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Globet addresses payment complaint


Globet (SBR rating D+) has addressed SBR's August 10th sportsbook report. Globet claims that the player who asked for a withdrawal of €260.92 via Moneybookers on July 30th has not provided all required ID documents to confirm his account. In his initial e-mail to SBR, the player claimed that he submitted ID to Globet.

Oddsmaker payout delay #2


An Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) player wrote to SBR reporting a payout delay. On April 30th he asked for a $1,000 withdrawal by bank wire. As of today he has not received payment. Oddsmaker has allegedly told the player to "wait for another few days" on more than one occasion. SBR has followed up with Oddsmaker management.

Oddsmaker is also slow-paying a second player $3,400, which was reported by SBR on July 27th. Oddsmaker management has been unable to provide an update on the case other than saying the cashier department was aware of the issue.


BetED (SBR rating B-) voids $14,300 in player winnings. On April 27th, a player opened an account with BetED. He made two deposits totaling $2,700 using a friend's Neteller account. His friend does not have a BetED account and gave consent for the deposits. After a few weeks of play, the player successfully withdrew $3,000. On May 24th the account balance was up $14,300 (total balance $17,000).  BetED became aware that the name registered to the account was not the same as that on the Neteller account, and required proof of ID. The player sent both his and his friend's ID.

BetED then cited the following rule and voided the account balance:



All information provided by a player must be accurate and verifiable. If you have provided false information or are unable or unwilling to provide documentation to confirm your information, your account may be terminated and all activity within the account considered invalid.

BetED asserts that the player committed fraud due to the name on his account not matching the Neteller account used. BetED does not claim that either person had an account previously or that it faced any fraud risk by accepting the deposits. | Full BetED report



08.16.2010 (SBR rating F) is offering a signup bonus of 20% to new accounts. BestHockeyBetting is a scam sportsbook under what is now a mostly defunct sportsbook group, EZ Sports. EZ Sports operated 49 sportsbook domain names at its peak and has scammed players out of hundreds of thousands in winnings. One of those players wrote in to SBR today indicating he had been stiffed $45,500 by (SBR rating F) in 2005. Vegas-Sportsbetting, like nearly all other former domains under the EZ Sports platform is now a sportsbook referrals site. | EZ Sports report

Xlbet withdrawal complaint

An Xlbet (unrated) withdrawal complaint has been received. On June 18th a player asked to receive his €115 balance via Moneybookers, and has not received payment. SBR is following up with Xlbet.

Casineto slow-pay #20


Casineto (SBR rating D-) slow-pay #20 has been submitted. A player requested payment 4 months ago and has yet to receive an update from Casineto on the status of his funds. Casineto owes $9,668 to 20 players.

The Jazz Sportsbook Group is sending partial payments to players. A player with a balance of more than $17,000 reports receiving a $1,000 transfer to Pinnacle Sports (SBR rating A+). A second player with a balance of $12,000 received $5,000 via Moneybookers on July 30th. The Jazz Sports group, which includes LooseLines (SBR rating C), ABC Islands (SBR rating C), and Jazz (SBR rating C) were downgraded to C on June 1st.

Oddsmaker withdrawal complaint update


On July 27th, SBR reported that an Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) player who requested a $3,400 check on April 30th had yet to receive his funds. After asking for his funds, confusion ensued when Oddsmaker allegedly processed a 'bank wire' for his payment, despite the player never having provided banking details. Oddsmaker ultimately conceded that they were mistaken and stated the check was en route, however, no check has been delivered. Oddsmaker management stated it would follow up with accounting on the matter, but to date has not provided SBR with a sensible update.

BetAtHome tennis dispute update


Following SBR's report on BetAtHome (SBR rating C-) voiding a tennis wager that was suspended before being completed, BetAtHome confirmed their decision to regrade the wager to SBR in a follow-up e-mail. SBR considers the dispute resolved. Any other players who may have had bets unfairly voided are asked to write to SBR.

Stryyke player highlights frustrating withdrawal experience


A Stryyke (SBR rating D-) player has written to SBR highlighting his negative experience. In May of 2009 he deposited €100 in exchange for a 50% bonus. The bonus carried a 10X rollover. On July 3rd of 2010, his rollover was complete and he asked for a payout of €314.90. His ID documents were then verified by Stryyke, but in the weeks to come no payment was received. To date, the player has not been responded to despite multiple inquiries launched with Stryyke. Stryyke has also ceased cooperating with SBR. Players are advised to avoid Stryyke.

