit. This is the second reported instance of BetOnline247 refunding a deposit after a payment request. On March 6th, BetOnline247 claimed that an ownership change was pending and that winnings could not yet be paid. BetOnline247 has ignored all SBR inquiries.

CreditWagering slow-pay reported


A CreditWagering (SBR rating D) player has reported a slow-pay. The player requested a $3,000 payout on January 19th, and has yet to receive his funds. The player states that CreditWagering has attributed the delay to processor problems. SBR will update this report.

Player comments:

I have a balance of $6,059.85 at Creditwagering. I requested a check payout for $3k on January 19th, 2010. I have not received any payment since then. They have blamed it on processor problems, and promised me a free MG payout for around $800. But that has not materialized. I have always paid them on time. I have received several payments from them in the past on debit cards or MG. This near three months delay has been the longest.

WSEX addresses recently reported slow-pays


WSEX (SBR rating C-) has addressed the recently reported slow-pay complaints.


I can agree that we still have those funds outstanding for the attached clients. The condition is still the same. Presently, we are experiencing delays with completing processing for some request. Our directors are putting every effort in to cut down this extensive delay and get these checks moving. I am unable to promise a date at this time but the clients should receive these outstanding checks in less than a month. This could be 1 week to 2 weeks.

WSEX currently owes $152,525 to 28 players, with the oldest payment requested in October of 2009.

Free NBA Playoffs Contests - registering at SBRpicks


SBRforum has announced free NBA Playoffs Contests which are being held at, SBR's proprietary contest site. The contests have both cash and SBRpoint prize-pools. SBRpoints may be used to purchase merchandise at the SBR Store.

Two new WSEX slow-pay complaints reported


Two new WSEX (SBR rating C-) slow-pay complaints have been reported. Player 1 requested a payment of $150 on February 9th and has yet to receive his funds. Player 2 requested two payments, one for $450 on February 15th and one for $530 on March 24th. WSEX currently owes $152,525 to 28 players, with the oldest payment requested in October of 2009.

Player comments:

I requested cashout two days after the Superbowl. Small payout around $150. Still have not received the check. I have emailed them several times and have been told my payout is in review with management. I just stumbled upon your site and didn't realize they were having issues until now. Small dollars, but very upset considering I have been an account holder with WSEX for about 12 years. I am a small player, but would think they would not hold up and risk another complaint for a measily $150.


I have two outstanding cashout requests with WSEX. One is from February 15th for $450 and the other is from March 24th for $530. Ever since the 3 week mark, I have called WSEX every Wednesday about my 2/15 payout and am given the same runaround. "They are backedup, my payout is next in the queue, and I will receive a tracking email by the end of the week." Clearly this is a


A Stryyke (SBR rating D-) slow-pay has been reported. On January 27th a player requested a withdrawal of €1135. As of April 20th, his Moneybookers account has not been funded. Stryyke's website lists the expected Moneybookers time-frame as 24-48 hours. Stryyke's debt has increased to €18,797.20 across 22 players, with the oldest payment requested in May of 2009.

BetSportsWeb disputes player's SBR complaint


BetSportsWeb (SBR rating D+) has challenged the accuracy of the SBR report posted on April 8th. The player in the report stated to SBR that he requested a $1000 payment on March 9th, and had yet to receive his funds at the time of filing his SBR complaint. BetSportsWeb has stated that the player had not yet provided any ID documentation, and that his payment request was not processed yet due to this.

WagerHub stands by decision to confiscate $1900 in player winnings


WagerHub (SBR rating D-) is standing by its decision to confiscate $1900 in player winnings. A player deposited $500 on January 14th for a 56% freeplay and 44% cash bonus; he increased his balance to $8900 and in the process completed his 10X rollover. His account was then suspended by WagerHub for being non-recreational. WagerHub decided to pay only 80% of the player's balance stating that bonuses were only intended to be accepted by recreational players. SBR considers the action theft. SBR readers discuss WagerHub confiscation.

