1XBet Player: I was asked to Skype Video Chat my Sportsbook

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A 1XBet Sportsbook player has filed a complaint against the sports betting website with SBR.

The player has stated that he registered for the sportsbook one week ago and had no trouble depositing or making a withdrawal.

Following his request of a second payout, things turned sour and his payout was rejected. He was then asked to speak with staff via a Skype video conference, a request made previously by 1XBet in two other complaints.

Prior to this request, the player has told SBR that he provided a copy of his ID card, utility bill, a screen capture of his Neteller account, then finally a photo of himself holding his ID near his face.

After providing all of these pieces of documentation came the request to Skype chat via video with staff to unlock his account. This, according to the player, was asking too much.

The player is unwilling to cooperate citing an invasion of privacy, but he did have no problem sending a photo of himself holding his ID.

While it has been established throughout the industry that online sportsbooks are continually rolling out clever new ways to enforce their Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines, the Skype video sessions are something yet to be implemented at a majority of sportsbooks.

The question remains: If a sportsbook has the suspicion a player is not who they say they are, but they cannot actually prove that the ID is illegitimate, that any of the documents are out of order, should they be allowed to keep digging?

Should players be summoned to appear in court with their birth certificates, too, all to receive a payout of their deposited funds plus some profit that the risk management department obviously concluded was the result of legitimately settled bets, not past-posted or otherwise ill-gained?

There is an expansively slippery slope coming into view here, and it is not a good look for bookmaker 1XBet.

Sportsbook Review has followed up with the sports betting website to discuss what about the player's documents drew this level of scrutiny and what will happen to his balance should he not agree to the Skype conference.

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