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A Tipico (SBR rating D-) player reports that a €2,000 balance has been confiscated. The Tipico player tells SBR that he opened his account on October 5th, 2010 and began wagering as normal. After three months of successful play, the player reports that his maximum wager size was lowered to €99. He continued to play, withdrawing through Moneybookers every so often even with the imposed wagering limit.

The player reports that exactly one year after opening his account, he received a letter that his account was being closed on the grounds of "organised betting", or syndicate play - a charge the player denies. | Tipico Sportsbook letter to player


A (SBR rating C) player reports requesting a $2,604.62 withdrawal on September 19th. The player states that his funds have not been received. The player states that the (ag) live help department has been unable to provide a meaningful payout update.

On October 10th, SBR reported that a player made a withdrawal request of $1,400 on August 6th, and to date had not been paid.

SBR will update this report.

SBRtv's Peter Loshak concludes his three-part interview series with renowned online gambling legal expert, Professor Nelson Rose. Parts one and two of the video series can be found in the SBR news archives. In part three, Professor Rose addresses tax scenarios, the politics of online gambling in Washington, and the conventional legal wisdom pertaining to sportsbook freeplay bonuses.


A (SBR rating D-) player confirms receiving payment. The player filed a sportsbook complaint through SBR on October 8th indicating that he had been unable to withdraw a balance of $2,500 for four months. The player explained that he had tried through a number of (ag) methods, only to stall on each attempt. After SBR contacted management, it was stated that the players funds had in fact been re-sent.

On September 28th, SBR reported that moved non-US players to - an operation headquartered in Malta and acting as a sublicense to WinUnited Ltd, which powers online bookmaker Youwin Sportsbook (SBR rating D-). caused controversy at the time of announcement as its lengthy email to players stated that futures bets would not be honored, a decision which was later adjusted after SBR connected with a Non-US Sportsbook manager. You can read more about the canceled wagers situation in this Sportsbook Review report.


A BetUS (SBR rating D+) player submits a detailed wagering complaint. The player has shared evidence with Sportsbook Review which suggests deceptive practices on the part of BetUS, with respect to a halftime football wager. The player wanted to make a second half wager on the Kansas City Chiefs vs San Diego Chargers match on Sunday, September 25th.


A (SBR rating D-) player who was moved over to the operation's new Malta-based website, had his futures wager reinstated. The player followed (ag) instructions to request his pending wagers be honored. initially surprised thousands of non-US based players by sending an email informing them that non-US operations would be moved to the new website, which is headquartere in Malta. The players were required to register new accounts to have their balances transferred over. The email stated that all pending wagers, including futures had been voided.


A (SBR rating C) player reports a payout complaint. The player states that on August 6th, he requested a withdrawal of $1,400, which was never received. The amount ended up being placed back in the bettor's account "several times", at which point the player continued to wager and eventually increased his balance to $9,500. The player states that on September 13th, he made a new payout request for that amount and was told that payment could not be made, and that an update would be given. SBR has contacted (ag) management to confirm the player's timeline.

On October 4th, SBR reported a conclusion on the previously documented wagering dispute, where a player's second half wager on the NY Giants vs Arizonal Cardinals football game was canceled during the third quarter. The player allegedly had bet on a second half line that was mispriced by five cents, though management later clarified that the pointspread was out of line by a half-point. After discussing the complaint with SBR, management agreed to credit the player's winnings and correctly settle effected tickets.

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A (SBR rating D-) player who had four pending wagers canceled when the non-US operations moved to Malta writes in. The player tells SBR that he had four pending parlays worth a total of $400 which were voided. On 9/30, SBR reported that players who had wagers were asked to write into Sportsbook Review so that assistance could be provided. The YouWin Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) manager tasked with overseeing the operations in Malta informed SBR that players could request to have their futures bets reinstated.


WSEX Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) players continue to report not being paid. The once well regarded sportsbook turned slow-pay outfit is racking up more complaints from players that are beginning to give up hope on seeing their funds. WSEX Sportsbook is currently slow-paying $501,247 to 75 players. Each of the players have submitted sportsbook complaint forms through SBR seeking assistance. The last surge of WSEX payout came in the beginning of the 2010 football season, when WSEX paid $124,617 to players. The outstanding WSEX payout requests date all the way back to 2009.

