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SportingBet player submits wagering complaint


SportingBet (SBR rating D+) wagering complaint. On October 16th, a player wagered €120 on a spanish handball match between Toledo and La Rioja. His wager was on La Rioja at -2 with odds of 1.85. When La Rioja won by exactly two, the wager should have been refunded as a push. SportingBet graded it as a loss. When the player contacted SportingBet about the incorrect betting, he states that he was told it was meant to be a 3-way market, even though it was listed and priced as a 2-way handicap. All other spanish handball markets were also listed and priced as 2-way handicaps. SBR has contacted SportingBet to discuss this dispute.


A Lay104 (SBR rating D) player reports a frustrating withdrawal experience. On November 2nd, he asked for a $6,000 check payout and was told to expect a tracking number by Thursday. After Thursday passed, the player states he was told to expect details on Friday. The player then states he called and e-mailed Lay104 for three days without being given an update. On November 9th, he submitted a sportsbook complaint with SBR.

On November 9th, Lay104 addressed the complaint. Ownership claimed that local charity endeavors for "victims of the mudslide" that occurred near where the company's land-based casino is hosted has consumed most of their time.

Lay104 is a sister site of the BetFirstClass Group (SBR rating D) and shares the same servers and database. Players with payout feedback or complaints are asked to write to SBR.

WSEX Update: $168,588 owed to players


WSEX (SBR rating D) is currently slow-paying $168,588 to 19 players. The last confirmed WSEX payout was reported on November 4th; a player was paid $3,000 from a February 3rd withdrawal request. SBR will update this report.

BalkanBet bonus dispute


Editor's note: BalkanBet is now operating as EFBet.

BalkanBet (SBR rating C-) bonus complaint. A player with a €1332, 30-day rollover requirement describes having 5 of 6 bets canceled by BalkanBet. The player has sent screenshots showing his wagers were in line with the market average at the time. On 10/23, SBR reported that BalkanBet limited a player to €5 despite having a 60-day, €1200 rollover requirement.

BetOnline247 player reports payment


A BetOnline247 (SBR rating D-) player has reported payment. On September 30th he asked for a withdrawal of €1018.50. BetOnline247 is currently slow-paying 5 players a total of €2,116.31. Group: casino dispute update


On October 25th, SBR reported that (SBR rating D-) of the Sportsbook.Com Group voided a player's casino winnings. In this dispute, the player stated that he deposited $1,000 into Iwager's casino and received a $250 bonus. After meeting the bonus terms, his balance was $4,000. According to the player, Iwager forfeited the winnings without providing an explanation. However, after SBR followed up on the player's behalf, Iwager stated that the player provided needed to provide additional ID documentation and that once he did so two weeks later his account was reopened.

BetUS player reports withdrawal issue


A BetUS (SBR rating D+) player says that a check for $1040.60 bounced. The player states that on 11/2 he deposited the check, and that on 11/15 the amount was reversed. He then sent a copy of the bounced check plus the deposit slip to BetUS. The player says that BetUS then told him it would take a week to confirm the check's status, despite receiving the scans from the player. SBR is following up on this complaint. & dispute update


On October 13th, SBR reported that and confiscated $39,000 from a winning player. The player accumulated his winnings primarily by placing tennis parlays, and maintained that he never cirucmvented limits as he was mindful of the fact that he was playing at two shops that belong to the Group.

SBR discussed the dispute on behalf of the player, and management agreed to pay the player his entire owed balance. The player confirmed on November 8th that his payout was processed and that he is waiting for his bankwire to hit. (SBR rating D-) management have expressed an interest in handling current disputes fairly, but are unwilling to revisit past complaints.

Stryyke Sportsbook players beginning to lose hope


Stryyke Sportsbook (SBR rating F) has been off-line since October 31st.  Stryyke was downgraded by SBR to F after losing its gaming license and racking up over €32,000 in no-pay complaints. A new Stryyke player wrote in to SBR this morning stating that he has not received an update on his withdrawal request in over six months.

Globet Sportsbook off-line


Globet Sportsbook (SBR rating D+) is currently off-line. Globet tells SBR that they are facing a technical outage and are working to restore access to the site. Players can reach Globet  customer service by dialing +44-20-8246-4802.

Xlbet withdrawal complaint #4


A fourth Xlbet (unrated) payment complaint has been reported. A player states that more than 3 months ago he requested a €720.50 withdrawal. Xlbet has provided only generic answers to the player's inquiries regarding his withdrawal status. Xlbet. This increases Xlbet's slow-pay amount to €1585.50; with the oldest payout request made on June 18th.

