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World Cup Prop Betting list by Sportsbook


Sports bettors looking to build their bankrolls during the 2014 FIFA World Cup are invited to use the SBR World Cup Prop Betting Directory. This page lists each of the World Cup group stage matches by date along with an index of the available sportsbook wagers for each match.


In today's Sportsbook Review iGaming News video update, host Natalie covers the latest topics mentioned in the SBR industry news feed, including a report of AmericasBookie allegedly attempting to poach customers from 1Vice Sportsbook (SBR rating D+).


The 2014 FIFA World Cup Finals are upon us. The group stage commences later this afternoon as host nation Brazil's national team is set to take the field with Croatia. This means there are plenty of wagering opportunities and exotic prop markets to choose from. Sportsbook Review has assembled a directory of World Cup Prop Bets to optimise your sportsbook shopping experience. These bets are categorised by market type and listed in an easy to use format.


The 2014 FIFA World Cup finals are a day away and online sportsbooks have a full serving of betting propositions available for your consumption. Sportsbook Review has categorised these World Cup Prop Bets as well as World Cup Betting Futures for your shopping convenience. This article touches on the value-packed World Cup markets as well as sportsbook bonuses available to sweeten the pot.

Pinnacle Sports maintenance 9PM ET


Pinnacle Sports (SBR rating A+) has planned maintenance at 9PM ET. Pinnacle Sportsbook's website will be unavailable pending the completion of the technical maintenance. The maintenance period is expected to be a couple of hours.


1Vice Sportsbook (SBR rating D+) forwarded marketing email to Sportsbook Review showing that their former host was not only marketing to its player base but also mentioning the players current sportsbook by name. During a recent 1Vice Sportsbook review by SBR, it was confirmed that 1Vice left the RDG Corp group at the start of this year on January 2, 2014. It was noted that 1Vice was said to have outdrawn the resources provided by RDG Corp but that the split was otherwise amicable in nature.  The 1Vice manager forwarded email to SBR showing that an employee of AmericasBookie (SBR rating D+) of the RDG Corp family contacted a player making the direct pitch, using the 1Vice name in an attempt to solicit a deposit from the player. A redacted version of this email is visible in the full report of this article.

It is not uncommon for sportsbooks to market to other businesses customers, but is considered a breach of etiquette to name the other sportsbook inside of these emails or suggest by proxy that the player information has been passed on. SBR urges players to do their homework before accepting a marketing email at face value; often, the veracity of unsolicited mailers can questionable.


A Sportingbet (C-) player has taken to the Sportsbook Review posting forum to air a grievance. The player twice deposited to Sportingbet, primarily wagering soccer. He made a payout request and was paid as normal. He continued to wager with the funds remaining in his account and at this point was asked to produce ID documents, which is where his nightmare began. | Sportingbet complaint


In today's Sportsbook Review iGaming News show, host Natalie covers the most recent topics from the sportsbook industry news and business wire. This includes a recent HitItBet Sportsbook (SBR rating D+) dispute, as well as congratulations to the SBR network user who recently pocketed $100 by participating in a sportsbook research contest which ended this past week.

World Cup Betting Futures and Props


With less than a week remaining before the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup finals, make sure to stop by the World Cup Betting Futures directory at SBR. The page lists dynamic, real-time updating Outright Winner Odds, as well as odds on each of the eight groups. In addition to these bet markets, the 2014 FIFA World Cup Prop Bet Directory further lists proposition wagering markets for football enthusiasts and sports bettors in search of value alike..

Globet Sportsbook case grows cold


Globet Sportsbook remains off-line. Players reported being owed over $25,000 by the fallen sportsbook, which operated with a license from the UK Gambling Commission. SBR reported that the lights turned out at Globet Sportsbook on February 19. Since that time, players have continued to launch complaints over non-payment to SBR. Globet's former managers are unreachable and at this time there is no update on the status of these users funds. SBR will update in the event that further news develops.

