14 Gamblers Must Return $1.5 Million to Golden Nugget

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14 Gamblers Must Return $1.5 Million to Golden Nugget

If you're planning an Atlantic City excursion at the Golden Nugget, you'd better make sure the cards are shuffled at the mini-baccarat tables.

Fourteen gamblers learned that the hard way, as $1.5 million in winnings have been ordered to be returned in a ruling made by State Superior Court Judge Donna Taylor last week.

The mess started in April 2012. Fourteen gamblers discovered that the cards at the mini-baccarat table were not pre-shuffled, and managed the incredible $1.5 million haul, betting in sums of around $5,000 per hand.

At one point, 41 straight hands were won by the gamblers.

They weren't the luckiest guys in Atlantic City. The pattern became evident, and the bettors systematically paddled the house with the edge squarely in their favor.

Judge Taylor issued the ruling Monday, February 9, and the verdict was subsequently published by the Atlantic City chapter of the Golden Nugget. Judge Taylor cited the state's Casino Control Act in her ruling and ordered the gamblers to return cash paid to them as well as casino chips.

Approximately $500,000 in winnings were paid for the games in question, with $1 million in chips still floating in the wild.

About the only folks happy with the news are online sportsbooks, where virtual casino shuffling is guaranteed by software and not left to some folks on an assembly line somewhere in Kansas, perhaps comforting their client base.

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