Oddsmaker payment complaint update


Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) complaint update. On 11/2, SBR reported that an Oddsmaker player stated he was being slow-paid from an October 11th $772 withdrawal request. Oddsmaker management has stated the player originally provided the wrong payment details, and that the funds have since been received. SBR is confirming that the $772 payout was received with the player.

AsianLogic to acquire 12Bet


AsianLogic, an Asia-based online casino operator has agreed to acquire 12Bet Sportsbook. Each company is licensed in the Phillippines. In addition to its online casino endeavors, AsianLogic operates the Asian Poker Tour.

Rory Anderson, Chief Executive for 12Bet comments:

AsianLogic is very strong in the online casino and poker environment as well as controlling land-based brands such as the Asian Poker Tour, and being able to better offer these products to sportsbook customers should enhance revenues across the board.

Unibet seizes $905 from player


Unibet (SBR rating B) seizes $905 from player. In early October, the player requested an $850 withdrawal. Unibet requested ID documents, which the player provided. Three weeks later, Unibet denied his withdrawal, seized his balance, and sent the following cryptic explanation:


Rule  2.3 Unibet reserves the right, at its own discretion, at all times, to: Decline to open a Unibet Account and/or to close an existing Unibet Account, without any explanation whatsoever.

Unibet's rule allows it to seize any winning player's balance with no explanation. As a result of Unibet's handling of account, Unibet was downgraded by SBR on November 3rd.

BetPhoenix website down


BetPhoenix's (SBR rating B+) homepage is currently down. SBR will update this report as BetPhoenix comes back online.

Update 3AM ET: BetPhoenix has come back online. BetPhoenix tells SBR that a router issue caused the family of sites to go down.

BetOnline247 withdrawal complaint #5


BetOnline247 (SBR rating D-) player submits a withdrawal complaint. On October 16th he asked for a withdrawal of £106.31. BetOnline247 then required that he send a copy of his passport, which he complied with. No funds have been credited so far. BetOnline247 is slow-paying 4 other players a total of €2010. SBR last reported on a BetOnline247 payment September 15th.

BetBoo player confirms payment


The BetBoo (SBR rating D) player from SBR's 10/28 slow-pay complaint report has confirmed receiving payment. When the player contacted SBR, he was owed $2,099 from a September 30th withdrawal request. BetBoo management has expressed the desire to cooperate with SBR on sportsbook complaints.

Unibet's handling of player balances


Unibet (SBR rating B) update. SBR reported on 3 sportsbook complaints this month where players alleged that their balances were seized. Unibet offered no explanation to the players, and did not provide SBR evidence to justify its actions. Unibet's refusal to explain its actions denies the players a chance to challenge Unibet's conclusions. In the event that an error is made in identifying a fraudulent user, players would be at the mercy of the sportsbook's ruling. SBR has downgraded Unibet from its mark of B+.

SportingBet seizes balance without providing explanation


SportingBet (SBR rating D+) complaint. A SportingBet player says that he had €740 confiscated from him. On October 8th, he deposited €100 and increased his balance to €740 over weeks of play. When the player requested a payout, SportingBet closed his account and seized his funds. The player had provided all requested documents, including his passport. SportingBet has given the player no explanation, nor responded to SBR inquiries when asked to justify its actions.

Matchbook player says software error cost him $770


Matchbook (SBR rating B-) software complaint #2. A Matchbook player claims that a software error cost him $770. According to the player, he had open NHL offers on October 28th. At approximately 4pm, the player says he removed all offers since he would be unable to monitor them. Later that night, the player claims he discovered that one of his offers was in fact matched after he had canceled it previously, and his account was debited for a $770 loss. SBR is discussing this dispute with Matchbook.

On 11/1, SBR reported that Matchbook voided $1,267 in winnings after an internet service disruption caused them to cancel certain markets.

WSEX Update: $156,688 owed to players


WSEX (SBR rating D) is now slow-paying $156,558 to 15 players. In SBR's last update, WSEX owed $109,374 to 14 players. Since that report, two new players have come forward who are being slow-paid $32,314 and $15,000. According to WSEX management, 3 players on the complaints list were expected to receive payment by Friday October 29th. SBR is confirming whether or not those players were paid.

Xlbet addresses complaint; new slow-pay reported


Xlbet (unrated) has addressed the slow-pay complaint reported by SBR on 11/1.


It has just passed our risk team and will be processed within 48 hours. We have many bonus hunters with shared I.Ps these days due to larger affiliate campaign, and that is the reason for the delays.

A third Xlbet complaint has since been reported. On September 2nd, a player asked for a withdrawal of €250 by Moneybookers. The player hasn't been provided an update by Xlbet. SBR is following up on this sportsbook complaint.