Canbet bonus complaint


A Canbet (SBR rating C-) bonus complaint has been received. On February 22nd, a player deposited $250 and received a $125 bonus. Canbet's T&C required the player rollover the bonus amount six times before the bonus amount would be moved into the cash balance. Canbet did not state that only certain bets count towards this rollover. It only counted bets made when a player's non-bonus balance was already tied up in wagers. There was no rule or explanation stating this policy. Canbet's interpretation of its own rules in this regard does not conform with the industry standard - unless stated otherwise, any bet made counts towards rollover.

BetAtlas players moved to BetHorizon


BetAtlas (SBR rating B-) players have been moved to sister sportsbook BetHorizon (SBR rating B-), under the HorizonSports S.A. platform, which uses BLR Technologies software. The former BetAtlas site now redirects to agent/PPH website Any players with balance discrepancies after logging into BetHorizon are asked to fill out a sportsbook complaint form.

Dimeline Sportsbook bonus complaint standstill


No progress has been made in the Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D) bonus complaint reported on SBR in March. On January 5th of 2009 a player deposited €2000 with Dimeline and slowly began to wager toward his rollover requirement. On January 1st of 2010 Dimeline removed €4505 in bonus funds from the account citing that the rollover was not met within 3 months of his deposit. The player disputes that the rollover was timed, and has provided an e-mail transcript where the Dimeline Sportsbook sales manager reiterated the bonus terms in early 2009 prior to his deposit. No such mention of a 3 month rule was intact. SBR is asking Dimeline Sportsbook to return all bonus funds to the player's account and to allow him to resume filling rollover. Any such bonus terms added by Dimeline Sportsbook after the player's deposit cannot be applied retroactively.

Two Stryyke players reportedly paid


Stryyke (SBR rating D-) has reported that two of the 23 players owed have been paid. Player #1 requested a payout of €616.90 from Stryyke on December 11th. Player #2 requested €473.85 on February 22nd. Stryyke still owes 21 players a total €17,662.20, with the oldest payment request made in May of 2009.

Editor's note: Since the time of this report, a third Stryyke player has contacted SBR reporting payment of €750 from a February 25th payment request.

Oddscompany declines to discuss funds confiscation


On April 16th SBR reported that Oddscompany (unrated) seized a player's entire balance for allegedly accessing his account with an IP linked to a second account. The player funded €90 into his account on March 24th and increased his balance to €286.10. After making a withdrawal request on April 11th, Oddscompany confiscated the entire balance and cited a line from their terms and conditions allowing the removal of up to €100 as an administrative fee if it is determined the player is linked to multiple accounts. Oddscompany stated it would not reverse its decision to SBR, and declined to elaborate.

Stryyke management to discuss slow-pays with SBR


Stryyke (SBR rating D-) management has scheduled a conference with SBR Monday morning to discuss the 23 slow-pays on file. In previous discussions Stryyke has pinned the blame on the delays to the size of their staff, volume of withdrawals, and identity verification. SBR will inquire extensively on the status of the 23 players who are collectively owed €18,752.95, with the oldest payment request made in May of 2009.

WSEX slow-pay received


A WSEX (SBR rating C-) slow-pay complaint has been received. On February 10th a player requested $995 via check, he has yet to receive his funds as of today. This is the 26th player that has contacted SBR for assistance with WSEX. WSEX owes $151,395 to players, with the oldest payment requested in October of 2009.

HeroesCasino will remain off-line


HeroesCasino (SBR rating D-) has failed to consummate a deal with new ownership as expected. HeroesCasino will remain off-line pending a bailout from another sportsbook, or a potential new buyer.

BetFred slow-pay complaint resolved


The BetFred (SBR rating B-) player from SBR's April 15th report has been paid.

Player comments:

Since filing my complaint, I am pleased to report that Betfred have now paid me in full and there are no outstanding issues with them.