1Vice Sportsbook to move back to RDG Corp

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1Vice Sportsbook (SBR rating C) has informed all players that following the Super Bowl the online sportsbook will be powered by RDG Corp, which is most known for its most successful brand Bet33 (SBR rating C+).

1Vice was previously under RDG Corp but split to go their own way as reported by SBR in April of 2014.

In explaining the decision to players, the outspoken GM of 1Vice indicated that players will be audited and have their accounts closed if they do not fit their 'new business model'.

Players who are considered sharp or non-recreational, or who have made substantial profit taking advantage of 1Vice bonuses and incentives will likely be shut down.

It is a positive announcement for players however, as there were some uncomfortable with the longer than industry average time-frame of getting paid from 1Vice.

Below is the email that 1Vice Sportsbook emailed players.

1Vice Griffin: "After reviewing our current business model, it has become apparent that we have made some wrong decisions, regarding bonuses, promotions, and player risk management. After the Superbowl, the 1Vice brand, will be moving to the RDGCorp Solution, as well as, revamping our business model, to mirror OTHER successful RDG Brands. During this transition we will be auditing accounts, and closing accounts that do NOT fit our NEW business model, and making arrangements to settle those accounts in a timely manner. We are excited about this change, and with the support of RDG Corp, will can ensure the success of 1Vice, and improve the already high quality of service our clients already enjoy."

It is unclear if players will be immediately able to withdraw following the move or if a rollover will be placed on funds. SBR is seeking clarification from 1Vice on this.

SBR has also asked RDG Corp for comment.

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