SBR hopes to update this report soon. | WSEX player statements


A Unibet (SBR rating B-) player tells SBR that his account has been disabled. The player requested a withdrawal of $150 on September 8th, 2011. He allegedly provided Unibet with a copy of his passport and other documents to verify his identity. Since providing the requested documentation, the player's account has been blocked and no further word has been given from Unibet.

A second Unibet player wrote to SBR  stating that he registered with Unibet sportsbook on August 31st, 2011. The player claims to have submitted all required documents in order to clear his account for payments, when suddenly and without word Unibet blocked his account and prevented him from accessing his funds. SBR is following up with this player to determine his deposit amount and balance history.

SBR will update this report. wagering dispute update


A (SBR rating C) manager has addressed the wagering dispute reported by SBR on October 3rd. In that dispute, a player stated that a second half wager on the NY Giants vs Arizona Cardinals game was canceled during the third quarter. The player forwarded an email from (ag) which indicated that the wager was voided due to the correct line being a mere five cents different. The manager who spoke with SBR indicated that the wagering supervisor who made this ruling acted in error, and that effected players would have their winning tickets reinstated. SBR asks players to write to with feedback.


A (SBR rating C) player submits a sportsbook wagering complaint. The player tells SBR that he placed a $550 wager on the NY Giants vs Arizona Cardinals halftime total, which was listed at 21 points -105/-115. The player's wager was on "over", priced at -105. The player claims that after 14 points had been scored in the second half, he received an email message indicating that his wager had been canceled. (ag) cited a line error, claiming that the correct line was 21.5 -110/-110.

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SBRforum posters are asked to cast their vote for the best bookmakers. Posters are invited to give their top three sportsbooks with their highest rated book first. Six points will be awarded for the first choice, four points for second place and three points for third. After tallying up the final scores, the top five point earners will be displayed at the head of the forum under the Top Poster's Sportsbooks for October 2011. Vote here!

09.30.2011 (SBR rating D-) non-US players update.

SBR has spoken with one of the non-US managers, who also manages the YouWin (SBR rating D-) brand, concerning the news that players who were transferred over to once the non-US brand moved to Malta would lose their futures wagers. The manager told Sportsbook Review that the decision was made to extend players a conditional offer to have their futures bets restored. Players with canceled futures are asked to contact SBR immediately, either through sportsbook complaint form or by writing directly to

On September 28th, SBR reported that redirected its entire non-US player base to register at new website, will continue to manage its US players from Costa Rica, while the non-US arm will be operated out of Malta. Global is licensed under Win United Ltd., the gaming company which powers YouWin Sportsbook. WinUnited Ltd is licensed to operate as a gaming company by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) of Malta.

09.28.2011 (SBR rating D-) is now redirecting non-US players to (ag) fired off an email this morning advising players that their accounts would be moved to the new, Malta-based platform. is officially part of WinUnited Ltd., a gaming company licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) of Malta. WinUnited Ltd. is most known for powering YouWin sportsbook (SBR rating D-). A (ag) manager confirmed to SBR that US-based players are not impacted by the move.

In its 1,000+ word email to international players, the sportsbook declared that rollovers would be waived on outstanding bonus cash with the condition that players not request payment for sixty days. If a player requests payment prior to then, he would be forfeiting the bonus amount entirely. The sportsbook is essentially holding players funds hostage and forcing them to sit on their balances without losing their earned bonus cash. The email went on to state that pending wagers would not be honored. The unethical decision to void player wagers is one of many the Group has made over years, along with debiting $150,000+ in correlated parlay winnings from players five years ago.


A Betmotion (unrated) player has written Sportsbook Review with a payment complaint. The player registered a Betmotion account on August 29th, 2011 and made an initial deposit of €100. The player tells SBR that his account was closed on September 12th, 2011 and that he was told that residents of Belarus were not allowed to place bets with Betmotion. The player goes on to state that his balance of €1,171 has not been credited to his Moneybookers account. SBR is following up on this sportsbook complaint.

