10Bet Sportsbook has conference with SBR, resolves two disputes

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SBR has spoken with 10Bet Sportsbook (SBR rating B-) regarding two player disputes. The first involved a player whose account had to fully pass their KYC process. The player had grown impatient while this process ran its course and believed his winnings were in limbo. SBR has confirmed that the player has been paid in full. The second involved a user who breached terms of service.

SBR reviewed the process of identifying the source of the breach, which related to multiple accounts that had previously registered, had their accounts closed and all winnings paid, before a final registrant traced back to the same user repeated the behavior of the earlier accounts. 10Bet will be refunding the deposit of this player and again closing the account. Players are advised not to attempt to dip back into a sportsbook that has made clear their action is unwelcome. Less honorable sportsbooks would hold onto the deposited funds and create a freeroll situation with the player.

SBR encourages 10Bet users who feel they have legitimate gripes to write in. Users may also opine in the SBR Sportsbook & Industry section at SBR Forum.

10Bet management has expressed the willingness to discuss player complaints and share evidence with SBR in cases where users maintain their positions and wish for an outside mediator to examine facts.

10Bet Sportsbook's rating has been adjusted from C+ to B-.

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