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Stryyke slowpays: new total €25,183.20


Four new Stryyke (SBR rating D-) payment complaints have been reported. The players are owed a combined €3340. Stryyke has declined to discuss their growing number of withdrawal delays with SBR. In total 32 players have written to SBR for sportsbook dispute assistance with Stryyke. Stryyke's debt to players is now €25,183.20; the earliest payment request was made in May of 2009.

Stryyke player:

I have two withdrawal requests from Stryyke - on 31.12.2009(630 Euro) and on 24.02.2010(310 Euro) - total amount of 940 Euro. Both withdrawals are to bank account. I'm still did not receive the money. I've send them e-mails, but from 2 months they even did not answer me. Before that the answers are same - "Hello, The length of pay-out time always does vary, depending on amount and even the method chosen. Unfortunately, in certain case, we are obliged to perform also certain KYC." I know about Stryyke slow payouts and decided to contact you. I hope you can help me to get my money. Thanks in advance.

Casineto addresses SBR complaints


Casineto (SBR rating D-) has addressed the slow-pay complaints reported on SBR on May 5th. Casineto has claimed that all 11 players will receive payment by May 25th, but provided no explanation as to the lengthy withdrawal delays.


Each withdrawal request will be settled by 25th of May. We apologize for the inconveniences!


On January 28th SBR reported an update to an Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) slow-pay complaint. The player requested $1,000 via bankwire on November 1st. Oddsmaker addressed the report by stating the player provided erroneous banking instructions; then later clarified to the player that it was their accounting department  who had muffed up the details. As of May 7th the player's bank wire has still not been received. SBR is waiting for Oddsmaker to address the situation.

WSEX slow-pay reported


A WSEX (SBR rating C-) slow-pay has been reported. The player requested $350 via check on March 11th and has yet to receive his funds. WSEX currently owes 32 players that have filed SBR complaints $163,361, with the oldest payment requested in October of 2009.


BetAfterBet (SBR rating F) is still off-line with players funds. SBR received 3 sportsbook complaints from BetAfterBet players this week that were never paid their balances. These players are owed €1,592 collectively. SBR has 53 no-pay complaints on file from BetAfterBet players for €41,592

Bet911 announces it is broke and unable to give players their funds


Bet911 (SBR rating F) has announced that their sportsbook is insolvent, and cannot pay winners their balances. Bet911 was the subject of a May 3rd report regarding Moneybookers slow-pay complaints. Moneybookers addressed the report by stating that Bet911 had no money in its merchant account. Bet911 claimed initially on April 29th that fraudulent transactions had taken place from Moneybookers users, and that an internal investigation needed to be completed before payouts could be processed. Today Bet911 retracted that remark by issuing the following statement to players at SBRforum:

Bet911 Robert:

Bet911 has no funds to pay our players at this time. I want everyone to know that we are doing our best to relocate all of bet911 players with another book that will honor all the funds you have in your accounts and the withdraws that you are all requesting. We have no funds cause you the players have beaten us. It is that easy. We are honorable and are trying to either sell the book or find some partners that will back us up with funds. My estimated date for resolvement of this issue is the 21 of May to the end of May. Yes there is a chance that we may not find anyone, but I am trying my best and I will keep you all updated as to what is happening when something does happen.

Bet911 has been downgraded to F. SBR is aware of at least one sportsbook looking at the possibility of taking over player balances. Bet911 has a higher than average amount of sharp players that make the acquisition undesirable to most potential suiters. Bet911 has been attempting to partner or sell to another sportsbook for at least the past year. Bet911 offered too-good-to-be-true bonuses in conjunction with reduced juice pricing; a very risky model especially for a sportsbook that has to balance its own costs and processing without the help of a white label host. | SBRforum: Bet911 admits to stealing funds

BetGun sportsbook complaint


A BetGun (SBR rating D+) sportsbook complaint has been received. A player placed a winning parlay bet on Stanley Wawrinka and FC Lorient's ATP Matches which should have paid €453.81. The player logged into his account to check his balance after the parlay bet won and found that his stake was refunded by BetGun. BetGun stated to the player that they reserve the right to cancel wagers. SBR is investigating the complaint.

188Bet player complaint - sportsbook voids balance


A 188Bet (unrated) sportsbook complaint has been received. On May 1st a player deposited via Moneybookers before zeroing out his account. The player then funded twice by debit card for $450 and $400. After placing a few wagers, 188Bet adjusted his balance to zero, then asked the player to provide ID documents. The player obliged and sent his ID right away, but did not respond to 188Bet's request for a bank statement showing his address within a 48 hour window - so 188Bet refunded $450 in deposits to the player's credit card. The player points out that his total deposits for the time period that his deposits were voided in is $850.

SBR is following up with 188Bet.


