1XBet Sportsbook Player Forced to Fulfill Rollover €1 at a time

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A 1XBet Sportsbook player has filed a complaint with SBR.

The player opened his account with 1XBet recently, depositing €100 and receiving an 80% cash bonus.

He won his first four wagers and accumulated a profit of €130. He attempted to make a withdrawal, but was told that he needed to fulfill an additional €1,200 in rollover.

One problem: The player has said his wagering limits were slashed dramatically to the sum of €1 per wager.

It is not uncommon for sports betting websites to adjust player's limits (in either direction) but there is a standard operating procedure; if a player has a bonus wagering requirement pending, what reputable sports betting sites will do is prorate the player's bonus and allow a withdrawal.

When limits are lowered to such a tiny sum, it is the sportsbooks way of establishing that the player's action is not wanted, so cutting the player loose and paying the earned percentage of the bonus itself and all winnings is how good bookmakers handle the situation.

The player has stated that 1XBet isn't willing to entertain such a scenario, only saying that his option as follows:

1XBet Sportsbook: "You can cancel the bonus, in this case all your winning bets will be void.You can place your bets in 1 euro and fulfill the conditions of the bonus as well, it will take more time."

Take 'more time' is an understatement.

The player is now forced to chip away at his rollover €1 at a time. Sportsbook Review has followed up with the sports betting website to discuss their stance.

Previously, 1XBet players have taken issue with the rather unusual request to video chat by Skype to verify their identities - this is after submitting a wide variety of documents including photographing holding passports and signed sheets of paper. The most recent dispute involved a player who claims he is unable to comply with the request because of having poor English and no web camera.

1XBet players with feedback or issues are encouraged to submit a sportsbook complaint.

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