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CreditWagering — "All payment issues" to be settled in August


CreditWagering (SBR rating D-) has issued the following statement to SBR, in response to a slow-pay complaint dating back to April 26th when a player attempted to withdraw his $2100 balance.


All payment issues with all customers will be taken care of in August.....

SBR will update this report.


The Jazz Sportsbook Group has agreed to take over defunct sportsbook BetSportsWeb (SBR rating D-) player accounts if BetSportsWeb can clear its current player debt. BetSportsWeb apparently gave up on its business with mounting debt and requires an investment in a server migration to stay in business. BetSportsWeb's homepage has been down since July 11th. The sportsbook reportedly owes $60,000 in delinquent withdrawal requests. | BetSportsWeb forum discussion

BetAtHome misgrades World Cup prop wagers


BetAtHome (SBR rating C) misgrades the top goal scorer in the 2010 World Cup. Three players submitted complaints to SBR with the same issue. Each player wagered on World Cup players that scored five goals. There was a 4-way tie for "Top Goal Scorer". Germany's Muller won FIFA's "Golden Boot" award, which is based on goals scored with assists as a tiebreaker. BetAtHome argued that only bets on Muller won the "Top Goal Scorer" award. BetAtHome's rules and wagering tickets made no mention of the Golden Boot award, or any tie breaker. Absent additional rules to point to, SBR has advised BetAtHome pay the wager as it was worded.

Player reports difficulty reaching ABC Islands


The ABC Islands (SBR rating C) player who was the center of SBR's July 7th slow-pay complaint has still yet to receive his funds. He requested $2500 to his Moneybookers account on June 26th. The ABC Islands live chat continues to remain off-line and the player has reported that his e-mails since requesting payment have went unanswered. The Jazz Sportsbook Group has not discussed payment issues with SBR in 3 weeks.

BetHorizon player claims account is hacked


A BetHorizon (SBR rating B-) player has claimed that his account was hacked.  A player contacted SBR stating that $9,000 was missing from his account and had been spent on sportsbook wagers and in the casino. The player denies placing the wagers and has asked BetHorizon to provide the IP addresses connected to the activity. BetHorizon has stated to SBR that the player's password was entered once, and that there were no signs of technical penetration to the account. BetHorizon has stated that it would provide the list of IP's associated with the account to SBR for review. The account in question never accessed the casino prior to that night.
Editor's note — BetHorizon was able to show that the the player's account had casino activity on four prior occasions.

Casineto — slow-pay #19, $9,668 owed to players


A Casineto (SBR rating D-) player has filed a slow-pay complaint. The player states that he requested a withdrawal of $250 five months ago and has yet to receive his funds. This marks the 19th outstanding slow-pay complaint from Casineto players, totaling $9,668 in funds owed. Casineto players have continued to report payment issues and broken promises made by the seemingly insolvent sportsbook.

Enterbet player waiting for funds since 2008 has new hope - UPDATED


Update, 9/04/2010: The GoToEntertainment Group including Enterbet and GoToCasino have been ejected from the BetPhoenix building and platform. BetPhoenix was hopeful it could provide motivation to GoTo to pay owed players and become profitable under the Phoenix umbrella. BetPhoenix paid over $10,000 to delinquent GoTo account holders during the month GoTo Entertainment was operating from the Phoenix building.

An Enterbet (SBR rating D-) player has written into SBR with new hope after reading the recent report that highlighted the GoToEntertainment groups move into the BetPhoenix (SBR rating B+) platform. BetPhoenix is not backing the GoToGroup but has told SBR that the hosting arrangement is contingent on GoTo paying owed players.

Enterbet player:

Its been well over a year, since I last spoke to you about, slow pay/no pay enterbet.  To be honest, I had giving up all hopes of receiving my remaining balance of $1941.05.  Until I read your article, about betphoneix contingency to back enterbet, once all owed players has been paid.  I would hope, that this would be a chance for me, to finally be cashed out in full.  And ask that you would include my account, to the list, of slow pay, dating back as far as 2008.




BetPhoenix website down


The BetPhoenix (SBR rating B+) website is currently down. Bettors are able to access the backup site of SBR will update as BetPhoenix comes back on-line.

Editor's note - BetPhoenix homepage is back on-line. 

BetHorizon feedback wanted


On July 9th, SBR reported that BetHorizon (SBR rating B-) stated that all Moneybookers payouts would be caught up within 10 business days. Since this time, an additional player has come forward to inquire on Moneybookers payouts as he has attempted to request his balance of $10,825. The following players have reported Moneybookers slow-pay:

Player 1: Requested £3000 on May 14th via Moneybookers
Player 2: Requested £1391 on May 15th via Moneybookers
Player 3: Requested £1000 on May 3rd via Moneybookers

Players with feedback on BetHorizon withdrawals are asked to write to SBR via sportsbook complaint form, or directly by e-mail.