SBR user dirtdog52658 wins $100 in research contest


SBR user dirtdog52658 bested the competition and pocketed $100 for his efforts as a sportsbook research. dirtdog56528 identified key recent payment processing changes within the international sportsbook, as well as other platform updates. SBR thanks dirtdog56528 and all those who participated in the recent sportsbook researcher contest.

HitItBet Sportsbook account dispute


A HitItBet Sportsbook player has filed an account dispute with SBR. The player claims that he has bee unable to withdraw his €500 balance for more than two months as his account is closed. HitItBet Sportsbook has allegedly provided no information to the user on his wrongdoing. Sportsbook Review is following up on this matter and will update as more information becomes available.

SBR Forum congratulates Hedge Fund winners


SBR Forum congratulates the 73 users who participated in the three month long SBR Sharps Fund. SBR user trytrytry hauled in nearly 28,000 betpoints for his investments in the community contest.

Sportsbook dataminers wanted


Sportsbook Review is seeking qualified persons to assist with datamining, gathering, and research. Interested parties should write to

Pinnacle Sports hosting Live Q&A via Twitter tomorrow


Pinnacle (SBR rating A+) is hosting a Live Q&A session via Twitter with tennis expert Dan Weston tomorrow May 28 at 10AM PST. The session will run for 30 minutes.  To participate, your tweet must include the #Pinnacle and #SBRreview hash-tags along with your question. Dan Weston will be primed to answer all Roland Garros related questions, as well as informed betting questions. SBR users who offer up questions so good that they become favorited will receive a Pinnacle goodie bag of gear. More details at the SportsbookReview forum. Pinnacle's Twitter Page can be found at @PinnacleSports.


The FIFA World Cup 2014 may be a couple of weeks away, but there is plenty of movement in the way of odds changes worth noting. Sportsbook Review last reported on the World Cup Betting Directory and the many football betting markets available. Bettors looking to capitalize and beat their bookmaker should read this article.


Update 5/24:  UFC 173 betting odds have swung like a pendulum in the last week. SBR reported in the Top 5 Sportsbooks to Bet UFC 173 that Daniel Cormier was installed as a 12 to 1 favorite against Dan Henderson in the co-main event of the evening. At the time of this publication, those odds have swung down significantly: Cormier is now on offer at -850 at 5Dimes Sportsbook (SBR rating A+).


In today's Sportsbook Review iGaming News video update, host Natalie covers the recent WSEX Sportsbook complaint filed by a user that reported his closing $2,800+ balance was never paid. More than 250 players filed complaints with SBR over the period of time that WSEX was slow-paying up to their eventual closure in April 2013.


SBR has recently spoken with a 1Vice Sportsbook (SBR rating D+) manager and began a process of reviewing the sportsbook. 1Vice Sportsbook was first introduced to the SBR ratings guide while under the RDG Corp family. 1Vice has since split from RDG Corp and is operating on its own.


UFC 173 takes place Saturday night, May 24. Sportsbook Review reported on UFC 173 Odds swings earlier in the week. UFC 173 outright winner and proposition odds are featured in the UFC Betting Directory at SBR. This article goes through the best sportsbook signup bonus opportunities for UFC 173 wagering.

Betfair inks deal with Odobo for HTML5 games


Betfair (SBR rating A-) has signed on games developer Odobo for the development and implementation of premium HTML5 games. Over twenty games are said to be included in the deal with an additional sixty by year's end. Betfair will be launching the first wave of games on their website in the next few weeks according to industry reports. Betfair users with feedback are encouraged to write to


Former Interpol president Khoo Boon Hui believes that unsavory individuals may attempt to fix World Cup 2014 matches, according to a report published earlier today by iGaming Business. Khoo Boon Hui occupied the role of Interpol president from 2008 through 2012, and currently has a post as senior deputy secretary of homeland affairs in Singapore.