1XBet Sportsbook player has wagering limits slashed mid-rollover

A 1XBet Sportsbook (SBR rating D) player has filed a complaint with SBR.

The player has claimed that he accepted a sportsbook bonus from 1XBet after making his first deposit, but that his wagering limit has been slashed across the board, and has actually been taken down as low as €0 on select wagering markets.

He has requested that his wagering limits be increased so that he can attempt to fulfill his bonus rollover requirement. 1XBet reportedly could not accomodate the player's request, prompting the player to submit a sportsbook complaint with SBR.

The player has stated that the limits are across the board low to zero on all markets including Liverpool vs. Sevilla.

Sportsbook Review reported in this player advisory article that when online sportsbooks lower limits after a bonus one of two things should happen according to industry standard: the wagering limits should be adjusted or the player should be allowed a prorated withdrawal.




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