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BetHorizon player confirms partial payment


A BetHorizon (SBR rating B-) player has confirmed receiving a partial payment. He requested £1000 on May 3rd via Moneybookers, and received a payment of £350 today. On July 9th, BetHorizon management stated that in approximately 10 business days all Moneybookers accounts would be caught up. BetHorizon attributed the delays to banking restrictions via that method. Two other players have yet to confirm receiving payment toward their May 14th & 15th withdrawal requests. SBR will update this report.


On May 28th, a GloBet (SBR rating D+) player requested a withdrawal of £1,190 to his Moneybookers account. His payout has yet to be filled. The same day the player asked for his funds, Globet replied that he must provide proof of age. After sending his passport, no further response was given by Globet. The player has attempted contact throughout July inquiring on the status of his payout, and has been told only generic remarks. This is consistent with the second Globet payout complaint on file with SBR; which Globet has still yet to comment on. SBR will update this report.

Related case
On July 6th, SBR reported that a player requested payment of €1000 to Moneybookers. This withdrawal is still pending. | Read full Globet report


PaddyPower (SBR rating B+) bonus complaint. A fourth bonus complaint has been received from a player that signed up to take advantage of PaddyPower's £1000 free bet offer for Cheltenham racing. The promotion required 10 wagers to be placed in order for players to redeem the free bet. After placing 8 of 10 wagers, the player's account was closed. PaddyPower stated that it was a "trading decision". The 1st complaint received on PaddyPower's handling of the Cheltenham free bet promotion resulted in PaddyPower reinstating the player's account following SBR's inquiry. SBR is following up on the complaint. | Read full PaddyPower complaint

WilllHill player reports canceled withdrawals, system glitch?


Editor's update: This matter was resolved.

A WillHill (SBR rating A) player reports that his payout requests were canceled. The withdrawals were for a total of 35,000 SEK ($4,795). WillHill initially stated that Moneybookers was responsible for declining the transactions. Moneybookers denied this, WillHill then clarified that its withdrawal system suffered from a technical glitch. SBR is following up on the complaint.


The FutureBet, formerly iGaming Software (IGS) group is now calling itself GameTech Solutions. FutureBet has twice rebranded its company name in an effort to distance itself from its history of theft. SBR has discussed FutureBet's past with numerous licensees; the most conservative estimates have FutureBet owing $5 million to players, licensees, and staff.

The most recent brand to join the FutureBet/IGS/Gametech group is poker, sportsbook, and casino (SBR rating F). Futurebet supplies the FeltStars sportsbook and casino software. Futurebet fully hosts and supports FeltStars. | Read full Futurebet report

Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) withdrawal complaint


Withdrawal requested — $3,400 on April 30th.
Player issue — On January 9th a player deposited $250 to Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-). After a few months of play, his balance increased to more than $7000. On April 30th he requested a $3,400 withdrawal via priority check. The expected time-frame for delivery was 10 business days. The trouble began when the quoted time passed and no check had been received. The player followed up with Oddsmaker to inquire and to his surprise was informed by the cashier department that his "bank wire" was sent. Taken aback by the claim, the player clarified that he requested a priority check and never at any point provided wiring instructions. Oddsmaker was adamant that the wire had been sent and suggested he check his bank account for the funds. The book finally acknowledged the error a week later. Oddsmaker then told the bettor it was in the process of canceling the bank wire and resending the funds via priority check. Two more months passed and no updates were given to the player on the status of this check.

No progress was made. The player submitted a sportsbook complaint to SBR.


A WSEX (SBR rating D) player has reported receiving $2500 via Neteller. He requested the payment on May 10th. While this is the 3rd payout report in July from a WSEX player, 21 new slow-pay complaints were filed throughout July including four today. SBR will update this report.

Unibet closes player account and confiscates funds


Unibet (SBR rating B+) has permanently closed a player's account which held a €1005 balance. The player deposited €500 and increased his balance to €1005 after 2 months of play. Upon making a withdrawal request, Unibet blocked the account and requested proof of ID. The player complied and made all documents requested available to Unibet. However, Unibet did not reinstate the account and informed the player his account would remain closed forever. In a similar complaint which SBR is also investigating, the same circumstances apply and Unibet was equally as tight-lipped to the player regarding their reason for shutting down the account.


Tell me the rule, that I have broken, please?


Unibet does not need to explain its decisions.


2.3Unibet reserves the right, at its own discretion, at all times, to:  Decline to open a Unibet Account and/or to close an existing Unibet Account, without any explanation whatsoever.


WSEX player reports payment


A WSEX (SBR rating D) player reports payment. On July 8th the player contacted SBR for sportsbook dispute assistance, stating that he requested $1,500 on March 22nd. The player confirmed receiving his payout request today through Moneygram. This is the first WSEX payout report since July 9th. In total, WSEX is still slow-paying 51 players $259,034.

BetUS (SBR rating C) Steals $6,000?


