$30,000 Football Betting Contest: Free to Enter

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Over 500 SBR members are currently enrolled in this year's free $30,000 NFL and NCAAF Betting contest handicapping contest known as the "Beat The Prick" betting contest.

The contest has run for 11 years on the SBR network.

An extra $5,000 in prizes are up for grabs this year. The contest pays out 50 more places and is open to the public.

The format of the contest is based around one simple goal: Out-handicap professional sports bettor "The Prick" through five weekly picks on NFL/College Football sides and/or totals using the proprietary SBR contests software platform..

How to join Beat The Prick

Registering for the Beat The Prick contest is a two step process.

The contest officially opens on Tuesday, September 8 and spans over the first 16 NFL football weeks. The closing day of the contest is the end of Monday, December 28, which features a Monday Night football game and a bowl game.

Sports bettors with any questions on hopping in the contest can visit the SBR Posting Forum and ask away in the Free NFL/NCAAF Contest announcement thread.

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