Since SBR's last Stryyke (SBR rating D-) slow-pay update on May 4th, six new player complaints have been filed. The players are owed a combined €3,046, the earliest payment was requested in June of 2009. Stryyke has not replied to SBR inquiries discussing payment delays in the last month. Stryyke owes 28 players €21,843.20. | Read Stryyke player complaints.

BetFirstClass player reports slow-pay


On April 21st, a BetFirstClass (SBR rating D) player reported a slow-pay of $2472. BetFirstClass adressed the dispute filed with SBR, and stated the player was already e-mailed pickup instructions. SBR followed up on this information and the player acknowledged the initial confusion on his first payout request, but stated that his subsequent withdrawal request of $2472 made on April 7th is still outstanding.

BetFirstClass Player:

I got your last e-mail for about they pay me us2000 for my request 2500 on 30th. Then i requset again 2472 amount on 7th april again and rigth now also no paid. judge send e-mail to me say will payout to me :here is the copy the e-mail:


Your payout is being sent out tomorrow morning. I apologize for the delay but I have been sick for the past five days and not in the office to check emails.

This is the second slow-pay complaint in the last two months reported against BetFirstClass following the arrest of "BFC Mike". BetFirstClass

BetKlass sportsbook complaint


A complaint has been filed against BetKlass sportsbook (unrated). On March 20th a player deposited €899.44 into his account, and as of April 20th received a confirmation that his ID and address documents were approved. After two weeks of play he increased his balance to €1131.71, then requested a withdrawal via Moneybookers on April 24th. BetKlass canceled the withdrawal request and informed the player that more information would be provided to the player in the coming days. As of May 5th no explanation on the withdrawal cancelation has been provided to the player. SBR is following up on the complaint.

Casineto pays player after 7 month delay


Casineto (SBR rating D-) has claimed that the player from SBR's April 25th report has now been paid. The player requested $54 on October 8th. Casineto provided no explanation for the delay, nor did they address the other 11 slow-pays on file. Casineto's debt to players is $5357, the earliest payment request was made in May of 2009.

Casineto player:

I'm glad to confirm I received the money from Casineto! I cant believe it! Thank you very much for your entire support.



A Bet365 (SBR rating C) complaint has been received. On March 13th a player signed up via Bet365 and began placing wagers. After increasing his balance to €7600, Bet365 froze the account and requested ID. The player sent a copy of his ID to Bet365. After contacting Bet365 a number of times since his account was frozen on March 17th, the player has been provided no new information regarding his account status . SBR is investigating the complaint.

BetOnBet (SBR rating F) remains off-line with player funds


BetOnBet (SBR rating F) remains off-line with player funds. The Malta based sportsbook went off-line in August of 2009 and at the time displayed a message to players that complaints could be lodged wth liquidators. Thirty two players filled out sportsbook complaint foms with SBR. BetOnBet owes these players $26,990.

BetOnBet player:

In July 2009 I made a withdrawal of 450€, but BetonBet never pay me.I had talk to live chat, send emails and the answer was always the same "We will pay you soon."Then Betonbet closes and I never more have a contacto to claim. My only claim was at you (SBR). It´s possible to get my "lost" money?


Six Casineto (SBR rating D-) slow-pay complaints have been filed. In total the players are owed $947 with payments requested from August 2009 through April of 2010. This increases Casineto's number of slow-pay complaints to 12. Casineto's debt to players is now $5411. Casineto management has declined to discuss the payment delays with SBR.


We are sorry for the delay in your payment! The transactions are in progress and our players are paid continuously so your winnings will arrive within a short time. Thank you for your understanding in the meantime! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Stryyke sportsbook declines to discuss outstanding slow-pays


Stryyke (SBR rating D-) has declined to discuss the 22 outstanding slow-pays and €18,797.20 in player debt with SBR. Stryyke initially addressed SBR inquiries, the last reported payment from a Stryyke player was on March 3rd. Since this time, Stryyke has objected to the coverage received on SBR and made the decision to withdraw from discussions with SBR regarding player payment delays. Stryyke has claimed that most delays are caused by lengthy verification procedures, volume of withdrawals and the size of their staff. Stryyke is controlled by a marketing company based in Australia although they claim the sportsbook is operated in Malta.

Moneybookers addresses Bet911 complaints


On April 28th, SBR received complaints that Bet911 (SBR rating C-) was not paying players out via Moneybookers. After one day, Bet911 addressed the reports by claiming that multiple fraudulent transactions were made by their players using the Moneybookers system. Bet911 initially vowed to pay players out via alternate methods, such as by check, before back-tracking and declaring that no player who requested a Moneybookers withdrawal would be paid prior to completion of an internal investigation. Despite this statement, hours earlier the player from SBR's April 29th newswire reported payment. Bet911 has not returned any of SBR's communication since April 29th. Additionally, Moneybookers has taken issue with Bet911's stance concerning why players were not being paid out via Moneybookers. Moneybookers has stated to SBR that Bet911 has insufficient funds to complete their payments to customers. SBR has lowered Bet911's rating to C-.