BetUS (SBR rating C) has seized $6,000 from a player's balance due to correlated parlay wagers. On July 20th, the player wrote to SBR stating that his account was closed in April with a balance of roughly $16,000. BetUS investigated the player for "syndicate wagering" while his account was frozen, but ultimately concluded the player was not acting in concert with other account holders. BetUS states that it does not allow correlated parlays, and docked the player's balance $6,000.

We did freeze the funds won from correlated parlays and sent him the remainder of his balance, per his request. Of course, we do have a correlated parlay rule on our Ts&Cs

SBR reviewed the BetUS terms and conditions page and found only the following rule, which does not specifically mention correlated parlays:

Multiple wagers/parlays/if bets are not accepted where the outcome of  one part of the wager contributes to the outcome of another.

In addition to the ambiguity of the printed rule, which could apply to every parlay wager, the BetUS software does not prevent these bets from being accepted. The complaint is similar to the (SBR rating D-) confiscations, where players had thousands in winnings voided after placing wagers on correlated parlays. SBR is discussing the situation with BetUS.


BetRevolution update


BetRevolution (SBR rating D+) has been added to the SBR rating guide. On July 9th SBR reported that forum readers were discussing the sportsbook. SBR has completed a preliminary review of BetRevolution. BetRevolution claims that the company is located in Antigua while their servers are housed in Costa Rica. However, in addition to BetRevolution, the domain ' ' is also located on the same web server. is a coffee supplier located in Costa Rica. BetRevolution management did not directly comment on this outside business and failed to provide any additional information in a planned e-mail followup to SBR's telephone interview. The BetRevolution marketing department is operated and managed in Canada. BetRevolution's introduction into online gaming forums was not without incident as the following two situations tarnished the perception readers had of the relatively unknown sportsbook.

1. BetRevolution operated a knock-off odds site called The site used the same logo and displayed some of the same information as After SBR inquired during its conference call with BetRevolution, BetRevolution first denied any knowledge of the ripoff site before SBR shared that it learned the site was being hosted on the same web server as BetRevolution. A member of BetRevolution management could not confirm the extent of the relationship with the site but stated that he would inquire with ownership. BetRevolution did not followup on the item with SBR as planned, and the site has since been taken off-line.

2. BetRevolution displayed a license on its website to an "Antiguan Gaming Commission". Forum readers at the Eye On Gambling website, where BetRevolution now advertises, were able to determine that the claim was false by contacting the Directorate of Offshore Gaming in Antigua to confirm the licensing agreement. The DOGA allegedly stated that no applications were submitted for the domain, and thus no such license existed.

BetRevolution addressed the situation by downplaying the matter as an honest mistake and that they were in the process of acquiring a license, despite the fact that on a blog designed to promote the BetRevolution brand, a fake license number was provided next to the Antiguan Gaming Commission logo.


...we want to clearly state that we do not have an active gaming license with the Antiguan gaming commission. We recognize the value and confidence that such statement brings to the gaming community and now in retrospective to the EOG Forum. This is why we have made all the necessary arrangements, not only to have part of our operations located in Antigua, but also to be an applicant of such recognition.

It was our honest mistake and fault to have indicated in our content that we've already been granted with such license.

Players are advised to proceed with extreme caution when choosing to play at any newly opened sportsbook, and can always write to SBR with feedback or for dispute assistance.


A Globet (SBR rating D+) player has written in stating that he requested a €1000 Moneybookers payment on July 6th. In subsequent attempts to inquire about his payout requests to Globet, the player was given only generic replies that his payout would be processed as soon as possible. SBR is following up with Globet.

Scam sportsbook operator up to old tricks

07.22.2010 is operated by a man named Robbie; owner of defunct sportsbook Apex Sports (SBR rating F).  Robbie has created the likes of LegendSportsbook to fool bettors into believing they were accessing the actual Legends (SBR rating A+) sportsbook. Robbie attempts to piggyback off brands with solid reputations to entice player deposits. Before it stopped taking post-up bets online, Delmar was known as a good high limit sportsbook.

SBR Bash — Bodog Poker Pro Evelyn Ng to play in $5,000 poker freeroll


Evelyn Ng will be competing in SBR Forum's annual SBR Bash poker tournament in Las Vegas. The event takes place Saturday August 28th at the Golden Nugget poker room. The tournament is free to enter and has a $5,000 prize-pool which will be distributed among the final table. There is a $200 bounty on Evelyn Ng's head in the tournament. For more information on attending the SBR Bash and to participate in the poker event, please visit the 2010 SBR Vegas Bash thread!


A BetHorizon (SBR rating B-) player from SBR's July 18th report has confirmed receiving €647 toward his €3000 payout request. He asked for payment originally on May 14th via Moneybookers.

