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The Dimeline Sportsbook (sportsbook rating D+) player from SBR's February 1st report has confirmed being paid in full.

Dimeline player:

Got the bank wire yesterday, full 2890, no fees. Amazing how quickly they can find the money when SBR comes calling....Much appreciate your help. Thanks again!

The player initially deposited $1,600 to Dimeline on February 13th, 2009, via Moneybookers. While he made one withdrawal successfully, his second request for $2,890 in October of 2010 had not been filled. Following SBR's publication of this report, a second Dimeline Sportsbook complaint was submitted. | Dimeline Complaint #2


Win4Real (sportsbook rating C-) complaint update. On December 26th, SBR reported that a player stated Win4Real confiscated $90,000 in winnings from his account. The player told SBR that the bulk of his balance was generated by a seven team parlay. On January 1st, 2011, SBR reported that the player wished to retract his complaint, citing concerns over the well-being of his family. | Win4Real addresses complaint


A 1Bet2Bet (unrated) payout complaint has been reported.  On November 27th, 2010, a 1Bet2Bet player requested a withdrawal of €198 via bank transfer. | 1Bet2Bet History

1Bet2Bet player:

Hello , i made a withdraw on 27.Nov.2010 - 198 EUR from 1bet2bet via bank transfer and i have no money in my bank account yet. I wrote them a lot a lot of letters and i have no response. I even tried to call but there is no answer. What should i do now !?


SBRforum announces the $4,000 Poker Free Roll Series. The event runs from January 31st to February 26th, and gives away a grand total of $4,000 plus 400,000 SBRpoints.


Two Oddsmaker (sportsbook rating D-) players tell SBR that their balances have been erased. Oddsmaker seized $25,371.78 from player one on the grounds of "professional play". Oddsmaker confiscated $42,700 from the second player accusing him of fraudulent activity. On January 21st, SportsbookReview reported Oddsmaker had stolen $26,000+ from two seperate player accounts; Oddsmaker's justification was again that the players were non-recreational gamblers. |  Oddsmaker scam report


QuickSilverSports (sportsbook rating D) players have not been paid. On December 7th, SBR reported on QuickSilverSports financial problems. Players have reported being owed over €20,000. QuickSilver's owner claimed to be traveling and stated that an interest in discussing the complaints reported by SBR. To date, no discussion has taken place. QuickSilver has provided few, generic updates to SBR. | QuickSilver Sports report


A (sportsbook rating D-) player tells SBR he requested a $20,000 bank wire on January 10th. states that the normal processing time for bank wire payments is five to seven business days. The player has grown uneasy regarding his payout status after being given conflicting messages from customer service, and by the lowly rating holds at SBR. | complaint


Bets4All (sportsbook rating F) is still in business. Bets4All players were stiffed thousands before an alleged ownership change took place at the start of 2010. In February of 2010, the scam sportsbook attempted to bribe SBR to remove negative posts about the unsavory business. A player contacted SBR today stating that he initiated his first withdrawal request for €500 on November 29th. The player has not been paid.


CreditWagering sportsbook (sportsbook rating F) burns another player. In November, the player opened his account and began to wager. CreditWagering extends players $1,000 upfront and requires that they complete a 3X rollover prior to making any withdrawal. If a player is down $400 or more after his first week of playing, CreditWagering requires that the player settle for that amount in order to resume playing. Players who pay are promised 15% back on their settlement amount. The attractive proposition has lured in many players, some of whom that have no intention to pay should they lose their first $400, and some innocent players that had settled up when they owed. | CreditWagering Report

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SportsbookReview will be down for approximately one hour beginning at midnight ET. SBR's sportsbook discussion board will also be down during this time.


BetUS Sportsbook (SBR rating D+) has addressed the payment complaint reported by SBR on January 2nd. In that complaint, a player reported difficulty withdrawing $3,000 from BetUS. The player states that in early November, BetUS canceled his payout request stating that he may only ask to receive $1,000 per each request. BetUS has addressed the complaint. | BetUS Sportsbook response


A new week is about to begin in SBRforum's $5,000 Basketball handicapping contest. The contest has a $5,000 prize-pool each week. You can join the contest at any time and still be eligible to win cash prizes if you rank in the top 25 that week. The basketball contest, dubbed the "Moneyball Shootout", takes place on SBR Contests; the proprietary contest site of SBRforum.