Matchbook software complaint update


Matchbook (SBR rating B-) has refunded the players who reported that the exchange software wrongly allowed their offers to be matched.


We concluded our investigation of this market and found that a site administrator mishandled the manual close/reopen procedure.  Except for live markets, we almost never close and then reopen a market (in this case, it was done in response to a client request). As a result, this procedure was performed manually (and incorrectly, as it happened).

We have refunded the three offers that were affected by this error and have also checked past markets to ensure this has not happened in the past.

CreditWagering slow-pays update


Two additional CreditWagering (SBR rating D-) slow-pay complaints were filed with SBR. Player 1 requested $1951 mid-March, and player 2 requested his withdrawal mid-April. Both players state that they were offered to be paid via Moneygram, but have yet to receive any such payments from CreditWagering. SBR will update this report.

CreditWagering Player:

I am owed $915 and can not get a reply email from creditwagering. The request is 2 months old and initially I was told I'd get a card to withdraw from. That never came so I was told they could do a moneygram and have not since heard from them when I try to contact for a response. I've been on and off with them for 2 years and have gotten paid in the past as well as paid them.

Matchbook investigating software complaints


Matchbook (SBR rating B-) tells SBR that they are investigating the software errror complaints reported by players on July 13th, where players stated that canceled offers and offers which had expired were matched. SBR will update this report.


We are currently investigating both claims that you forwarded to us.  In the case below, if the market was closed then reopened, you (and the client) are quite right that the offer must be canceled.

GoToEntertainment moves to BetPhoenix office and wagering platform - UPDATED


Update, 9/04/2010: The GoToEntertainment Group including Enterbet and GoToCasino have been ejected from the BetPhoenix building and platform. BetPhoenix was hopeful it could provide motivation to GoTo to pay owed players and become profitable under the Phoenix umbrella. BetPhoenix paid over $10,000 to delinquent GoTo account holders during the month GoTo Entertainment was operating from the Phoenix building.

The GoToEntertainment Sportsbook Group, which includes EnterBet (SBR rating D-), GoToEntertainment (SBR rating D-) and GoToCasino (SBR rating D-) has moved into the BetPhoenix (SBR rating B+) office and onto the same wagering platform. BetPhoenix is not backing the GoTo Group but tells SBR that the arrangement is contingent on GoTo paying owed players including the 6 players who have reported not being paid to SBR.

Player 1: A GoToCasino player reports being slow-paid $250 from an April 30th payout request.
Player 2: A GoToCasino player reported being slow-paid $250 from a February 3rd withdrawal request.
Player 3: A GoToCasino player reported being slow-paid from a $6,300 withdrawal requested in June of 2009.
Player 4: A GoToCasino player reported being slow-paid $650 from a March 1st payout request.
Player 5: A GoToCasino player reported being slow-paid $2017 from a late 2009 payout request.
Player 6: An Enterbet player reports being slow-paid $1500 from a November 2009 payment request.

In a recent letter to SBR, a GoTo group manager acknowledged the slow-pay delays:


We are a couple weeks backed up on our payouts as always happens this time of year, but {name ommitted} payout will be sent next week.


Matchbook players report problems with exchange software


Matchbook (SBR rating B-) players complain of the exchange software matching bets erroneously.

Player 1:

I set a market at -168 on Under 8.5 in minn/tb game for $145. About 20 seconds after i made the Market, I canceled it and it was cleared from my unmatched bets slip. 7 minutes later it was matched (after i already cancelled it), I have made all my bets from iphone without a problem. Considering over the past week the site goes down for 5 minutes at a time everyday more then once, i truly believe the problem resides on matchbooks end and i should not be responsible for the error.

The second player to complain of the software also created an offer — David Oritz at -124 prior to the final round of the 2010 Homerun Derby.

Player 2:

I offered David Ortiz at -124 before the final round. My bet went unmatched, and they closed live betting for the event. It said "live betting is no longer available for this event." I checked my account, and it showed the bet as unmatched. Then after the event, I go into my account and see that the bet was matched. I guess they closed betting on the event and then decided to reopen it. I called them and they said that yes, they closed it and then re-opened it.

They can't close betting on an event and make all unmatched bets void, and then re-open the betting and take the unmatched bets and put them back up as offers. This is exactly what happened. This bet should be void.

SBR has followed up with Matchbook to inquire on both complaints.

Oddsmaker update — sportsbook addresses World Cup prop dispute


Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) has addressed the July 12th World Cup Prop dispute which was filed over the grading of a margin of victory prop. A player wagered $200 on the "Draw" outcome and had his bet graded as a loser. Oddsmaker's position is that the bet had to be a 'scoring draw', and that 0-0 was not considered a winner. Oddsmaker claims that "scoring tie" was listed on the wager type, but has not yet provided evidence to substantiate. The player adamantly denies seeing any such notation.

