SBR Poker - Rules and Regulations 

The following e-document contains rules and regulations for the usage of SBR's poker application. For the official sportsbookreview Terms of Service and End User License Agreement, click here .

Description of Service
The sportsbookreview poker application is a free point based poker room designed to reward SBR forum contributors. Actual currency is not used, wagered with, distributed, or in any way facilitated. The points used are supplied from contributions to the SBR Network. For a list of ways to accumulate loyalty points, please read the official FAQ on SBRpoints .

One Account Per Household
Like SBR Points, SBR Poker is intended to be used by one account per household. Users found to be funneling points, playing with, acting in concert with, engaging in competitive play against, or otherwise accessing any poker tables from the same household will have SBR Points revoked. SBR reserves the right to restrict all offending users from its loyalty program or remove access to the sportsbookreview network entirely.

Usage of Poker Software
sportsbookreview reserves the right to restrict any accounts determined to be using third-party software that aids or assists players, interferes with, corrupts, or otherwise compromises the functionality of SBR Poker. Poker bots are forbidden, software which attempts to crack the Random-Number-Generator algorithm or display hole cards will result in a permanent ban from the sportsbookreview community. The usage of hand calculators or poker tracking software is permitted. 

Table Etiquette and Behavior
SBR encourages lively and passionate discussion while hands are being played, however, when remarks turn simply personal in nature SBR reserves the right to restrict chat privileges. Serious infractions may lead to suspension from sportsbookreview or the loss of poker rights.

If after reading the above you have any questions about SBR's poker application, its usages or rules, you may e-mail SBR or write a post via our Poker Forum .

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