10Bet sportsbook dispute involving €7000 balance

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A 10Bet (SBR rating C) player submits a sportsbook complaint. The player tells SBR that his account has been suspended and he has no access to his €7,000 balance. He claims to have satisfied every request 10Bet has been made for proof of ID, and communicated with the sportsbook both via email and telephone.

The 10Bet.com player tells SBR that all requested documents — including bank statements, ID card — have been provided. The player has also provided SBR with two copies of ID provided to 10Bet. The player claims his trouble began when he had a family member log-in from another location from him whilst he was on vacation. He claims to have informed 10Bet of the situation, but alleges that the sportsbook took a hard stance against him and is unwilling to reinstate his account.

10Bet player: "I have around 7K euros in my account.They have suspended my account and I have NO access to my account or my funds yet. I am trying to withdraw my funds  for more than a month. I have presented all the documents which they've asked  for. For more than a month I kept calling them to see what the problem was.  Their customer service wanted to verify my bank card detail, my ID card and  my bank account statements. I have provided all the necessary documents for  the verification , but they didn't give me an access to my account or my funds. At the last call that I made they explained to me that there was a problem because I logged in from Spain and 3 min later I logged in from Denmark. I made clear that I was on holiday in Spain and I had my brother log in for me from Denmark.Now I am still waiting for any response from 10bet.com, and they told me th at I need to be patient."

SBR is following up on this 10Bet complaint.

On April 26th, SBR reported on a 10Bet player winnings dispute. A player claimed that 10Bet confiscated his bonus and winnings, refunding only his $150 deposit to Moneybookers. SBR followed up with 10Bet, who produced evidence that the player was part of a group of accounts that conspired to defraud the sportsbook out of numerous signup bonuses. The player was unable to refute the evidence supplied by 10Bet; causing SBR to rule in favour of the sportsbook.

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