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BetWay closes account citing shared environments


BetWay (SBR rating D-) has closed a player's account citing shared environments. A player opened an account and after placing a few bets had a balance of €741 frozen. The player denies being linked to any other gaming accounts. This is the second report of BetWay closing an account for this alleged violation and providing no details to the players regarding whom they are linked to, or in what capacity.


BetTango (SBR rating D-) is currently off-line. The player from SBR's January 22nd slowpay report has yet to receive payment. On December 14th he requested a withdrawal of $1,500. The player has a total balance of $9,348.63 with BetTango. BetTango's last listed phone number of 1-866-867-7995 is not functional. SBR will update this report should BetTango come back online. Players that have unpaid balances with BetTango are advised to file a sportsbook complaint form.

BetFirstClass payment complaint


A BetFirstClass (SBR rating D) player has reported that he has waited for more than a month for his payout. The BetFirstClass owner, commonly referred to as "BFC Mike" was taken into US custody for tax evasion on February 14th. BetFirstClass stated that things were business as usual following the arrest. This is the first documented report of a BFC slowpay since SBR's February 14th report.

BetSportsWeb payment plans


The BetSportsWeb (SBR rating D+) players from SBR's reports the last three months are still on payment plans. The first player requested $5000 in January and has been slowly receiving installments of $750. The second player requested a payout of $2395 on January 27th and has received $300 payments. SBR is in communication with BetSportsWeb on behalf of the players.

Two new Stryyke slowpays reported


Stryyke (SBR rating D) players have filed two new slowpay complaints. Player 1 requested payment of €432 on January 11th of 2009. The player also states that Stryyke has yet to settle wagers he made on games which completed more than one month ago. No support has been provided to the player by Stryyke. Player 2 requested €912.95 on January 18th and has yet to receive his funds. In total Stryyke owes €15,233.95 to 15 players. The earliest payment was requested in August of 2009.


A BetWay (SBR rating D-) player has filed a sportsbook complaint. The player deposited 200 PLN into his account and proceeded to increase it to 350 PLN. The player's account was then closed and his deposit, minus a 10% fee for 'operation cost', was refunded. BetWay stated in a subsequent email to the player that he was linked to a number of other gaming accounts. BetWay did not elaborate. The player adamantly denies having any such connection to any other accounts. SBR is investigating.

SBR Poker Freeroll tonight $1,000 prize pool


SBR Forum is running a $1,000 poker freeroll tonight at 8:05PM ET. There's still time to reserve your spot, simply visit the signup thread and send a private message via SBR to user SBRpoker to retrieve the password.

Stryyke rejects payouts due to alleged chipdumping


Stryyke (SBR rating D) has canceled a player's €1950 cashout request due to alleged chipdumping. Stryyke has not offered any evidence to demonstrate the chipdumping. Chipdumping in poker is a commonly used tactic exercised by scammers that have deposited with insufficient funds and are attempting to move money to multiple third parties. SBR is investigating the complaint.

Casineto management addresses more slowpay complaints


Casineto (SBR rating D-) management has addressed more slowpay complaints with SBR. Casineto has claimed that four players on SBR's slowpay list were paid today for a total of $4,267. Casineto has also stated that fifteen other players on the list were scheduled to be paid by March 19th; these players are owed a total of $8,931, the earliest payment was requested June 13th 2009. Casineto has claimed that two of the players on the list could not be identified. SBR will relay the message to the players and attempt to bridge the communication gap.

Stryyke management rejects payments due to alleged fraud


Stryyke (SBR rating D) has rejected 5 payouts of the 13 slowpays submitted to SBR on the grounds of fraud. Stryyke players have not reported receiving an explanation of the infractions committed nor receiving their deposits back. SBR is inquiring with Stryyke on whether or not the claims of fraud will be substantiated. Even in cases of obvious fraud, the industry standard is to refund deposits. In total €13,889 is owed to 13 players with the earliest payment request initiated in August of 2009. SBR will update this report pending Stryyke managements explanation.

Congratulations to 256 Man contest winners


Congratulations to SBRforum's 256 Man handicapping contest winners! The free bracket contest gave away $3750 in prizing to the top 16 players. SBR's 'big joe 1212' bested the field and took home the top prize. View other free handicapping contests, including SBRforum's Free March Madness Bracket Contest which divides $15,000 among the top 20.

Mansion 88 account closure case update


On 3/5 SBR reported that Mansion88 (unrated) closed a player's account with a $1284 balance, and refunded his $500 deposit citing multiple accounts. In ensuing communication with Mansion88 management, it was claimed that the situation was resolved. SBR received an email from the player refuting this statement and that he has still not been contacted by Mansion nor been credited the remainder of his funds.

