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Multiple players have reported that their BetOnline accounts have been breached. The addition of BetOnline's poker room has been a catalyst for security issues. Twelve users have reported to SBR that their accounts were broken into. In all investigated cases BetOnline has credited players with the funds that were stolen and then laundered out through the poker platform. Three recently filed disputes are still under investigation. BetOnline has also received fake claims of hacking and has been able to prove these instances to fraudsters and Sportsbook Review. These players have been added to BetOnline's blacklist which is shared among online sportsbooks. SBR advises all players to reset their password to a random combination of numbers and letters that are not used at other websites. BetOnline states they are upgrading security features while they work to identify the source of these claims.


A Betway (SBR rating D-) player claims a £7,000 balance has been confiscated. The player indicates there has been no trickery on his part, and that his balance was increased over time after accepting a starter bonus. Betway has made SBR news as of late for seizing winning player balances in accordance with a bizarre rule.


Legends (SBR rating A+) has rolled out a new loyalty program aimed at rewarding all customers. Players who may be infrequent or seasonal depositors are still afforded a chance to profit as are year-long clients. SBR spoke at length with management to discuss the new program and has embedded an explanatory chart in full article view.

SBR newswoman Natalie Rydström provides a weekly iGaming news update. Schleswig-Holstein operators are in danger of losing their license as the Northern German state is set to return to the controversial gaming treaty. An update is given on a Black Friday conviction, as well as Nevada interactive gaming.


A Digibet (unrated) player claims that his betting ticket was changed. SBR dispute analyst Justin breaks down the player's claim that his parlay on an international basketball game had one leg changed substantially. Digibet has not been willing to address the merits of the player's claim, nor the screenshot he has submitted.

In part two of SBR Industry Interviews with Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association (iMEGA) President Joe Brennan Jr., the overall gambling climate in the United States is discussed as Mr. Brennan weighs in on infrastructure, regulatory requirements as well as a look at a few key states in the mix for interactive gaming.

SBR provides an in-depth video review of online sportsbook and casino giant Bet365 (SBR rating A-). Based in the United Kingdom, Bet365 is one of the most recognised gaming companies in the world today. Bet365 has refined the way the rest of the industry goes about live, in-play wagering.


Legends (SBR rating A+) will perform server maintenance from 2:00AM to 3:30AM ET. Management tells SBR that during this period the website will be unavailable. Legends apologizes for the temporary inconvenience and asks players with questions to contact them via Live Help, telephone, or email with any questions.


SBR newswoman Natalie Rydström interviews iMEGA President Joe Brennan Jr. The Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association seeks to advance the interests of the gaming industry in the US, working closely with government at all levels and challenging the political and legislative gaming roadblocks.


Pinnacle Sports (SBR rating A+) has rolled out a mobile betting platform. Players are now able to wager in style on their smart phones, as the sleek new proprietary mobile skin allows players to enter straight wagers on a simple to navigate interface. Pinnacle plans to add onto the platform, allowing players full cashier access.


A GoalBet (unrated) player submits a sportsbook dispute. The player tells SBR that his account was closed while there was a pending payout for €1,000, as well as an €1,154 account balance. The player reportedly has not been given an update on how long the payment process is expected to take.


WillHill (SBR rating A) management tells SBR that as of Friday, July 20th, players residing in Germany will no longer be able to play in the sportsbook. German players will be allowed to continue to bet in the WillHill casino, poker, and bingo room; those who exclusively bet in the sportsbook are free to request payouts as normal.

Pinnacle Sports (SBR rating A+) will undergo system maintenance beginning at 12AM ET. SBR has been advised by Pinnacle management that the sportsbook is expected to be back online by 8AM ET. Users will be unable to log-in during this time. SBR will update this report as Pinnacle Sportsbook comes back online.


SBR newswoman Natalie Rydström provides an SBR Industry news update with sportsbook dispute analyst Justin7. In today's program, a BetAtHome (SBR rating C-) balance confiscation is discussed as well as outstanding issues with Sports-1 (SBR rating C) as well as an update from Justin on his current cases.

The Nordic Stock Exchange has approved 5050 Poker Holding’s application for delisting from Nasdaq OMX First North. 5050 will cease trading on July 20th. Talks of selling the struggling company have so far fallen through. Earlier this month, it was reported that 5050Poker paid €150,000 in fines to the Microgaming network using players funds.


A Sports-1 (SBR rating C) player states that a $1,500 Neteller payout requested on April 24th has not yet been processed. The player is being offered half the funds through an alternate payout method. A Sports-1 live chat representative informed the player that the replacement method would carry a $70 fee.

SBR newswoman Natalie Rydström interviews Murray Marshall, General Counsel for the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Since 1999, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission has been the licensing and regulatory authority for Canadian interactive gaming companies. Mr. Marshall discusses in detail how the KGC operates.


A BetAtHome (SBR rating C-) player files a sportsbook dispute. The player deposited £300 on June 11th via Moneybookers to partake in Euro 2012 wagering. The player increased his balance to £2,350 before having his account closed for alleged registration discrepancies. BetAtHome has confiscated the player's entire balance.

SBR newswoman Natalie Rydström provides an iGaming news update. This week's headlines consist of an update on the recent twitter controversy surrounding Poker Stars potential acquisition of Full Tilt Poker, as well as a disgraced CEO out on bail awaiting federal charges for violating the UIGEA, and more.


A Betsafe (SBR rating C+) player submits an account complaint. The player deposited €50 for a 50% bonus. The promotion required €300 to be wagered before a withdrawal was possible. The player states that after his first wager, his limits were immediately slashed to 1% of regular bet limits, essentially lowering him to less than $3 per wager.

The LegendSportsbook (SBR rating D+) player who filed an SBR complaint that he was misled into believing the RDG Corp. brand was actually Legends (SBR rating A+) has been refunded. The player received his deposit back as well as an extra $55 for the fee incurred in sending the original deposit.


A PlayersOnly (SBR rating D-) manager has addressed the sportsbook dispute reported by SBR on July 9th. A player wrote SBR stating that a $10,000 withdrawal request was made on April 18th, 2012. The player has yet to receive his funds, and wrote to SBR indicating that he is waiting for a banking trace to be conducted. The manager stated any replacement payout would be expedited.


SBR newswoman Natalie provides an SBR Industry News update. Natalie is joined by dispute analyst Justin7 in the second half of the segment. Discussed in today's program are outstanding disputes involving PlayersOnly, Bet770, and an RDG Corp. sportsbook. To submit video feedback, please write to