The customers didn’t receive their payouts from because they don’t have the funds to complete their payouts. If you have any questions on this please let me know.


A BetCascade (SBR rating F) no-pay complaint has been received. A bettor that requested $1,532 in March of 2009 detailed his frustration with the scam sportsbook. BetCascade owes millions of dollars to players, and has turned into a no-pay sportsbook on the worst sportsbooks blacklist. An SBR representative phoned BetCascade posing as a player asking to deposit funds and was provided instructions by BetCascade; additionally, the site has been maintained and still markets toward new depositors, while paying no winners.

Bet911 payment complaint


A Bet911 (SBR rating C) payment complaint has been received. On April 19th a player requested a $1500 withdrawal to his Neteller account. On April 26th Bet911 informed the player both Neteller and Moneybookers were unavailable for payment, and he would have to instead accept a check withdrawal. SBR is asking that Bet911 remove eWallet offerings as withdrawal options from its website whilst players are unable to use these methods. On April 29th, SBR reported that Bet911 was conducting an "internal investigation" on all Moneybookers accounts after receiving five allegedly fraudulent transactions.

SBR Forum Posters' poll Open: SBR posters invited to vote for Top Sportsbooks


Through the month of May SBRforum posters are asked to cast their vote for the best bookmakers. Posters are invited to give their top three sportsbooks with their highest rated book first. Six points will be awarded for the first choice, four points for second place and three points for third. After tallying up the final scores, the top five point earners will be displayed at the head of the forum. Vote here!

WSEX slow-pays update


WSEX (SBR rating C-) slow-pay reports have continued to flow into the SBR mailbox. Three new payment complaints were filed with SBR this week. One player requested two payments for $2997 and $2995 in January of 2010. In total 31 unique WSEX slow-pays remain outstanding. WSEX's debt to players has increased to $163,011 with the oldest payout requested in October of 2009. SBR asks that players with open disputes against WSEX fill out a sportsbook complaint form.

Player to WSEX:

I have read that various people that requested payouts in February have been paid but I still have 3 payouts remaining and two of these were requested in January and have now been over 100 days since my request.  Can you please prioritize my January payouts and make sure they get sent in the next week.  Thanks.

Below are my open payouts:
$2997 requested 1/8
$2995 requested 1/20
$2994 requested 2/22

Stryyke slow-pays update: 22 players owed €18,797.20


Stryyke (SBR rating D-) currently owes 22 players €18,797.20. The oldest payment was requested in May of 2009. The last payment reported by a Stryyke player  was on March 3rd. Stryyke claimed on  April 19th that a player who requested a withdrawal of €473.85 on February 22nd was paid. The player denied this to SBR.


I have not received this payment and have had no communication from Stryyke regarding this either.


Bet911 addresses Moneybookers complaints


Bet911 (SBR rating C) has addressed the Moneybookers complaints reported on April 28th. Bet911 has claimed that 5 unrelated players allegedly made fraudulent Moneybookers transactions to and from Bet911, and as a result the decision was made to remove Moneybookers as a withdrawal option pending the outcome of an internal investigation. All players are being offered to receive check payments in place of Moneybookers. SBR is asking that Bet911 not impose any additional withdrawal fees should players be forced to receive checks while Moneybookers is unavailable.


Bet911 has determined that all moneybookers depositors will not be given a withdraw of any kind until they have been approved by our investigations department through an internal investigation that they are no longer a risk of any type to Bet911  in any sort of way. Once your account has been a been approved your current withdraw will be processed in a fast and timely matter. Until then all withdraws to any moneybooker depositor will be on hold. Also it has been determined that moneybookers will no longer be used as a form of withdraw even if your account has been approved until all accounts have been investigated. Once your account has been approved by the investigations department you

BetUS excludes wagers from sportsbook bonus rollover


A BetUS (SBR rating C) bonus complaint has been reported. In January of 2010 a player deposited $2000 with BetUS in exchange for a $700 free-play bonus with a 6 time rollover. After thinking he had cleared the rollover, BetUS instead stated that all wagers placed on non-major soccer leagues would not count toward rollover. Following SBR's inquiry, BetUS stated that the policy was outlined under their free-play wagering rules page. SBR examined the page and found that the only rollover provision was regarding MLB wagers. The page lists no rollover exemption for non-major soccer leagues. Sportsbooks must explicitly spell out which leagues or bet types will not count toward fulfilling rollover; in this case BetUS has not done so. SBR is asking BetUS to honor all soccer wagers placed and to update its free-play page with specific rollover terms.