1XBet No-Pay Complaint #13 posted on SBR Forum

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1XBet payout complaint number 13 has been reported.

This complaint was submitted on the SBR Sportsbook & Industry posting forum.

A player has wagered with the D- rated online sportsbook for nearly three months, wagering entirely through the in-play betting platform.

The player worked his balance up to 1,425 EUR and asked for a payout of 200 EUR before his trouble started.

He described the situation in an SBR forum topic discussing 1XBet. His complaint is embedded below:

1XBet Complaint in SBR Posting Forum: "I've being placing bets for almost 3 months. And haven't asked for withdraw. My account balance riches (sp) 1425 euro and I've made withdraw request of 200 euros and then begin their process of trying to not giving me my money. First they asked for identification document and I've sent to them front and back of my national id card. After that they asked for picture of me holding that document and I've provided them with that. after that they asked me for sending them this docs:

"We ask you to send us the following documents:
A copy of agreement for your credit/debit card that you used
Bank Statement
Utility Bills (for the last three months)
A photo of your ID (passport/driver licence)"

I've provided them with all of this.

And then I've received e-mail that they're closing my account and voided all my bets and just giving me my deposited money. All my bets were live bets. "

1XBet players who received shaky service joined the discussion in the SBR Posting Forum.

1XBet players in need of assistance are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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