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Stryyke player reports payment


A Stryyke (SBR rating D) player has reported payment. On January 13th the player requested a €200 payment to his Moneybookers account. Eight Stryyke players have filed complaints over the last month reporting a total €4769.31 in owed funds. Stryyke has informed SBR that the manager who would receive player disputes has left the company. Stryyke has stated that it intends to work with SBR in updating the status of players who are owed. Stryyke has not directly commented on what has contributed to the payment delays.


Yes,i received my withdrawal today,200 euros via mb.Thanks for the help.I really appreciate that.


A Casineto (SBR rating D-) player has filed a slowplay complaint.  On September 9th & 23rd the player requested a cashout of $450 and $300. Since that time he has sent multiple emails to Casineto inquiring on the status of his funds, and has received only generic updates that his funds would soon be paid. Casineto is a smaller operation which has struggled in the past with prompt payment of players. SBR has a record of over fifteen outstanding slowpay complaints totaling $6660 in owed player funds. SBR will address this complaint and others with Casineto.

BetDOS slow pay reported


A fourth BetDOS (SBR rating D+) slowpay complaint has been reported. On December 18th a player requested €400. BetDOS has not provided a timeline for his withdrawal request. In total BetDOS has four outstanding slowpay complaints totaling *$3841 in owed player funds. The payouts were reqeusted December 10th, 18th, and January 4th, 12th.
-+€400 converted to $556 per exchange rate

Player comments:

I have an account with BETDOS and waiting for payout for 1 month. I have requested it 12-18-2009 for €400



WagerHub (unrated) has confiscated $8,200 in player winnings citing nonrecreational play. On January 14th a player funded $500 to his WagerHub account by credit card. After one week of play his account balance increased to $6,000. On January 22nd the player was sent an email that he was being limited to $250 per wager. The player continued to bet with his new limits and increased his balance to $8,200. WagerHub then closed the account stating that the bets were nonrecreational, and that the $500 deposit would be refunded.  SBR considers the action theft and will communicate this point to WagerHub. | View full WagerHub sportsbook complaint.


Four new Stryyke (SBR rating D) slowpay complaints have been reported totaling €1261.50 in owed player funds. Over the last four weeks, Stryyke players have reported being owed €4969.31 with payments requested as early as October 18th.

Bet911 bonus complaint resolved


The Bet911 (SBR rating C-) bonus complaint from SBR's 1/31 report was resolved. The player confirmed receiving his balance minus a $35 withdrawal fee.


A Bet911 (SBR rating C-) player has filed a sportsbook bonus complaint. After placing two wagers Bet911 limited the player to $25 across the board while still having $4K remaining in rollover. SBR will followup on the case with Bet911.


Six new Stryyke (SBR rating D) slow payment complaints have been filed with SportsBookReview. The oldest payment request was made on October 18th for €1299. Two of the payouts were requested in November for a total €1532 in owed funds, with the remaining three requested in December and January. The total amount Stryyke owes to the six players is €3707. This brings the figure of total funds owed players that have filed complaints with SBR up to €14,042. Fifteen players have outstanding disputes against Stryyke.


We apologize the payout takes so much time, but please be sure we will send the money as soon as possible. With kind regards Stryyke Issues Team"

WagerHub supplies erroneous Moneygram instructions to player two times


On December 21st, a player requested a $1400 withdrawal from WagerHub (unrated). On December 23rd WagerHub provided the player with a reference number which Moneygram rejected as being nonexistant. The following day WagerHub again supplied the player with a nonexistant Moneygram reference number.  WagerHub refused to discuss the details of the invalid Moneygram reference numbers with SBR, but did state that the player would have a payment sent on January 19th. No such payment was made. Players with disputes against WagerHub may submit a sportsbook complaint form.

BetEd voids $15,090 in casino winnings citing software malfunctions


BetEd (SBR rating B-) has voided $15,090 in casino winnings for two players citing software malfunction. The first player began playing Baccarat with $20, running his balance up to $10,068. His winnings were voided, and he was given $220 in credits for his play leading to BetEd finding the alleged error. BetEd explains that there was a programming mistake made during a game update in the last month.


When both sides were bet, the banker side was dealt twice in the initial draw. This leads to a lower average banker total on the initial draw, as only the first two cards are used, in ascending order of their value. This resulted in a higher player-side win rate in this situation. If the customer bet both sides, and bet a higher amount on player side, he would win at a much higher rate than standard house odds.

Player #2 took $50 into slot game Mystic Number. He increased his balance to $5022 before his winnings were voided. BetEd has stated that the expected odds of each slot symbol is weighted with a certain value, and in the case of Mystic number there was a programming error which prompted BetEd to remove the game from its casino.

In both of these cases, the software operated as it was programmed. Neither player hacked into the software or did anything to change its operation. The fault for the game failure lies entirely with BetEd and the programmers contracted to design its games. Online casinos are obligated to ensure its game operate correctly before offering them to the public. SBR is asking that BetEd reconsider its decision and pay the players.

Stryyke slow pay problems


A new Stryyke (SBR rating D) slow pay has been reported. A player withdrew €246 on January 1st and receieved an automated message that the payment would be processed soon. Eight Stryyke slow pay cases are outstanding with the earliest payout request made on September 1st. The total amount of player funds owed is €10,335. Stryyke players with complaints are invited to submit sportsbook complaint forms. | View Stryyke forum discussion


On 12/29 SBR reported on an Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) slow pay complaint. A player requested $1000 via bankwire on November 1st. After waiting a month beyond Oddsmaker's listed expected timeframe of 8 to 12  businessdays it was learned that the reason the payment was not applied was the player submit erroneous banking info. On 12/29 the correct information was supplied. As of 1/28 the payment has still not been made. SBR will ask Oddsmaker for an update.

