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SportsbookReview website downtime notice


SportsbookReview will be down for approximately one hour beginning at midnight ET. SBR's sportsbook discussion board will also be down during this time.


BetUS Sportsbook (SBR rating D+) has addressed the payment complaint reported by SBR on January 2nd. In that complaint, a player reported difficulty withdrawing $3,000 from BetUS. The player states that in early November, BetUS canceled his payout request stating that he may only ask to receive $1,000 per each request. BetUS has addressed the complaint. | BetUS Sportsbook response


A new week is about to begin in SBRforum's $5,000 Basketball handicapping contest. The contest has a $5,000 prize-pool each week. You can join the contest at any time and still be eligible to win cash prizes if you rank in the top 25 that week. The basketball contest, dubbed the "Moneyball Shootout", takes place on SBR Contests; the proprietary contest site of SBRforum.


On December 26th, 2010, a player opened an account with (unrated) and deposited €1,410. The player wagered his entire balance on a soccer match between Arsenal and Chelsea. After Arsenal won, he was credited with the winnings and his balance correctly showed €3,838. On December 28th, YouWin suspended his account. | Full report


Washington State residents are no longer able to ante up at VIP Sports (SBR rating B+), or Matchbook (SBR rating B-). In 2006, the United States SAFE Port Act was enacted by Congress and signed into law by President Bush. The act contained a last minute passage regarding internet gambling, labeled the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). The UIGEA makes it illegal for US banks to process transactions to and from known gambling operators. The act does not state that it is unlawful for citizens to wager online and does not list  penalties for doing so. | Full report     


Two WSEX Sportsbook (SBR rating D) players confirm partial payment. The first player reported a $2,500 payment; prior to receiving this withdrawal he had $25,000 in delinquent payout requests. The withdrawal requests ranged from December 12th to January 4th. The second player reported a successful $1,800 Moneybookers withdrawal. After receiving those funds, the player still has a balance of $7,900 which he has been trying to withdraw since April of 2010. Twenty-eight WSEX Sportsbook players have submitted sportsbook complaints. WSEX still owes these players a total of $251,298. | Full WSEX Sportsbook Report


On January 6th, SBR reported that Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) voided a player's betting winnings citing professional play.  That sportsbook complaint prompted two additional reports from players that the same happened to them. A second Oddsmaker player tells SBR that his $16,000 balance was confiscated.


CreditWagering Sportsbook (SBR rating F) players have reported fourteen outstanding slow-pay complaints. The most recent of which is a player that contacted SBR stating he asked for a $905 payout on April 1st. In total, CreditWagering players have reported being slow-paid $22,330. CreditWagering has had their mark lowered to F on the SBR Sportsbook Blacklist.


A Parlaymakers (SBR rating C) player reports a payment complaint.  On December 12th, the player asked for a withdrawal of $8,300. The player claims that he was told that the funds would take two weeks to arrive. On December 28th, he asked for another update and was reportedly told that payment would be made no later than January 7th. To date, the player has not been paid.


A Betsson (SBR rating B-) player reports that his account has been frozen. The player tells SBR that he has been playing at Betsson for four years without any problems. His account was frozen in late December of 2010. The player states that he had no available funds in the account, but that he had several unsettled bets for a few hundred Euro's. According to statements made by Betsson, the player was accused of chip-dumping in the poker room. SBR is following up on this complaint.


SBR has spoken with Matchbook (SBR rating B-) executives and are aware of their plans to become a new independent gaming company. It's been known that WSEX (SBR rating D) had an ownership stake in Matchbook since their launch in 2005. Despite the relationship to date, Matchbook is in good standing and players have not reported any delinquent payout requests. SBR is hopeful the purchase of Matchbook from WSEX will allow outstanding WSEX withdrawals to be processed. Matchbook is expected to provide a press release to SBR in the coming weeks after the ownership changes are solidified.

