12Bet enforces unfair bonus rules

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12Bet Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) is the subject of dispute analyst Justin7's "Are You Serious?" video segment.



12Bet Sportsbook is enforcing an unethical rule that allows for the confiscation of bonus + winnings, if a bettor fails to meet rollover in a 30-day period. One such player wrote SBR, detailing that he deposited €1200 for a €230 bonus; the player won €5186, but did not meet the rollover in a one-month timeframe. 12Bet voided the bonus and all winnings.

12Bet's rules also state that wagers placed at odds less than 2.00 (+100) do not count toward rollover. A 12Bet player who would have met rollover (counting favourites) had €3252 in winnings confiscated for not having met rollover soon enough.

A third 12Bet player wrote SBR with a wagering complaint. The player placed a soccer match at odds of 1.77 (-129) and noticed that the next day his ticket was adjusted to read 2.77 (+177). Following the settlement of the wager, 12Bet voided the play.

12Bet's unusual rules are often referred to as "gotcha" rules. These rules are designed to profit from players that unknowingly agree to bizarre and irregular terms. In contract law, such enforcements are rarely upheld. 12Bet has been assessed with an opening rating of D-, and is indexed on the SBR blacklist.

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