The most recent Betmotion sportsbook dispute was reported to SBR on August 24th. A player stated that he requested a withdrawal of €292 on July 20th, 2011. The payment request was via Moneybookers. No update has been provided from Betmotion sportsbook to SBR.

Editor's update: This complaint has been resolved.


A (SBR rating D-) player reports requesting a $2,500 Moneybookers withdrawal on September 15th. The player tells SBR that his payout has not processed as of yet. (ag) allegedly informed the player that there were processor problems leading to the payment delay.

Excerpt of the Sportsbook live chat transcript:

Kristen Black: Yes im sorry {name redacted} we are now experiencing a small delay with the process of moneybookers ,management is working on it to get this resolved as soon as possible,we apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your understanding on this. | Read the rest of the live chat transcript


On July 22nd, SBR reported that SportsInteraction (SBR rating B+) successfully completed an audit inspection performed by Gaming Associates; the regulatory compliance auditor for the Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC). The four day inspection was a thorough review into the SportsInteraction (SIA) finances and operations, trading and risk management, infrastructure, data security and more. Following the successful audit, a process took course to grant SportsInteraction with an official audit certificate from Gaming Associates.

SportsInteraction's rating has been upgraded to B+ within the SBR sportsbook ratings guide. SportsInteraction is a fully licensed sportsbook operating out of Kahnawake, Canada, and has been online since 1997. | SportsInteraction audit certificate


Bet770 (SBR rating D+) is a London based online sportsbook and casino. The gaming site has been operating since 2001 under The Group 770, most known for Casino770, and in 2009 has attained a sublicense for its sportsbook in the Netherlands Antilles (Mandarin Gaming NV Curacao). Bet770 players have reported a number of bonus and wagering complaints in the last year. Complaints range from bait-and-switch, or bonus denial, grading time complaints, or poor customer service in situations involving multiple accounts.


UPDATE to 9/22 report:

A (SBR rating D-) manager addressed the complaint reported by SBR on September 22nd, where a player stated that he was offered a cash bonus in exchange for cancelling his pending withdrawals. The player had five payout requests pending for a total of $10,200, with the earliest request outstanding from July of 2011. This was the fourth similar complaint from a (ag) player this calendar month. SBR reached out to a new management contact within the group and received confirmation that a consolidated payment was sent to the player. The player confirmed receiving his funds in an email to SportsbookReview this morning. SBR inquired on the status of the additional three complaints, for $24,000, $4,000 and $250 collectively — each of those players also reported being offered a bonus to cancel their pending withdrawals. The manager stated that he would be looking into those complaints.

SBR will update this report as new facts develop. | bonus email to players


A BetAtHome (SBR rating C-) player submits an account complaint. The player tells SBR that she has maintained an account with BetAtHome for two years, and recently deposited €400 to play in both the sportsbook and casino.  The player tells SBR that she requested a withdrawal of €3,000 one month ago and subsequently had her account blocked. The player tells SBR that it was alleged that three accounts were registered from her computer, all redeeming bonuses. The player claims to have a mobile internet connection that she hypothesizes could have been intercepted by fellow neighbors. SBR is asking the sportsbook to confirm its evidence of multi-accounting, and is following up on the player's deposit. | Recent BetAtHome sportsbook news


A (SBR rating D-) player owed $10,200 reports being offered a bonus to cancel his outstanding withdrawals. The player's first payout request was made for $1,250 on July 9th, 2011. On August 25th, that request was cancelled and placed back into his betting account. The player was told that his next payout request would be treated with a higher priority; the same promise given to fellow (ag) players that also filed sportsbook complaints earlier this month. The player reports that he made another payout request for the initial $1,250 plus $250 more on August 25th. In addition to that request, the player also has outstanding withdrawals totaling $10,200 which were requested throughout August and into September. The player notes that he has also received the bonus promo emails asking him to cancel his payouts in exchange for a cash bonus incentive. Sportsbook Review has written management asking for an update to this complaint.