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WSEX player confirms payment


A WSEX Sportsbook (SBR rating D) player has confirmed receiving a $3000 payout. His check was requested on April 12th. WSEX has cleared $127,617 in slow-pay in the last month. Currently, 14 WSEX players remain on the slow-pay list and are owed a combined total of $125,483. SBR will update this report.

Bet770 player locked out of his account


A Bet770 (unrated) player has stated that his login has been deactivated. The player has a £353 balance with Bet770. He claims that Bet770 has not answered its support line or e-mails. In a similar complaint, SBR reported that Bet770 removed funds from a player's account and locked his log-in for more than two months. removes poker winnings due to alleged chip-dumping


A (SBR rating D-) player that had $2800 in poker winnings nullified due to alleged chip dumping  has asked SBR to review his hand history. The player claims he played heads up 2/4 NL poker against another player over the course of one night and engaged in no fraudulent activity. The player's non-poker balance of $1700 was paid by SBR is following up on the complaint.


SportsbookReview update — WSEX Sportsbook (SBR rating D) has stated that 36 players who filed sportsbook complaints through SBR have been paid in full. The total amount allegedly paid to the players was $124,617. SBR has already received confirmation from 5 players that their funds were received. WSEX is still slow-paying 14 players $128,483. One WSEX manager acknowledged the size of each withdrawal request effecting the placement in the payout queue but added that players on SBR's list would be fast-tracked.

BetOnline247 payment complaint


A BetOnline247 (SBR rating D-) slow-pay complaint has been reported. On September 1st a player asked for a withdrawal of €238, and has yet to receive his funds. This is the third outstanding BetOnline247 slow-pay complaint. SBR is continuing to attempt to discuss the payout statuses with BetOnline247.

QuickSilver payment complaint reaches SBR mailbox


A QuickSilver Sports (SBR rating C) payment complaint has been reported. On 9/18 a player asked for a withdrawal of €187 through Moneybookers, and has yet to be paid. On 9/27 SBR reported that an additional player was being slowpaid £1300 from a two-month old payout request. SBR is following up with Quicksilver.

ABC Islands player highlights withdrawal difficulty


A new ABC Islands/Jazz (SBR rating C) slow-pay complaint has reached the SBR mailbox. On July 17th a player was instructed to contact a Jazz manager to request an international bank transfer. The player did so and asked for a withdrawal of $4,500. He was quoted a 30 day time-frame for the payment. After that time-frame passed, the player asked if he could receive his funds another way. The player continued to e-mail customer service but never was reconnected with management and still has not been paid his $4500. He has a total balance of $6,022 with Jazz.

Two other Jazz players are owed over a combined $100,000 and have not received any payments, despite promises of book-to-book transfers and other arrangements. Jazz management is routinely unavailable for comment.

Bookmaker Group undergoing website maintenance


The Group (SBR rating A+), which includes Diamond & BetCRIS is currently undergoing website maintenance. Bookmaker has stated to SBR that all sites are expected to be back online shortly. Players can still place bets by telephone by dialing 1-866-924-3712.

UPDATE — Bookmaker is back on-line.

SBRforum Poker Freeroll at 8:05pm ET


SBRforum has announced a $500 Poker Freeroll tonight at 8:05pm ET. The freeroll is an exclusive event for SBRforum "PRO" members. PRO members receive double forum points for posts and can make purchases through the SBR Store. For details on the PRO Program visit SBRforum.

Jazz Sportsbook slow-pay complaint


A Jazz Sportsbook (SBR rating C) slow-pay complaint has been reported. On August 20th a player asked for a withdrawal of $1855. He received $500 later that week, and has not received any indication from Jazz on when his remaining $1355 would be paid. Jazz also owes $4456 to a player that received a $4000 transfer to Diamond Sportsbook earlier this month. Jazz has shown an inability to service winning players with timely payouts, and was downgraded to the mark of C on June 1st as a result.

New Betmotion payment complaint


On September 12th, a Betmotion (unrated) player asked for a withdrawal of £84 via Moneybookers. After a week of not receiving his funds, Betmotion sent the following e-mail explaining the payment delay:


We would like to inform you that unfortunately we are having a delate on payout, we are working in order to solve it as soon as possible. we apologize and appreciate your patient. We will get in contact when withdrawl be ready.

Noticably absent from Betmotion's e-mail was an expected payment time. On September 28th, a player reported payment from Betmotion after SBR pursued the matter with the sportsbook. SBR is following up on this complaint with Betmotion.

Stryyke Sportsbook scam


A Stryyke (SBR rating F) player with a balance of €260 in his account has written in to SBR. Stryyke was downgraded to F by SBR after having their gaming license revoked, and for accumulating over €32,000 in slow-pay complaints. Stryyke is on SBR's sportsbook blacklist, and is to be avoided at all costs.

Betmotion player confirms payment


The Betmotion (unrated) player who was the subject of SBR's 9/25 sportsbook report has confirmed payment. The player asked to receive $598 via Moneybookers on August 29th.

BetOnline247 player in the dark on withdrawal status


A new BetOnline247 (SBR rating D-) withdrawal complaint has been reported to SBR. On September 6th a player requested €800 from BetOnline247, and has not received the funds. The payment method the player chose was Moneybookers. This is the second outstanding BetOnline247 sportsbook complaint. On September 22nd, SBR reported that a player who requested €472.80 on August 26th had not been paid.

