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JustBet Sportsbook has changed their domain name to Players should update their bookmarks as the previous .cx domain is no longer operational following a complaint from an Australian politician in a jurisdictional and licensing related dispute. JustBet is online under as normal.


BetOnline Sportsbook (SBR rating A+) has shared another update with Sportsbook Review concerning the recent web outage that has caused some players to be unable to place bets or log-in for the previous week. BetOnline has been the recipient of a denial of service attack which has also targeted more than 7,000 websites.


Online sportsbooks are not all created equal, especially with respect to bitcoin processing. What matters most to players above financial security are speed of transactions and overall limits: Does your sportsbook only allow you to take out one bitcoin a week, for example? | Compare All Bitcoin Sportsbooks


New York has joined New Jersey in their pursuit of legal sports betting. State Senator John Bonacic introduced Senate Bill S7900 yesterday, which proposes an amendment to the existing carveout for racebook wagering and allows for legal sports betting at NY casinos and racetracks. However, the bill is contingent on federal law being overturned.


BetOnline Sportsbook (SBR rating A+) experienced downtime this weekend which caused some players to be unable to access their accounts to place wagers. BetOnline management elaborated on what caused these issues in a statement shared with SBR and has asked for the message to be shared with SBR readers.


The March 2018 discussion thread has been created for online sports bettors to document their payouts from sportsbooks. Posting forum members are encouraged to share the method of the payment received as well as fees incurred for each payout. A majority of SBR Forum users prefer to use bitcoin for their transactions with sportsbooks for low fees and guaranteed acceptance rate.

BetOnline Sportsbook Website Issues


BetOnline Sportsbook (SBR rating A+) has told SBR that they are working on restoring service to their website. Network issues have caused website service to be interrupted beginning this morning. SBR will share updates and an updated ETA as more information becomes available. | SBR Forum Post


JetWin Sportsbook has advised SBR that there were connectivity issues in their data center earlier this week which caused the delay in their scoring and bet settlement services. SBR previously reported that a player complained about a Euroleague basketball game that was not graded for more than two days.


The World Cup is the Super Bowl of international soccer competition. The event takes place every four years and is one of the most wagered on tournaments in the world. Online sportsbooks have released a healthy variety of outright winner and group betting odds. Compare popular World Cup odds using Sportsbook Review.


Online sportsbook StanJames (SBR rating B) has moved all accounts to Unibet. The sportsbook released a statement on its website today detailing that for the past 18 months the company was powered by Unibet. As of 26 February 2018, all player accounts including balances have been moved to Unibet.


A JetWin Sportsbook (SBR rating C+) player has filed a wagering complaint. The player has an ungraded $100 bet from Friday, February 23 on a Euroleague basketball wager. He wagered on Real Madrid winning the first quarter against Barcelona. He has sent multiple emails to JetWin without success.


A CRSportsBet (SBR rating D-) player has claimed that his account was closed and funds confiscated. The player has claimed that over a year ago he referred his brother to the online sportsbook and that the two wagered without incident for over a year. He had previously been waiting for a withdrawal for five months.


Bitcoin is currently trading at $10,400 per coin. The digital cryptocurrency has become popular with SBR Forum members and sports bettors across the globe for its ease of use and low fees. Bitcoin allows players to make quick and easy transactions with online sportsbooks. | How to Get Started


The sportsbook rating guide includes ratings and data on more than 200 active sports betting sites. Players can filter their selections to make sure that the company they select is one that they are compatible with. To submit feedback on any sportsbook, write to


A Sportsbook (SBR rating C) player has claimed that his account was closed and $4,000 in winnings withheld. The player reported that he was told that the security department noted suspicious activity with his account and gave him the option of having his deposit refunded. He denies wrongdoing.


A BetMotion player has filed a payout complaint. The player claimed that two weeks ago he initiated his first withdrawal request from the sports betting site. He received confirmation that his account was verified after providing his identity documents. He was told his funds would be paid in three days, but he has yet to be paid.


In today's online sportsbook video news report, host Natalie Van Rydstrom covers the recent slow-pay report and scam sportsbook advisory on Realbet. Realbet holds an SBR rating of F and is part of the worst sportsbook blacklist. Players should stick with established sports betting sites that pay in a timely fashion.


The sportsbook rating guide includes ratings and data on more than 200 active sports betting sites. Players can filter their selections to make sure that the company they select is one that they are compatible with. To submit feedback on any sportsbook, write to


Sportsbook Review reported on December 16 that bitcoin gaming site Jetwin went off-line. In a subsequent update on January 23, SBR reported that Jetwin's live casino was operational but that the company was waiting to finalize their relationship with a new feed provider before restoring their sportsbook. Jetwin is now back online.