1XBet Sportsbook Case Update: €4,000 Confiscation

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1XBet Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) management has addressed a complaint filed by a player last month.

The player worked up around €4,000 in winnings and had these funds confiscated by the online sportsbook with only an option to receive a refund of his deposit.

The player acknowledged that his brother — who lives quite a distance away — also maintains an account, and consequently did not feel that this violated the betting site's terms and conditions with respect to one account per household.

1XBet believes that the second account is really controlled by the first brother and was a means to evade account restrictions and that this second account placed arbitrage bets on the same markets. The account was first limited January 16 and the brother's account opened two weeks after the fact.

However, 1XBet apparently did not notice the activity until the player was ready to place a withdrawal, meaning that the entire time of the play the user could have lost all of his funds, but winning was not an option. The player allegedly used the same device as his brother despite his claim of living a fair distance away.

The evidence does however suggest a violation on the part of the player and an example of clearly circumventing the sportsbook rules. 1XBet must improve their risk management and be able to boot troublemakers before they ask for a payout; doing otherwise would send the message that shots are being taken right back at shot-takers, and violates the typical industry standard for sportsbooks not to freeroll players, even if those players are scammers or angle-shooters.

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