UFC Uruguay Predictions: Vieira Will Strangle Piechota

UFC Uruguay Predictions: Vieira Will Strangle Piechota

Rodolfo Vieira vs Oskar Piechota

Free UFC Pick: Rodolfo Vieira

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The UFC has a long history of excellent BJJ practitioners who have transitioned over to MMA but it only seems like a shining few ever make it very far being mostly one dimensional. Damien Maia comes to mind as a multiple time title challenger and staple of the UFC as well as being a tough out for basically anybody even though you know EXACTLY what is is going to do. The UFC was started with Royce Gracie lighting the world on fire and introducing us all to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and every so often another strong BJJ practitioner comes along to show us that BJJ is still very much an art capable of being your best tool in the cage. Rodolfo Vieira is the next man to attempt this cross over and he is coming in with some serious hype behind him.

His name is The Black Belt Hunter and he is everything the UFC could want from a BJJ specialist. His physical form is insane which is good for ratings and he’s not a bad looking guy which is also good for ratings. He has been training with the likes of Jacare Souza and Platinum Mike Perry who co-headlines UFC’s event in Uruguay on Saturday so you know he has the team around him to prep him for a full well rounded cage fight. The first opponent the UFC is giving Rodolfo is Oksar Piechota who is no small mountain to climb and ironically is a BJJ black belt himself.

Oskar’s last UFC fight was underwhelming as he was out scrambled by Gerald Meershart and gassed out after 1 round of grappling. There were multiple positions where a black belt could have and should have finished that fight but Piechota was unable to and his gas tank seemed to run on empty a little quick for a guy who is supposed to be at the level he is. I think the UFC saw this performance and realized they will get more bang for their buck with Rodolfo and you always want to bet on the same side as the UFC. Chances are Vieira hasn’t gotten his striking up to par with Piechota, but Piechota didn’t offer much in the way of take down defense against Meershart. I believe this fight will hit the ground and once it does I believe the Black Belt Hunter will add another notch on his hunting spear.