1XBet Player Tells His Story at the SBR Sportsbook Forum

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A 1XBet Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) shared his frustration with the online sportsbook in the SBR Sportsbook & Industry forum.

The player, like many others before him, believes he is being given the runaround. Sportsbook Review has reported on over one dozen 1XBet Sportsbook complaints recently.

He successfully deposited and withdrew small amounts from 1XBet, before turning his balance into approximately €700 in pure profit and having his withdrawal outright declined.

He adds some particulars to the situation in his forum post, which is shared below in full, and unedited except for one expletive noted as such.

1XBet Sportsbook Player: "Hello everyone, i'm really not happy to have to post here bure i have to tell my story to prevent others to live the same thing. I registered on 1xbet and depose small amounts. I lost some of my deposits but made small withdraw to test the website cause i was aware that it has been reported as a scam here. I was paid for those small amounts. But after i won like 700€ and there, no withdraw was possible and the CC gave me {expletive} reason to explain the situation. Now i made a complaint to SBR and wait to see what happened but i'm so disgust by that so please dont play on that website cause they just dont pay if you win and that's a problem. Really i'm not a big gambler and i don't have a lot of money so this was a lot to me and right now it's a very bad time from me. I should have listened to the community."

Over the weekend a new 1XBet was also added by a player who claims that $830 has been confiscated from the online sportsbook. In this particular complaint, 1XBet cited the following section of their terms and conditions:

1XBet Rule: "A bet is to be cancelled in case a bet was made on known outcome (an event has happened but result haven't updated in the system). "

The player denies that he violated such a rule, and has asked Sportsbook Review for assistance.

1XBet is on the worst sportsbook blacklist and should be avoided.

Players in need of assistance are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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