BetHorizon management has attributed payment issues to banking restrictions and delays caused by an "overload" in payment requests via that method. Two other players reported requesting €1391 and €1000 respectively on May 3rd and May 15th also via Moneybookers, and have yet to confirm receiving any payment. SBR asks players with payment issues at BetHorizon to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

CreditWagering — "All payment issues" to be settled in August


CreditWagering (SBR rating D-) has issued the following statement to SBR, in response to a slow-pay complaint dating back to April 26th when a player attempted to withdraw his $2100 balance.


All payment issues with all customers will be taken care of in August.....

SBR will update this report.


The Jazz Sportsbook Group has agreed to take over defunct sportsbook BetSportsWeb (SBR rating D-) player accounts if BetSportsWeb can clear its current player debt. BetSportsWeb apparently gave up on its business with mounting debt and requires an investment in a server migration to stay in business. BetSportsWeb's homepage has been down since July 11th. The sportsbook reportedly owes $60,000 in delinquent withdrawal requests. | BetSportsWeb forum discussion

BetAtHome misgrades World Cup prop wagers


BetAtHome (SBR rating C) misgrades the top goal scorer in the 2010 World Cup. Three players submitted complaints to SBR with the same issue. Each player wagered on World Cup players that scored five goals. There was a 4-way tie for "Top Goal Scorer". Germany's Muller won FIFA's "Golden Boot" award, which is based on goals scored with assists as a tiebreaker. BetAtHome argued that only bets on Muller won the "Top Goal Scorer" award. BetAtHome's rules and wagering tickets made no mention of the Golden Boot award, or any tie breaker. Absent additional rules to point to, SBR has advised BetAtHome pay the wager as it was worded.

Player reports difficulty reaching ABC Islands


The ABC Islands (SBR rating C) player who was the center of SBR's July 7th slow-pay complaint has still yet to receive his funds. He requested $2500 to his Moneybookers account on June 26th. The ABC Islands live chat continues to remain off-line and the player has reported that his e-mails since requesting payment have went unanswered. The Jazz Sportsbook Group has not discussed payment issues with SBR in 3 weeks.

BetHorizon player claims account is hacked


A BetHorizon (SBR rating B-) player has claimed that his account was hacked.  A player contacted SBR stating that $9,000 was missing from his account and had been spent on sportsbook wagers and in the casino. The player denies placing the wagers and has asked BetHorizon to provide the IP addresses connected to the activity. BetHorizon has stated to SBR that the player's password was entered once, and that there were no signs of technical penetration to the account. BetHorizon has stated that it would provide the list of IP's associated with the account to SBR for review. The account in question never accessed the casino prior to that night.
Editor's note — BetHorizon was able to show that the the player's account had casino activity on four prior occasions.

Casineto — slow-pay #19, $9,668 owed to players


A Casineto (SBR rating D-) player has filed a slow-pay complaint. The player states that he requested a withdrawal of $250 five months ago and has yet to receive his funds. This marks the 19th outstanding slow-pay complaint from Casineto players, totaling $9,668 in funds owed. Casineto players have continued to report payment issues and broken promises made by the seemingly insolvent sportsbook.

Enterbet player waiting for funds since 2008 has new hope - UPDATED


Update, 9/04/2010: The GoToEntertainment Group including Enterbet and GoToCasino have been ejected from the BetPhoenix building and platform. BetPhoenix was hopeful it could provide motivation to GoTo to pay owed players and become profitable under the Phoenix umbrella. BetPhoenix paid over $10,000 to delinquent GoTo account holders during the month GoTo Entertainment was operating from the Phoenix building.

An Enterbet (SBR rating D-) player has written into SBR with new hope after reading the recent report that highlighted the GoToEntertainment groups move into the BetPhoenix (SBR rating B+) platform. BetPhoenix is not backing the GoToGroup but has told SBR that the hosting arrangement is contingent on GoTo paying owed players.

Enterbet player:

Its been well over a year, since I last spoke to you about, slow pay/no pay enterbet.  To be honest, I had giving up all hopes of receiving my remaining balance of $1941.05.  Until I read your article, about betphoneix contingency to back enterbet, once all owed players has been paid.  I would hope, that this would be a chance for me, to finally be cashed out in full.  And ask that you would include my account, to the list, of slow pay, dating back as far as 2008.




BetPhoenix website down


The BetPhoenix (SBR rating B+) website is currently down. Bettors are able to access the backup site of SBR will update as BetPhoenix comes back on-line.

Editor's note - BetPhoenix homepage is back on-line. 

BetHorizon feedback wanted


On July 9th, SBR reported that BetHorizon (SBR rating B-) stated that all Moneybookers payouts would be caught up within 10 business days. Since this time, an additional player has come forward to inquire on Moneybookers payouts as he has attempted to request his balance of $10,825. The following players have reported Moneybookers slow-pay:

Player 1: Requested £3000 on May 14th via Moneybookers
Player 2: Requested £1391 on May 15th via Moneybookers
Player 3: Requested £1000 on May 3rd via Moneybookers

Players with feedback on BetHorizon withdrawals are asked to write to SBR via sportsbook complaint form, or directly by e-mail.