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BetSportsWeb finishes payment installments with player


BetSportsWeb (SBR rating D+) has finished its payment installments to a player that requested $2857 in November 2009.  The player was paid between each $150-$250 each installment. SBR reported on March 19th that two other BetSportsWeb players were also being slow-paid for a combined $7,395.

Player comments:

Dear SBR,
Finally I received everything from BetSportsWeb! They sent me my last portion of $170 yesterday. Recapitualtion is as follows:
My balance was $2857 in the middle of November 2009. They paid me in 15 installments between $150 - $250. It took them 4 months and a half. They collected $10 per withdrawal. Nevertheless that players deserve one free payout per month. As a conclusion, at least for me, BetSportSWeb is one of the most pitiful ofshore bookmaker. I'd like once again to thank you about the support with my complaint against BetSportSWeb!

Bwin account closure complaints


SBR has received 5 similiar Bwin (SBR rating C-) complaints. In each complaint, players' accounts were closed without notice by Bwin. Bwin later stated to SBR that it declines all hand written ID's from Ukraine and Russia, and that ID's must be machine readadable. SBR is continuing its discussion with Bwin on its customer service.

BetDOS still off-line with player funds


On 3/23 SBR reported that BetDOS was taken off-line by its hosting provider. BetDOS (SBR rating D-) was downgraded  on March 22nd by SBR due to its continued poor customer service and non-existant dispute relations. BetDOS failed to pay its software provider and was subsequently taken off-line. SBR will update this report as more information is learned.

SBRforum announces MLB opening week contest


SBRforum has announced an MLB opening week contest. The contest awards the top two contestants merchandise from the SBR Store, the third place finisher will receive 150 SBR Points. The contest is registering on SBR Picks; a free handicapping contests site for SBR posters.

Congrats SBR Poker winners; last $1,000 event registering


Congrats to SBR poker winners from $1,000 freeroll #4. SBRforum has run four poker freerolls throughout March Madness and given away $4,000 to SBRforum members. Event #5 takes place Thursday April 1st at 8:05PM ET. | View poker freeroll registration thread.


Two players have filed GoToCasino (SBR rating D-) slowpay complaints. Player one requested $650 on March 1st and had his transaction canceled. GoToCasino informed the player that they were unable to process his payout at that time. Player two has a balance of $2017.55; the player states that after one year of calling GoToCasino numerous times a partial payment of $300 was sent via MoneyGram. The player requested for his account to be closed last week. These are not the first instances of GoToCasino stalling winners; SBR has assisted with GoTocasino player complaints since June of 2005.

New Casineto slow-pay reported


A new Casineto (SBR rating D-) slow-pay has been reported. The player requested a withdrawal of $1400 on May 30th, and has yet to receive his funds. Earlier this week SBR reported that Casineto management claimed all outstanding slow-pay complaints have been settled. SBR will followup with Casineto on the case.

BetDOS update: hosting provider disables sportsbook due to non-payment


Earlier today SBR reported that BetDOS (SBR rating D-) was off-line. SBR later spoke with the hosting company that provides betting software to BetDOS and it was stated that BetDOS was late in providing payment for the hosting services and subsequently disabled. BetDOS has failed to return communication to players or SBR in the last month. SBR considers BetDOS a high risk sportsbook to be avoided by players.

Update: A new BetDOS slowpay complaint has been filed. A player requested 650 GBP on February 21st and has yet to receive his funds or an update from BetDOS.


I requested a payout 650 GBP in February, 21 but still have not an answer. The last e-mail I received at that day but after that was no answer. Now as I see the website is close.

BetDOS off-line


BetDOS (SBR rating D-) is now off-line. SBR reported yesterday that BetDOS was displaying a message to all account holders that their accounts were deactivated; today the site is completely off-line. BetDOS racked up a bevy of complaints in the last month, including payout complaints, and complaints where BetDOS credited the wrong currency and never adjusted their mistake.


BetPresto (unrated) has been taken off-line. The site was formerly online as Sunderlands sportsbook. On November 30th of 2009 a player requested his €5119.10 balance via bankwire. The funds never arrived. In the beginning of 2010 Sunderlands redirected to BetPresto. The BetPresto homepage now displays the following message:


Please note that SOL Curacao NV that operated that subsequently became BetPresto has been taken over, and a decision has been made to close this site down.

If you still hold a balance in the account of BetPresto, kindly contact us via Live Chat or by e-mail at

Sunderlands/BetPresto has declined to engage in discussions with SBR. Players owed funds from Sunderlands/BetPresto are advised to file sportsbook complaint forms in the event that the off-line sportsbook begins to communicate regarding payouts.


Casineto (SBR rating D-) management has claimed that all fifteen remaining slowpays reported to SBR have been cleared. Casineto has stated that all fifteen players were paid this morning for a total of $9,111. SBR will contact the players to confirm. So far one payment has been confirmed for $3,000. The payment was requested on December 1st.

