10Bet (SBR rating B-) cancels two soccer wagers citing "typing mistake"

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The player has followed the line closely and believes the book cancels wagers when the line has moved in the player's favor. Competing bookmakers have stated that the price was in range of the betting market and that their line was similar at the time of the wager. 10Bet has not responded to the player's request to discuss the matter.

Nordicbet: Hi,I can confirm that **** is correct. It is also correct that Nordicbet had several odds changes on those matches, active risk management, but no misprint!
Best Regards,
Nordic Gaming Group Ltd.

Player to 10Bet: This was no typing mistake, your cancellation is a blantant violation of your own rules.
The Vadmyra match:
Your odds opened at 2.89 and was later slashed to 2.57, which I played. You currently offer 2.13. Nordicbet opened at 3.10, then slashed to 2.85, 2.65 and now offer 2.15.  Bwin opened at 2.85 then slashed to 2.55 and now offer 2.10. There has been market changes on the match - but misprint? No way.
The Lyngbø match:
Your odds opened at 3.88 and was later slashed to 3.02 which I played. You currently offer 2.34. Nordicbet opened at 4.40 then slashed to 3.80, 3.45, 3.15 and now offer 2.35 Bwin opened at 3.80 then slashed to 3,00 and currently offer 2.30.
Again - obvious that it's just ***** that this was a typing mistake. Please respond to this message and re-activate my bets before the matches start.

SBR has asked 10Bet's General Manager to review the player's complaint and provide evidence that there was indeed an obvious error. A different 10bet user submitted a similar complaint two months earlier. Management defended 10bet's decision to cancel that wager prior to the match, saying that the line was temporarily moved the wrong way, opposite the changing market. The player and the book dispute whether the player bet the line in a window of a 30 seconds before the erroneous odds change was reversed.

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