1XBet Player vs. Sportsbook: "Syndicate Wagering"

A 1XBet Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) player has been accused of "syndicate style wagering" and has had a balance of over €5,000 confiscated. He was told that he will be able to receive a refund of his €550 in deposits.

The player has denied syndicate wagering but acknowledges that his brother also has an account with the online sportsbook. SBR has asked if the player and his brother both received bonuses from the betting site. Typically syndicate wagering is cited by sportsbooks when a group of accounts act in concert to circumvent limits.

Assuming that there are no bonus issues and that wagering limits were not circumvented, the sportsbook would still be expected to honor the accepted bets from his account. Sportsbooks cannot allow players to accumulate balances and then after the fact decide to nullify action.

Sportsbook Review will speak with 1XBet to determine their side to the case and update this report as more facts become available.




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