BetDOS users report deactivated account messages


Multiple BetDOS (SBR rating D-) players have written in today stating the sportsbook is displaying a message that their accounts have been deactived. The message is as displayed as follows:


"Alert message !Please contact customer service to activate your account."

This message comes on the heels of a number of unanswered complaints levied against BetDOS in the last month. BetDOS players are advised to submit sportsbook complaint reports stating their account status, if any funds are owed, and how long they have been waiting for payment. BetDOS has declined to discuss the details of complaints with SBR. SBR will update this report as BetDOS' status changes.

WSEX payment struggles: payout size determining place in queue


WSEX (SBR rating C) has five outstanding slowpay complaints for a total of $43,000. The oldest payout request was made on October 20th of 2009. WSEX has cleared most payments within 90 days.  WSEX paid a player in the last week that requested a $2500 Neteller payment on February 11th. WSEX management has conceded that payment times are dictated by the size of the withdrawal request. SBR is continuing to monitor the situation and asks any players currently owed by WSEX to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

BetDOS disables account of player credited wrong currency


BetDOS (SBR rating D-) has disabled the account of the player from SBR's March 3rd complaint. The player funded his account with a €460 deposit on March 5th via Moneybookers. BetDOS instead credited his $460 and ignored subesequent emails requesting to have the amount corrected. BetDOS has not communicated with SBR. BetDOS has been downgraded to a rating of D-.

Casineto payment complaint filed


A Casineto (SBR rating D-) payment complaint has been filed. A player requested $180 one month ago and has yet to receive his funds. In total fifteen Casineto players have filed slow-pay complaints with SBR; the players are owed a collective $9,111 with the earliest payment requested June 13th of 2009.

BetFirstClass slow-pay update


SBR discusses payout delay of $10,000 with BetFirstClass (SBR rating D). BetFirstClass management states to SBR that the payout delay is attributed to administration issues following ownership's absence. BetFirstClass' owner was taken into US custody on charges of tax evasion on February 14th. No other BetFirstClass withdrawal complaints have been reported. Players are urged to use caution with BetFirstClass as the company structure is solidified.

BetWay closes account citing shared environments


BetWay (SBR rating D-) has closed a player's account citing shared environments. A player opened an account and after placing a few bets had a balance of €741 frozen. The player denies being linked to any other gaming accounts. This is the second report of BetWay closing an account for this alleged violation and providing no details to the players regarding whom they are linked to, or in what capacity.


BetTango (SBR rating D-) is currently off-line. The player from SBR's January 22nd slowpay report has yet to receive payment. On December 14th he requested a withdrawal of $1,500. The player has a total balance of $9,348.63 with BetTango. BetTango's last listed phone number of 1-866-867-7995 is not functional. SBR will update this report should BetTango come back online. Players that have unpaid balances with BetTango are advised to file a sportsbook complaint form.

BetFirstClass payment complaint


A BetFirstClass (SBR rating D) player has reported that he has waited for more than a month for his payout. The BetFirstClass owner, commonly referred to as "BFC Mike" was taken into US custody for tax evasion on February 14th. BetFirstClass stated that things were business as usual following the arrest. This is the first documented report of a BFC slowpay since SBR's February 14th report.

BetSportsWeb payment plans


The BetSportsWeb (SBR rating D+) players from SBR's reports the last three months are still on payment plans. The first player requested $5000 in January and has been slowly receiving installments of $750. The second player requested a payout of $2395 on January 27th and has received $300 payments. SBR is in communication with BetSportsWeb on behalf of the players.

Two new Stryyke slowpays reported


Stryyke (SBR rating D) players have filed two new slowpay complaints. Player 1 requested payment of €432 on January 11th of 2009. The player also states that Stryyke has yet to settle wagers he made on games which completed more than one month ago. No support has been provided to the player by Stryyke. Player 2 requested €912.95 on January 18th and has yet to receive his funds. In total Stryyke owes €15,233.95 to 15 players. The earliest payment was requested in August of 2009.


A BetWay (SBR rating D-) player has filed a sportsbook complaint. The player deposited 200 PLN into his account and proceeded to increase it to 350 PLN. The player's account was then closed and his deposit, minus a 10% fee for 'operation cost', was refunded. BetWay stated in a subsequent email to the player that he was linked to a number of other gaming accounts. BetWay did not elaborate. The player adamantly denies having any such connection to any other accounts. SBR is investigating.

SBR Poker Freeroll tonight $1,000 prize pool


SBR Forum is running a $1,000 poker freeroll tonight at 8:05PM ET. There's still time to reserve your spot, simply visit the signup thread and send a private message via SBR to user SBRpoker to retrieve the password.