MLB All-Star Trivia — win $25 per correct answer


SBRforum is hosting a second round of Free MLB Trivia tonight in celebration of the All-Star game. The contest is free to play and takes place at 7PM ET. The game is also available for wagering at SBRforum's point sportsbook — where forum readers can use free points accrued from posting for a chance to order merchandise, apparel, and pizza deliveries courtesy of the SBR Store — so don't miss out!

BetSportsWeb update


BetPhoenix (SBR rating B+) management has confirmed that BetSportsWeb will not be moving into their facility or joining their platform. BetSportsWeb (SBR rating D-) was a white label on the Blue Grass Sports platform; which will now operate out of BetPhoenix's headquarters. SBR will update this report once BetSportsWeb completes its move into a new building.

WSEX refuses to pay $20,000 winning wager


WSEX (SBR rating D) has refused to pay a $20,000 winning wager. A second complaint was filed from a player indicating that his bet on Cleveland in the "Who will sign Lebron?" prop was graded as a loss. SBR initially reported WSEX's stance in settling the market on July 10th. Other sportsbooks used clearer wordage that asked where Lebron James will play in the 2010/11 NBA season. The Cleveland Cavaliers agreed to a sign & trade in a deal that sent Lebron James to the Miami Heat. SBR is asking WSEX to reconsider its grading.

Oddsmaker prop dispute on World Cup final


An Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) player has filed a dispute over Oddsmaker's grading of the 2010 World Cup finals margin of victory prop. The player bet $200 on the 'Draw' ; his wager was graded a loss as Oddsmaker claimed only 'scoring draws' counted. SBR is following up with Oddsmaker.

BetSportsWeb undergoes move to BetPhoenix platform


BetSportsWeb (SBR rating D-) is currently undergoing a move to the BetPhoenix (SBR rating B+) platform. BetSportsWeb is a white label on the Blue Grass Sports platform which has moved into the BetPhoenix building meaning BetPhoenix inherently becomes their host and service provider. SBR will inquire with BetPhoenix management on how they plan to handle their new relationship with slow-pay post-up sportsbook BetSportsWeb.

WSEX botched prop wager dispute


WSEX (SBR rating D) offered the prop "Who will sign Lebron? (1-Pay)". The Cleveland Cavaliers signed Lebron James, then traded him to the Miami Heat, agreeing to a sign & trade deal. A player who considered this chain of events wrote in to WSEX before placing the wager to inquire — he was told that if these events occurred that Cleveland would be graded the winner.

WSEX player:

I just wanted to confirm a detail about the bet "WHO WILL SIGN LEBRON?"

If Cleveland signs and then trades Lebron, Cleveland will be the graded as the winner, correct?


Dear Sir, Yes Cleveland will be graded as the winner

WSEX graded the Miami Heat the winner after Cleveland agreed to the sign & trade. WSEX then apologized to the player stating he was misinformed. Sportsbooks must use clear and concise prop descriptions to eliminate gray area and potential confusion, in this case, the wordage of the prop suggests that the bet will be paid based on the first team that signs Lebron James to any contract for the 2010/11 NBA season. SBR has suggested that WSEX settle the market accordingly.


A WSEX (SBR rating D) player has reported being paid $2,000. He initially requested payment of $2,410 via Moneybookers on April 21st.

WSEX player:

Hi, i have got part of the payment today via moneybookers on amount 2000$.

An additional 5 slow-pays were also reported for a combined $11,917.50.

Payout Requests
Player 1: $767.50 on February 13th.
Player 2: $1500 on March 22nd.
Player 3: $750 on March 27th.
Player 4: $3000 on May 10th.
Player 5: $3000 on May 18th and $2900 on May 19th.

WSEX is currently slow-paying 52 players $260,534; with the first of those payouts requested in October of 2009. | Forum readers discuss WSEX

BetHorizon addresses Moneybookers slow-pays


BetHorizon (SBR rating B-) has stated that all Moneybookers payout requests would be cleared in the next 10 business days. Three players have written into SBR detailing instances of Moneybookers slow-pay. BetHorizon cited banking issues and an overload of Moneybookers requests as contributing to the delays. BetHorizon has also informed SBR that they will no longer be offering bonuses to those that deposit via Moneybookers.

Player 1: Requested £3000 on May 14th via Moneybookers
Player 2: Requested £1391 on May 15th via Moneybookers
Player 3: Requested £1000 on May 3rd via Moneybookers

Coral Sportsbook bonus dispute update


Coral Sportsbook (SBR rating A-) has paid the player from SBR's 6/28 bonus complaint report in full. The player contacted SBR stating that he deposited £25 for a 100% bonus promo and through play increased his balance to £510. However, Coral voided his wagers and canceled the bonus stating that it did not allow players from Belarus to accept promotions. After discussion with SBR, Coral decided to pay the player in full.

Coral player:

thank you very much, coral paid all the money, even winning with a bonus Thank you very much again, you are an expert in their field and you are very sympathetic person, I want to like you were more in the world and the world would be a betterAll Good in your life