1XBet Sportsbook player shares general complaint

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A 1XBet Sportsbook player submitted a general complaint.

The player has taken issue with the fact that he is unable to self-exclude from the betting website.

Not all online sports betting sites offer players the ability to self-exclude from their sportsbook or casino products for a predetermined length of time.

However, there is a simple step players can take to remedy this problem.

Change your password
By changing your password, players would be locked out of the betting account. Only an ensuing discussion with customer service would allow the player's to once again gain access to the account.

Sportsbook Review recognizes that certain bettors would like some time off or to stop betting indefinitely. Players who feel like they need help walking away or taking a breather for a while should write to mail@sportsbookreview.com; SBR can help players find local support groups in their area or assist with contacting betting sites without exclusion policies asking for the account to be closed.

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