1XBet Sportsbook Grading Policy on Wrong Participant Names

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A 1XBet Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) player has filed a wagering complaint.

The player bet on a tennis match involving two players, Souza vs. Girardo, but later discovered the sportsbook listed the wrong player. The match actually involved a player with the surname Sousa, who is another player entirely.

It is the contention of the player that the match involved the wrong player and should be voided. Most online sportsbooks have a policy that states that in the event of team/participant listing errors, bets will be considered void.

However, 1XBet countered that this policy is not in place at their betting site, and they have specific language that speaks to this: "2.28: No complaint in connection with or arising from transliteration (or translation) of a team name, player’s surname, or sports venue will be considered by the bookmaker. A tournament title is given for convenience only. No mistake in a tournament title shall result in a stake refund.'

Players should be aware of this policy at 1XBet and double-check their wagering tickets before hitting confirm, as no stakes will be returned.

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