Enterbet states that it will intentionally slow pay correlated parlay players


Two EnterBet (SBR rating D-) players have filed slow pay complaints with SBR in the last month. The first player requested his $4000 balance 18 months ago, while the second player requested $1500 in early November. In a discussion with EnterBet management on behalf of the two players, EnterBet stated the following:


"These two players were verbally warned not to play correlated parlays. They'll get paid, but I am going to slowpay anyone that does this."


Correlated bets are wagers where the favorite is parlayed with the over, or dog with the under in the same game, or parlaying two bets where winning the first leg makes the second more likely to win. The industry standard in dealing with correlated bets is to block games with too high of a correlation between the pointspread and total from being accepted by the betting software. Enterbet chose to instead accept all correlated parlays. SBR is continuing to speak with EnterBet on the unprecedented decision to intentionally slow pay the winning players.



Bet Tango has been added to the SBR Sportsbooks Rating Guide at D-.  SBR is currently speaking to BetTango's former hosting provider, Metallic Sports, who are willing to address any player balances held when the sportsbook was using its services. Metallic last hosted BetTango on October 22nd. SBR is attempting to speak with the current host provider. Sources tell SBR that the two owner partners claim to have passed the sportsbook on to a new party "who were supposed to take care of all players". SBR has received four player complaints from Bet Tango users that have reported being owed $3400 since as early as November 1st. One player requested $1500 on December 15th and holds a $9348.63 balance with Bet Tango.

Stryyke players hit SBR message board with slow pay complaints


SBR has reported on multiple Stryyke (SBR rating D) slow pay cases in the last three months. Stryyke initially began to work with SBR on handling complaints but as of the last two months discussion has slowed, adding to player speculation that the Malta based sportsbook is experiencing financial hardship. One SBRforum reader detailed being owed €200 since December 11th. SBR will continue its efforts to reach Stryyke and will update its report when more information becomes available. | View Stryyke forum discussion.


Bet247USA (SBR rating D) has confiscated $2200 in winnings and $500 in earned bonuses. On November 12th a player deposited $500 by Moneygram and received a $500 cash bonus. By December 21st the player met his 10X rollover and increased his balance to $3200. He proceeded to make a withdrawal request, which was then cancelled by Bet247USA. $2200 in winnings were docked along with $500 of the earned bonus cash. The player was left with a $500 balance. Bet247USA has justified its decision by stating that bonuses are not intended to be used by professional players. SBR has downgraded Bet247USA to D- and considers the action theft.


A new Stryyke (SBR rating D) slowpay complaint has been filed. A player requested a 1000 withdrawal on December 3rd to his Moneybookers account. Stryyke has responded to the player's emails with a generic message stating that his payout request is still processing.

More details emerge in BetTango slow pay complaint


On 1/22 SBR first reported on a BetTango (unrated) slow pay complaint. The player created his BetTango account on November 9th. The account was funded via Moneybookers for $340. After being unable to contact BetTango via their listed phone numbers, the player contacted Moneybookers as BetTango was promoted on their website under their gaming promotion advertisements. Moneybookers supplied an email point of contact for BetTango. On December 14th, the player requested a $1900 cashout back to his Moneybookers account. On December 16th the player was informed his payment would be processed within the next 24 hours. After another 7 days of waiting, BetTango claimed to be in the process of moving funds around and did not specify when the player could expect payment. 40 days have passed and the player's Moneybookers account has yet to be funded by BetTango. SBR will followup on the complaint. | View BetTango forum discussion

Bet The Globe closes player account and stalls payout


BetTheGlobe (SBR rating D+) has closed the account of a winning player who held a balance of $2,173. At the time of the account closure the player had two check withdrawal requests pending for $1000 and $739 each. The player attempted to inquire about initating a withdrawal for the remainder of his balance but Bet The Globe has failed to respond to his emails. BetTheGlobe does not offer a phone line for customer service. As of 1/21 the player was informed by live chat that his funds would be sent soon. SBR will contact Bet The Globe for an update.


A Bet Tango (unrated) player has written to SBR with a payment complaint. On December 14th the player made a payout request and has since not received his funds. Additionally, shortly after making the payment request the player has been locked out of his account. The player discovered Bet Tango via a Moneybookers promotion. SBR will investigate into the complaint and Bet Tango further. If any player has feedback or a similar payment complaint against Bet Tango, file a sportsbook complaint form.

Casineto discusses payment complaint with SBR


Casineto (SBR rating D-) has addressed the recently filed payment complaint from January 21st. A player reported waiting over three weeks for a $380 payment; according to the Casineto website the expected payment time was 48 hours. Casineto has informed SBR they will investigate the complaint and settle the account.  Casineto has had 15 slow pays reported against them totaling $5910 in player funds owed prior to this complaint - SBR waits for an update from those players to confirm whether or not their cases remain outstanding.

SBR posters donate SBRpoints to charity


SBR posters have donated thousands of SBR loyalty points to help those in need. The amount of charitable contributions to the Salvation Army, St. Judes children's hospital, Red Cross, and PETA have totaled $2,280. SBR points are accrued via SBR Forum participation. Points can be redeemed for a variety of items at the SBR Store.

Casineto player files payment complaint


A Casineto (SBR rating D-) player has filed a payment complaint. The player states that the Casineto website advises payments are sent within 48 hours of being requested, however it is now week three and his $380 payment request has not been completed.