AllYouBet to refund player's deposit in country signup dispute


On 1/4, SBR reported that AllYouBet (unrated) confiscated a player's €50 deposit. The player resides in a country that AllYouBet does not accept registrations from, however, the software accepted the registration. The player was initially told that his country was restricted, and that AllYouBet's terms and conditions allowed for his deposit to be seized. On 1/5, the managing director of AllYouBet wrote to SBR stating that support made an error, and that the player would be refunded his deposit.

Oddsmaker revisits $2,025 funds seizure complaint


On 12/27, SBR reported that Oddsmaker confiscated $2,025 from a player. Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) justified the seizure by claiming the player was a bonus-abuser, betting both sides of the same events on their no-juice promotions to meet rollover without legitimately placing his funds at risk. SBR has suggested that Oddsmaker simply not count those wagers toward rollover and to reinstate the player's balance. This report will be updated as the discussions conclude.

AllYouBet confiscates deposit


AllYouBet (unrated) confiscates a player's €50 deposit. In late December, an AllYouBet player deposited €50. The player is Bulgarian. AllYouBet wrote the player stating that residents of his country are restricted from operating AllYouBet accounts, and that his deposit would not be returned to him.


It is clearly stated that your country is restricted, the deposit you made despite of our terms and conditions is your decision and we are not responsible for that, we do not refund deposit made in this case."

BetGun declines comment on winnings confiscation


BetGun (SBR rating D+) has declined to comment on the winnings confiscation reported by SBR on 11/29. A player had €724 removed from his account. The player alleges that BetGun stated the reason for the winnings seizure was that his password was the same as another player's.

BetHorizon player receives $2,000 payment


BetHorizon (SBR rating B-) update. On 12/30, SBR reported that a player requested a $5,000 payout one month ago and had yet to receive payment. On 1/1, the BetHorizon player confirmed receiving $2,000 toward his balance. SBR will update this report once the player is paid in full.

BetUS player payout complaint


A BetUS (SBR rating D+) player tells SBR that he has been waiting for a $3,000 payout since the first week of November. The player claims that BetUS placed the funds back into his account, at which point he was allegedly told he could only request $1,000 at a time. SBR is following up on this dispute.

$5,000 Basketball Handicapping Contest Open for Picks


SBRforum's $5,000 Moneyball Shootout began today. The basketball handicapping contest runs through April 2nd, and awards a $5,000 weekly prize-pool to the top 25 contestants. The contest also has a $10,000 Grand Prize that contestants can qualify for by making at least 42 picks.

Win4Real confiscation case update


Update: SBR finds the player likely defrauded Win4Real

The Win4Real (SBR rating C-) player that stated he had a $90,000 balance zeroed out has requested his complaint be retracted. When SBR asked the player if Win4Real had pressured the player into dropping his complaint, the player would not go into details other than stating a concern for the well-being of his family. SBR is continuing to attempt to confirm the dispute and any subsequent remarks from Win4Real to the player.

BetOnline247 player reports slow-pay


A BetOnline247 (SBR rating D-) player reports slow-pay. The player asked for three withdrawals of €100 on 9/12, 10/12, and 11/12. No funds have been paid by BetOnline247. The player states that his identification documents have already been approved. BetOnline247 tells players to expect their funds in 2-30 business days. The last reported payment from a BetOnline247 player was documented on SBR on December 11th. There are twelve BetOnline247 slow-pay complaints on file, with players owed a total €8,012.58.

BetHorizon player submits withdrawal issue


A BetHorizon (SBR rating B-) player writes to SBR stating that he has been having difficulty withdrawing $5,000. The player states that he originally asked for his funds one month ago. He claims BetHorizon was unable to pay him back via his deposit method, Moneybookers, and also was unable to send a bank wire. The player states he was told he would be sent money orders via mail, but to date has yet to receive them. SBR is following up on this complaint.

Cashpoint player account closure dispute


A Cashpoint (SBR rating C-) player states that his account has been closed. The player deposited €100 on 12/18 and began playing. Within 3 days he tells SBR that his limits were slashed to €1. On 12/29, he states that his account has been closed without his deposit being returned. SBR is discussing this dispute with Cashpoint.