1XBet accuses players of multiple accounts and bonus fraud

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1XBet Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) management has addressed the player complaints reported recently on the newswire alleging that winnings were confiscated by the bookmaker.

Sportsbook Review reported one week ago that 1XBet would be reviewing the complaints.

1XBet has addressed each one of the complaints and has claimed that the players were guilty of operating multiple accounts with the sportsbook to redeem multiple signup bonuses.

All online sportsbooks prohibit players from redeeming more than one welcome bonus for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, bad apples can spoil incentives and cause processing fees to rise when sportsbooks have to deal with the elements of fraud from these sports bettors.

One of the players allegedy opened an account after her husband had previously been barred from the online sportsbook. In this specific dispute, enough evidence was provided to suggest that the online sportsbook acted fairly and within their terms and conditions.

SBR has asked each of the players for comment on each of the 1XBet accusations. The ball is now in the players courts; the players all told a similar story of their verification going well until they attempted to take out withdrawals from the online sportsbook.

1XBet is presently part of the worst sportsbook blacklist. Online sportsbooks on the blacklist are considered the worst in the industry, though when betting sites address complaints and agree to revisit their policies and past negative issues, it is possible for the sportsbook to climb out of the blacklist.

The jury is still out on 1XBet. Conclusive evidence must be produced, aside from mere accusations, that players operated multiple accounts.

1XBet players in need of assistance with the online sportsbook are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

Sportsbook Review has helped players recover more than $5 million in disputed winnings to date and has been in business since 1999.

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