QuickSilver Sports payout complaint


A QuickSilver Sports (SBR rating C) payment complaint has been reported. Two months ago a player asked for a withdrawal of £1300 through Moneybookers. At the time QuickSilver stated that his payout would be completed in 7-10 days. The player has yet to receive payment. SBR is following up with QuickSilver.

Scam Alert: Stryyke Sportsbook


Stryyke (SBR rating F) recently had their gambling license revoked by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta (LGA) on September 8th. Stryyke has racked up slow-pay complaints exceeding €32,000. One player burnt by the scam sportsbook wrote in that he asked for a payment of €90 on July 9th, and has not received payment.

Betmotion player submits withdrawal complaint


A Betmotion (unrated) payment complaint has been reported. On 8/29 a player asked for a withdrawal of $598 via Moneybookers. Betmotion requested the player's ID, which was reportedly provided on September 1st. Betmotion verified his ID. The player has yet to receive payment. SBR has contacted Betmotion for an update.

Jazz Sportsbook Group update


Jazz Sportsbook (SBR rating C) has sent sportsbook transfers to two players in the last month who were being slow-paid their funds. The 1st player received a $4917 transfer to Pinnacle Sports (SBR rating A+). Player 2 received a $4000 transfer to Diamond Sportsbook (SBR rating A+). Jazz is currently slow-paying two large winners over $100,000. The Jazz manager responsible for authorizing payouts was reportedly "on vacation" when SBR called to speak with him this week.

Jazz player:

So (Jazz) tells me yesterday to call back Tuesday for instructions on the payment.  I call today and (the manager's) on vacation until next week. Unbelievable.

Two WSEX players report payment


Two WSEX (SBR rating D) players confirm receiving withdrawals. Player 1 received $2500 via Neteller; player 2 received two $3,000 checks from mid-April payout requests. A WSEX manager provided the following update to SBR on player payouts:


Step one is to get all players owed less than $3,000 paid immediately, and everyone higher on your list at least one $3,000 check right away. Then pay the balances down $3,000 at a time as processors allow.

WSEX is currently slow-paying $231,550 to 52 players. WSEX has paid 6 owed players on SBR's slow-pay list $17,300 in September.

Bet770 removes funds from players account


On September 2nd, SBR reported that a Bet770 (unrated) player had his locked for two months with no explanation. Today, the player reported that his account was reopened minus €155, and that his limits were set to less than €1. Bet770 has yet to address why the funds were removed.

BetOnline247 payment complaint


A BetOnline247 (SBR rating D-) player submits a sportsbook complaint. In the summer of 2010 he deposited €20 via Moneybookers in exchange for a €20 registration bonus. After meeting the required 10X rollover he asked for a payout of €472.80 on August 26th. BetOnline247 has not credited the player's Moneybookers account. SBR is following up on the payment complaint.

Oddsmaker promo burns player


Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) promotional fine-print burns another player. Oddsmaker mailed out a free $100 promo prior to the 2010 football season. A player accepted the offer and created an account with Oddsmaker. After four weeks the player rolled over his $100 30X and amassed a balance of $2900. When the player made a withdrawal request, Oddsmaker zeroed his balance due to one teaser being wagered with the promotional cash. The player was unaware of the rule and points out that he already turned a profit of $527 prior to entering the exotic wager. This is not the first instance of Oddsmaker confiscating a winning promo account balance. In a December 2009 sportsbook dispute, SBR reported that Oddsmaker zeroed out a $1500 balance from a player that says he followed all listed wagering rules attached to his promo. SBR is following up with Oddsmaker.


BetUSASports (SBR rating F) is offering a 20% cash signup bonus. BetUSASports is operated by the same manager behind Bet911 (SBR rating F). Bet911 was downgraded to F on May 6th after its public admission that players would not be paid their balances unless the sportsbook found a buyer. Bet911 and BetUSASports both continue to operate and seek new deposits. Players are advised to avoid BetUSASports and Bet911 at all costs. | Full Sportsbook Scam report

WSEX feedback wanted


A WSEX (SBR rating D) player has confirmed receiving a $2500 payout to his Neteller account.  This is the 5th confirmed WSEX payment in September for a total of $8800.

A new WSEX payout complaint was reported this morning from a player owed $150 and $400 from June & July withdrawal requests. WSEX stated to SBR on June 29th that all players who filed sportsbook disputes would be placed on priority lists. All players that have contacted SBR in the past six months, as well as those that have not written in, are urged to write to SportsbookReview with updates on their payout statuses.

WSEX is still slow-paying $240,050 to 53 players.

WSEX player:

I have been waiting for 2 withdrawals now for over several months from  One from the beginning of June for $150. and one from July 5th for $400.  They keep saying the old line "it was sent to our processor and awaiting them to send the check" for several months.  What a horribly run Sportsbook.  They want your money instantly to bet on their site, but you cant get access to your winnings for months if at all! 

CreditWagering update


CreditWagering (SBR rating D-) update. A CreditWagering player has written to SBR stating that he has still yet to receive payment from a June 15th payment request of $1114.46. A second player who SBR reported asked for a withdrawal of $2000 on July 24th has not confirmed receiving payment.