10Bet Sportsbook cancels winning wager

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10Bet Sportsbook has cancelled a winning wager on a Mexican League baseball game between the Yucatan Lions and Oaxaca Warriors on 5/24/09. 10Bet claims that the game had started 30 minutes prior to its own listed start time of 00:00AM UK (01:00AM CET). The player disputes the game was past-posted and points out that he also placed the same wager at Pinnacle Sports (SBR Rating A+) which listed the same start time. Pinnacle Sports graded the bet as a win. The wager ticket was not graded for three days before being cancelled.  The player has sent multiple emails to 10Bet without receiving a response. Players who wagered on the same game on either team and had their bets canceled are encouraged to contact SBR.

Player comments "The bet was obviously a winner. But my bet was not graded, it was pending for three days. Finally, it had been cancelled and my initial  stake was transferred back to my account. When I tried to place further bets, I noticed that they imposed a wager limit of 10 Euros on my account, obviously in an attempt to get rid of me.

 I've then found out that 10Bet decided to turn back the event starting time on that event by half an hour.The game was denoted to start at 01:00 AM CET, not only by 10Bet, but also by several other sportsbooks. I can assure you that there was NOTHING fishy about this bet. It was advertised to start at 01:00 AM, it started at 01:00 AM, there was no line error, no unusual odds movements until play ball, just nothing. It was a legal bet by every means.I followed the match in live ticker. At the moment I was placing my bet (0:43 AM CET), the starting lineups had just been announced which was the reason why I played this bet. In fact, if I placed my bet 15 Minutes after the game started, my bet would have been completely stupid as the away team was leading by 2 runs at that time."

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