1XBet Sportsbook added to scam website blacklist

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A 1XBet Sportsbook player has filed a sportsbook complaint.

The player played with the online betting site for a period of three months. His first deposit was for €100. He increased his balance to over €1,400 before asking for his first payout.

He was asked to submit some of his personally identifying documents to satisfy the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. He started by sending his national ID card, and later a photo holding the ID.

The player obliged the requests, and was then asked to send a bank statement, a utility bill for each of the last three months, and his driver's license. The player complied again.

At this point, the player received the following e-mail explaining that he would not be paid his winnings.

1XBet Sportsbook: "Good Day. We want to inform you, that our company decided to stop any collaboration with you (closing your account). This decision is based on the official Rules 2 ? 35 of the betting company 1xbet. The secision (sic) was made after a careful investigation of the situation by our security service. After that we have all reasons to think that all bets from your account were madde not yors (sic). It is points violationthe betting company (sic). We ask you not to criate new accounts in our webside (sic)."

The player was told that he could request to be paid his deposit, but his winnings were voided. Several similar complaints have been submitted against 1XBet.

The sportsbook has been added to the rating guide with the initial mark of D-, and is listed on the scam sportsbook blacklist.

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