Free Bracket Tournament: $15,000 to top 20


There is a limited amount of time left to register in SBR Forum's Free Bracket Tournament. Selection Sunday takes place tomorrow night and at that point the draw will be known. Tipoff of the first bracket game takes place on Thursday March 189th. There is a $15,000 prize-pool up for grabs to the top 20 contestants. | Bracket Tourney forum discussion

Stryyke addresses complaint


Stryyke (SBR rating D) has addressed a complaint filed on March 1st. A player complained that his withdrawal of €789.50 via Moneybookers requested on February 25th had not yet been paid. After investigating with Stryyke, it was alleged that the player circumvented his wagering limits. Stryyke stated that it would consider closing his account and refunding only his deposit. The industry standard when wagering limits are circumvented is to honor all winnings and then sanction the account, either by way or warning or ejection. SBR is asking Stryyke to pay all winnings to the player.

BetDOS live help taken off-line


BetDOS (SBR rating D+) has taken its live chat software off-line. The location now contains an image placeholder to purchase live chat software. BetDOS has been unresponsive both to players and SBR inquiries. Players are advised to cease wagering with BetDOS until the sportsbook proves it has the means to pay out winners.

Casineto reviews complaint list


Casineto (SBR rating D-) has stated that 12 players that filed slowpay complaints with SBR have been paid for a combined $3,538;the earliest payout was requested September 6th of 2009. Casineto has claimed the other 18 players on the list would receive payment but did not specify a timeline. The oldest payment request was made on June of 2009 for $500. In total Casineto still has a reported $13,198 in player debt.


We are paying the rest of your list continuously and we will immediately let you know as we will finish it. We are open to discuss any problems with SBR and we will do our best in order to no such delay will occur.
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CasiNETo Support Team



A BetDOS (SBR rating D+) complaint has been filed. On March 5th a player deposited €460 to his BetDOS account via Moneybookers. The amount credited to the player was instead $460, subsequent emails to BetDOS requesting the currency to be corrected have went unanswered. SBR is investigating.

Casineto management to address outstanding slowpay complaints


Casineto (SBR rating D-) has stated that a player who requested payment of $1,000 in January has been paid. Casineto also inquired on how to improve its mark of D- at SBR; the list of thirty slowpay complaints dating back to June of 2009 was again supplied to Casineto for review. Players have reported being owed $17,321 in total. SBR will update this report as Casineto addresses the outstanding complaints.

BetSportsWeb slowpay complaint


A BetSportsWeb (SBR rating D+) slowpay complaint has been filed. In mid-January, a player's account was suspended by BetSportsWeb. The balance held $7500. The player received a $2400 payment via book-to-book transfer. The remaining $5100 has yet to be paid. No indication has been given to the player when the remainder of his balance will be paid. SBR is investigating.

Oddsmaker slowpay complaint


An Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) slowpay complaint has been filed. A player requested a $620 payout on January 28th and has yet to receive payment. SBR will contact Oddsmaker to inquire on the payment status.

Dimeline bonus dispute update


On 3/3 SBR reported an update to the 3/2 Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D) complaint. Dimeline has since retracted their statements that the player received double his signup bonus in error. Dimeline attributes supplying erroneous information due to a mixup in accounts. Both sides agree that rollover has not been completed, however, the player disagrees that Dimeline had a posted rule on completing rollover within 3 months at the time of his deposit in January of 2009. The dispute will remain open until SBR can verify when the rule came into effect via page indexing, which may take up to a year.

BetOnline247 refunds player deposit; claims ownership change pending


On December 3rd, a BetOnline247 (unrated) player requested a withdrawal of $800. BetOnline247 paid only $72, which was the amount of the player's deposit. In ensuing discussion with the player, BetOnline247 claimed to be in the process of an ownership change and that all players were refunded deposits but would be paid in full. | BetOnline247 forum discussion


We are in transition of selling the site to new owners and players will be paid.  We refunded all deposited money in full to all the players.

Bet911 canceled bet update


Bet911 (SBR rating C-) has decided to honor the players wager from SBR's March 2nd report. Although Bet911 canceled the bet between Roda JC and Hercales minutes before the game began, after internal review it was realized that the line of +115 was not bad but instead a fair market number which later moved. Bet911 was late in reacting to the market change and has thus decided to credit the player the winnings for the play.

Mansion88 closes player account and refunds deposit


Mansion88 (unrated) has closed a players account which held a $1284 balance. Mansion88's security department flagged the player for allegedly having multiple accounts registered on one IP address. The player states that his internet service provider assigns dynamic IP addresses which may explain why other users within the same area are linked to that IP. Mansion refunded the players $500 deposit. SBR is investigating the complaint.