WSEX payout complaint reaches SBR mailbox


A WSEX (SBR rating D) payout complaint has reached the SBR mailbox. On February 8th, a player asked for a withdrawal of $3,000. WSEX has provided only generic excuses to the player about the delays, citing processors as the cause. However, WSEX currently owes over $250,000 to the 54 players that have written to SBR for assistance.

WSEX player:

I requested a payout of $3000 on February 8th, 2010. I still have not received the check. I email WSEX every few weeks, they keep talking about "the processors" being the problem. Six months and counting... :(

BetAtHome tennis grading dispute


A BetAtHome (SBR rating C-) player has submitted a sportsbook grading complaint. The player wagered on a tennis match between Lopez and Bakker, which was twice suspended due to rain. Despite the match being continued as normal the next day, BetAtHome canceled the wager. The industry standard for such situations is to settle the market normally once play resumes. SBR is investigating.

Globet update


After SBR's 8/9 Globet update, a player wrote in indicating that he requested a withdrawal of €260.92 two weeks ago, and has not been communicated by Globet. SBR is following up.

WSEX slow-pays update


A new WSEX (SBR rating D) payout complaint has been filed. In April of 2010 a player asked for a withdrawal of $2,000. He has not been provided a status update on his funds. 53 WSEX players have filed complaints, and are being slow-paid a total of $253,000 with the oldest payment complaint dating back to October of 2009. | WSEX current status

SBRforum's NFL Preseason contest


SBRforum's NFL preseason contest begins tonight. The contest requires no entry fee and gives away $300 plus 300 in SBRpoints to the top 6 finalists.

Stride Poker enters the SBR rating guide at F


Stride Poker has entered the SBR sportsbook ratings guide at F. Stride Poker is a member of the FutureBet family which previously was known as ExtremeBet. FutureBet is now operating under the company name Gametech Solutions. FutureBet has twice rebranded itself in an effort to distance itself from its history of no-pay complaints to both players and gaming operators.

QuickSilverSports feedback wanted


A QuickSilverSports (SBR rating C) complaint has been submitted. In mid-July a player asked for a withdrawal of $3,716 via Moneybookers and has yet to receive his funds. Players with payout feedback for QuickSilver can write to

In March of 2009, WSEX players started to see withdrawal delays. Some successfully withdrew their funds while others continued to play with WSEX banking on its stellar reputation and financial track record. The situation worsened as the number of slow-pay complaints submitted to SportsbookReview increased each month. WSEX first attributed the delays to trouble with its banking processors; however, WSEX's financial issues were much more complex as the coming months would show.

WSEX was downgraded 8 times from March of 2009 to July of 2010, and currently sits on a rating of D. | View full WSEX report

WagerChief players report log-in issues


WagerChief (SBR rating B) players have reported being unable to log-in. WagerChief management confirmed the problem at SBRforum and said the technical issue should be resolved soon.

02:06pm CST
Update — BetPhoenix players report the same log-in problem. SBR will update this report once all BetPhoenix hosted sites are operational.

02:44pm CST
Update — BetPhoenix management states the log-in error has been fixed.

188Bet adds winnings back to player account



188Bet case update. On May 6th, SBR reported that 188Bet refunded a player's deposits and closed his account after documents confirming his identity weren't submitted inside of a "48 hour window". The player made two deposits to 188Bet for $450 and $400, and had increased his balance to $1200 at the time he was shutdown. 188Bet declined to communicate with SBR until August 2nd, when a manager addressed the case and reversed 188Bet's initial decision.

188Bet management:
We will communicate directly with the customer, to advise we have reviewed the case and although he failed to submit identity documents within the prescribed period of time; we will exercise goodwill and return winnings to his account. The customer will however be notified, he must meet the rollover requirements before making a withdrawal. I trust this gesture on our part, resolves the issue.

Despite this resolution, SBR is still speaking to 188Bet about the unusual policy and will assess an initial rating after discussions conclude.



An Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) player has written in stating that his account was charged for a deposit he did not authorize. The player details seeing a $300 debit from his checking account, and that he discovered the adjustment was made to his Oddsmaker balance. He denies making the transaction, and has stated that Oddsmaker has since disabled his account after charge-back threats were made. SBR is investigating the complaint.

Oddsmaker is Futurebet's biggest licensee. Futurebet has now rebranded itself as Gametech Solutions, after previously calling itself iGaming Software.

Editor's note: Oddsmaker responds to deposit complaint